Surfer SEO Review – Is Surfer SEO Worth It? (Photos and Video)

What is Surfer SEO?

Surfer SEO represents a platform for keyword analysis and article SEO optimization. Surfer SEO offers:

  • Content planner
  • The platform helps you write data-driven content by providing content guidelines.
  • Audit and optimize your content


What is Surfer SEO price?

Surfer SEO is not free. The basic version costs $588 annually or $59 monthly, and the pro version costs $1188 annually or $119 monthly.

If you pay each month, platform costs are:

surfer SEO montlhy price

Surfer SEO offers a free plan ideal for novice online marketers. The plan allows you to obtain subject ideas and perform in-depth content optimization, and you can add and monitor an infinite number of early-stage websites.

The price of the business plan is $199 per month or $1,880 per year. The business plan does include 70 content editors, 140 audits, and some natural language processing (NLP) credit. In addition to these features, you can add ten more people to your team, send them white-label resorts, and enable API access.

There is a 7-day money-back guarantee on Surfer SEO. If you feel that seven days is not enough time to learn the ropes of Surfer, email the Surfer team, and they will extend your money-back guarantee to 30 days.


How does Surfer SEO work?

  • Surfer SEO platform offers content planner:

Surfer SEO content planner

When you add keywords, you get this:

content planner surfer seo results




  • Surfer SEO offers AI Language Processing to Create an Outline.


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content optimizer in Surfer SEO

As you can see, these are only a handful of the latest Surfer modules. I’ll discuss these modules in further depth shortly in my review.

  • How Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Features in Browsers Work, Explained (Ease of Use & Interface)
  • Here, you’ll learn about each of Surfer SEO’s available modules. We should begin with the Surfer SERP Analyzer.
  • In-depth analysis of Search Engine Results for Surfers Seeking to Improve Their Page Rankings

Honesty time: The Surfer’s primary utility is the SERP analyzer.

This SEO tool deeply breaks down the search engine results pages (SERPs) for a specific term. Positions in search engine results may be correlated with on-page characteristics, which can be discovered using this module.

It will help if you input that keyword to see the search engine results page (SERP) for a specific term. For example, let’s use the search term “Spotify Premium Free Trial.”

Once Surfer’s SERP analyzer retrieves the data, it will display the following:

  • Word length: around average (the content length for the keyword)
  • The density of keywords and occurrence of terms
  • Partially matching keywords and long tail phrases
  • Inquiries about the keyword
  • The Rate at Which Pages Load
  • “Time To First Byte”
  • Information that has been formally organized
  • Concealed Materials

No incoming connections direct traffic away from you to the top-ranked rivals.

Surfer SEO organic competitors

It includes the title, description, and alternative image text known as “metadata.”

  • Domain and URL visibility in search engines
  • Inbound links (to websites or URLs).

This article may not cover everything. Surfers may provide more information than other on-page SEO tools. All of this is relational SEO.

Surfer SEO provides more depth and relevant data metrics, such as high-ranking sites’ average word count or content length. Another effect is the Number of H2 tags on ranking pages. Like the top results’ link count, Numberink data are also intriguing. This tool can improve published work.

Surfer’s content editor has a simple UI. Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or any word processor may be used. You may manually insert text into the dashboard or use the Surfer Content Editor. The Number of times you’ve utilized an LSI keyword or phrase, the content number (on the right), the word count, headings, etc., are presented. Using the tips may assist your content strategy. The Content Editor offers queries or topics to cover. They receive their query data from Google’s People Also Ask.

SEO Keyword Analysis in Surfer SEO

Simply put, we don’t depend on Surfer to do much keyword research. We have tried many other keyword research tools over the years, but Ahrefs and SemrushOpens in a new tab. continue to be the best. We evaluated Surfers’ keyword research module for basic keyword research for three months to assist you in better grasping it.

An initial phrase or seed keyword is still required. It operates similarly to other keyword research tools. You will be presented with relevant information and keyword recommendations by entering the seed term.

The — SERP similarity is a brand-new addition to the Surfer’s Keyword Research Module. How much the seed keyword overlaps with the proposed keywords may be gauged using this statistic (which is often useful).

surfer seo keyword analysis terms to use

These options may seem flashy, but they optimize your content or page for comparable long-tail variants, increasing the likelihood that your content or page will be found in relevant searches. Bloggers, new ventures, and small enterprises may all rely on the information provided by the Surfer Keyword Research modules. The Surfer keyword research module has one major flaw: it does not provide a keyword difficulty score. You won’t be able to choose an appropriate keyword to pursue regarding its relative complexity.


Is Surfer SEO Worth It?

Surfer SEO is a costly tool compared with SemRushOpens in a new tab., and it is not worth it for beginner content creators who do not have a high-profit margin. However, Surfer SEO is an excellent addition to SemRush for large companies or profitable content creators because it can analyze your content and speed up your writing process. Instead of researching for keywords for your article for 1 or 2 hours, you can scan your text, get insights, suggestions, and guidelines, and speed up your content creation process.

