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You may have heard about voice control or the ability to control devices with voice. Whether you’re a tech-savvy person or not, you know that voice control is becoming increasingly popular. And with Roku, there are many ways to use voice control.

How do you turn off voice on Roku?

To turn off voice on Roku, press the asterisk button four times on your remote. Additionally, you can turn off voice on Roku using “Settings,” then choose “Accessibility,” then select Screen Reader, and finally select “Off.”

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You can turn off voice by using Voice Search. Use a keyboard or mouse to type in “voice search” and press the microphone button on the top-right corner of your screen. Then, you can use your keyboard or mouse to select a different option from the list on your screen. For example, you can choose “Voice Search” to turn off voice on Roku.

Another way is to turn off voice by using the Options menu in the Settings app of your iPhone or iPad. Open your Settings app and scroll down until you find the Voice category. Next, tap on it, and then select “Off.” You can also use Siri to turn off voice on Roku from your iPhone or iPad.

You can turn off voice using the Android Voice Control app if you have Android. Open Android’s Settings menu and select Language & Input under General settings. Scroll down and tap on Voice Search & Recognition, then select “Off.”

How to turn off voice control on Roku using the app?

1. Open the Roku app and sign in to your Roku account.

2. Under “Settings,” click on “Voice Control .”

3. Click the “Off” button next to “Voice Control .”

4. Click on the “On” button to re-enable voice control.

How to use Voice control on Roku?

Ensure your Roku device is set up with a voice type and model to use voice control. To do this:

  • Open the Roku app and sign in.
  • Once you’re signed in, tap on “Settings.”
  • Scroll down to the “Voice” tab and enable voice control by checking the box next to “Voice Recognition.”


Turn off voice control using Roku to watch live or on-demand streaming content. This will help you avoid getting frustrated when you can’t change the channel or make a selection. You can also turn off voice control if you don’t want to hear your partner talk while they’re streaming.

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How do you use the Roku remote to turn off the Voice control?

The first step is to use the Roku remote to turn off the voice control. To do this, open the Roku App and select “Settings” from the main menu. Then, select “Voice Control” from the list of options. Under “Voice Control Settings,” you must set a password for your voice control account. Type in your password and press “OK” to save your settings.


If you’re unfamiliar with voice control, adding a voice control app to Roku can be a helpful way to get started. Roku’s best voice control apps include the Amazon Echo and Google Home. These apps let you easily control devices like televisions, digital media players, and home appliances with your voice.

How do you turn off voice control on Roku?

  • Open the Roku app and open the “Settings” tab.
  •  Scroll to the “Device Settings” section and change your Roku device to “Not Enabled.”
  •  Save your changes and close the Roku app.
  •  Reboot your Roku device.
  •  Start up your Roku device and wait until you see an indicator that voice control is turned off on your Roku device.


If you’re ever having trouble turning off voice control on Roku, you can do a few things. First, ensure you have turned off voice control on your Roku device. Second, if you are using the Roku remote to turn off voice control, hold the power button for about five seconds when you want to turn it off completely. Third, if you have added a voice control app to your Roku, you might want to change its settings to turn off voice control. Lastly, if you’re not using the remote to turn off the voice control, turn it off using the Roku software or one of the methods listed in this article.

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