How to Sync Roku Remote to TV?

Buying a Roku TV typically comes with a Roku remote that allows you to control the TV’s many features. However, if you ever replace the remote or it desyncs for any reason, you’ll need to resync it with your Roku TV. Here’s how to do it.

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Identifying Your Roku Remote

Roku remotes come in two main types: Standard Infrared (IR) and Enhanced “point-anywhere” remotes. The syncing process differs between these two types, so the first step is to identify your remote.

Infrared (IR) Remotes: These send infrared signals, so they need a clear line of sight.

Enhanced “Point-anywhere” Remotes: These remotes connect over a wireless network and don’t require a direct line of sight. They also have extra features like voice control, headphone jacks for private listening, and more.

Syncing an Infrared (IR) Roku Remote

IR remotes don’t technically “sync” to your Roku TV. They send signals that your Roku TV is programmed to understand. If you’re having trouble with an IR remote, try these steps:

  1. Ensure a Clear Path: Nothing is blocking the path between the remote and the Roku TV.
  2. Check the Batteries: Replace the batteries in the remote if they’re low or dead.
  3. Try a Reset: Unplug the Roku TV for a few seconds and then plug it back in. This can sometimes resolve minor technical glitches.

Syncing an Enhanced “Point-anywhere” Roku Remote

The pairing process is a bit more complex for enhanced Roku remotes but still relatively straightforward. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Insert Batteries: Put batteries in your Roku remote if they aren’t already there.
  2. Start Your Roku TV: Power on your Roku TV. If it’s in Power Save mode, waking up might take a moment.
  3. Open the Remote Battery Compartment: You’ll find a pairing button there.
  4. Press the Pairing Button: Hold the pairing button for three seconds or until the pairing light flashes on the remote.
  5. Wait for the Roku Logo: After a while, the Roku logo will appear on your TV screen. This indicates that the remote is paired with the TV.
  6. Test the Remote: Once the Roku logo appears, try using your remote to navigate through the Roku TV menu to ensure it’s appropriately paired.

If you still have problems, try resetting the remote and the Roku device. You can reset the remote by removing the batteries, waiting five seconds, and then putting the batteries back in. To reset the Roku device, you must unplug it, wait a few seconds, and then plug it back in.


Syncing your Roku remote to your Roku TV is a straightforward process once you understand the remote you have and the steps you need to follow. Whether you’re dealing with an IR remote or an enhanced “point-anywhere” remote, following these guidelines should help you sync your remote and get back to enjoying your Roku TV in no time.


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