The most significant disadvantage is the limited Number of articles you can optimize in Surfer SEO. For example, if yoNumber$59 monthly, you can analyze up to 10 articles. Additionally, if you spend $119 monthly, you can explore up to 30 articles. On the contrary, if you do all this manually in SemRushOpens in a new tab. (around $119 monthly), you can make 3000 daily searches and organic keyword analyses.


Surfer SEO video explanation

There are several situations where the Content Planner in Surfer’s toolset might be handy. Let’s pretend you’re trying to rank for the highly competitive term “best Chrome extensions.” Getting your website to the first page requires subject relevancy and adequate supplementary information (cluster pages) to back up the core content (pillar page).

Let us see the video explanation:

Here, Surfer’s Content Planner comes in handy. For the primary subject that you input, it will return many cluster topics. Most importantly, you can narrow down the results using several criteria, including intent, phrase, search volume, and content score.

You can also use the Content Planner to discover more content keywords for your current foundational pages by linking your domain to the tool. By connecting your website, it can access your Google Search Console data and provide you with more precise keyword suggestions.

Enter the URL you want to optimize and the keyword you want to rank for. After filling out this information, choose the nation in which you want to optimize the page. In most cases, we leave this set to the United States, where most of our customers are. At last, hit the option labeled “Create Audit.”

Here’s where things get exciting; the entered URL will be analyzed in great detail and displayed for your perusal. It is pretty similar to the SERP analyzer in that it does a keyword analysis and returns the following helpful information:

  • You’re probably missing some LSI keywords and phrases.
  • Word counts for the whole piece, the headline, and the bolded portions. Additionally, the proposed intervals.
  • Advice on whether there are sufficient headers and illustrations
  • The time it takes for a page to load and the time it takes for the first byte to be sent
  • Suggestions for the title and description tags of online articles

From what we’ve learned, I’d recommend going with your gut rather than unthinkingly following the crowd. Remember that users’ search objective is crucial, and write to satisfy that intent.

If you’re missing common backlinks, LSI keywords, page load time, data points, and meta title and meta description recommendations, you may quickly fill them in using the audit tool. What a fantastic resource!

So, with any luck, you gleaned helpful information from this comprehensive analysis of the Surfer toolkit and its many modules.

Now, let’s talk about other factors that are just as crucial, such as cost.

You can discover what’s in the works and what the future holds for Surfer SEO by checking out the public roadmap the company has published with its customers on the project management platform Trello. They highlight the newest features and explain how they may improve your life. New features include Tags for all customer queries, a WordPress plugin for Content Editor, and the beta version of the Content Planner.

They also work on domain content planners, audit 2.0, more NLP-supported languages, optimized tools for highlighted snippets, and keyword search intent.


When compared to similar products, how much does Surfer cost?

Surfer falls short compared to other market leaders, such as Ahrefs, SemrushOpens in a new tab., and Mangools. They’re like a Surfer for on-page optimization, but they cover everything you need for search engine optimization.

However, various alternatives to Surfer exist, such as Frase, Page Optimizer Pro, and Clearscope.

The Pros and Cons of Surfer SEO

Here are some of Surfer SEO’s advantages and disadvantages.

Surfer SEO advantages

  • Surfer SEO has a Google Chrome plugin
  • Optimize your content fast
  • Use the search engine results page (SERP) analyzer to spy on your rivals
  • Integration with Google Docs makes it easy to create SEO-friendly documents.

Surfer SEO disadvantages

  • High Price
  • LimitedNumberr of articles that you can write using this tool

Other content, such as numeration applications, provide functionality similar to Surfer. Here are a few of Surfer’s main rivals that you should check out. For your perusal, a few of the best alternatives to Surfer SEO are listed below.

Surfer is head and shoulders above the competition in many respects, including usability and compatibility. Compared to Surfer SEO, Page Optimizer Pro’s prices are far more reasonable.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Surfers: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does Surfer operate?

Surfer’s primary objective is to assist you in achieving your desired search engine rankings via page optimization. Surfer provides several tools to help you improve your content for search engines by examining the pages of your rivals and making recommendations based on what it learns.

  1. How can I better ensure a return on my initial investment?

Surfer offers a 7-day refund policy. If you are still dissatisfied after the first 14-day money-back promise has expired, email the customer service department.

  1. What is the best Surfer plan for independent writers?

If you’re a content writer on contract, you should sign up for Surfer’s basic plan, which includes ten monthly credits for the content editor. The Pro package is available if your needs are more extensive.

  1. What role does natural language processing (NLP) play in search engine optimization?

Surfer recommends including NLP-related terms and phrases in your content to prove to Google that they are relevant to your primary keyword. It will also improve your search engine rankings.

  1. Is there a free version of Surfer SEO?

If you were wondering, Surfer SEO provides a free tier that allows you to utilize the platform (although with fewer options) at no cost. But if you want the whole suite of premium services, you should look into the paid options.

  1. Does Surfer have any promotion going on right now?

Surfer indeed offers yearly plans at a discount of up to 17%.



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