How To Get Pokemon On iPhone?

Video games created by Game Freak and released by The Pokémon Company and Nintendo under the Pokémon media property are known as Pokémon games. When Pocket Monsters Red and Green for the Game Boy were published in Japan in 1996, they were known outside of Japan as Pokémon Red and Blue. It was developed by Satoshi Tajiri and Ken Sugimori. Every iteration of the Nintendo GameCube has seen the continuation of the “core series” of role-playing video games (RPGs). January 28, 2022, was the release date of Pokémon Legends: Arceus, the most current core series game to be released on the Nintendo Switch. It’s a precursor to Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, which debuted on the Nintendo DS in 2006.

The Pokémon video games are all part of the Pokémon series. It means that every Pokémon game ever released is regarded as part of the series canon. All other Pokémon canon, which is not restricted to the Pokémon anime and the Pokémon Trading Figure Game, is based on the Pokémon universe and concepts first introduced in the games. More than 120 games have been released thus far. There are nine distinct generations of video games.

Whenever a new core series Pokémon game is launched with many new Pokémon in its Pokédex, it marks the beginning of a new generation. Core series games and spin-offs are also separated. Throughout most core games, the player can start their adventure with one of three Pokémon. In spin-off games, players control how and where they collect and utilize Pokémon more than in the main series. This post will acknowledge how to get Pokemon on the iPhone.

How To Get Pokemon On The iPhone?

Acknowledge the following steps to get Pokemon on your iPhone:

  1. On your iPhone, go to
  2. You will see GBA4iOS 2.0 on the page.
  3. Select “Install.”
  4. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the GBA4iOS emulator on your iPhone, you’ll get a pop-up asking if you want to access the app. Click “Continue” to begin using the program.
  5. Go to the Settings menu.
  6. Go to General
  7. Set the current date and time.

Acknowledge the following steps if you cannot use the GBA emulator.

  1. Go to “Settings.”
  2. Go to “General”
  3. Go to “Profile and Device Management.”
  4. An emulator may be found under “ENTERPRISE APP” in the menu.
  5. Click “Trust.”
  6. If you have ROMs, you can easily add them to the emulator. First, turn on/green Dropbox sync in Settings by clicking “Settings” in the upper left corner of the program.
  7. An alternative is to use the “+” button in the upper right corner. Then, choose the game you wish to download, such as Pokemon or others.
  8. To begin, click “Download.”
  9. Three tabs appear at the top of the app. First, you must choose the “ALL” option to play both Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games simultaneously.
  10. Once you’ve tapped on Pokémon Go, the task is complete. With this emulator, you can now play GBA and GBC games quickly and precisely.

How Do You Play Pokemon Red On An iPad?

You can play Pokemon Red on the iPad using emulators like Delta, INDS, and Eclipse.

Acknowledge The Following Steps To Play Pokemon Red On The iPad:

  1. Go to GamePlayColor.
  2. On the screen, press the Share option to share.
  3. Next, click on the “Add to Home Screen” heading option.
  4. Click “Add section” in the upper right corner of the new window. The image of Game Play Color will be shown on the device’s home screen.
  5. When you launch the Game Play Color emulator, you’ll see a code for entry.
  6. Enter that code in Google Drive to sign in and sync your data.
  7. You’ll get ROMs that are compatible with your device. Choose from various Pokemon games for free to play on your iPhone or iPad. Have fun with the game!

Since its debut in 2016, Pokémon Go has re-ignited interest in the Pokémon franchise worldwide. You can discover Pokémon in the real world using your iPhone’s camera by scanning your environment. You may collect over 700 Pokémon, fight gym fights, and face Team Rocket thugs. The quest for the best Pokémon in Pokémon GO encourages you to get out and explore the local area.

Instead of collecting Pokémon, you’ll collect various Pokémon trainers in this new twist on the franchise. A little of both is possible because each trainer has already been assigned a specific Pokémon to accompany them. In addition, Pokémon Masters has a more episodic structure than the traditional games, requiring players to finish chapters and participate in larger-scale events on occasion. As a result, it’s convenient to pick up or put down, but the feeling of adventure you might anticipate from a Pokémon game is missing.

Thanks to this guide, you can now play Pokémon on the iPhone. There’s a lot of fun on your iOS device, whether you use an emulator or play a current Pokémon game. The Pokémon games aren’t especially tough to master, as you may have guessed. Finding new animals and adding them to your squad is enjoyable. However, you may add difficulty to the game if that doesn’t seem enough. There’s no doubt that catching every Pokémon in the game is the most challenging part.

On the other hand, have you heard about the Nuzlocke or Monotype challenges? You may take on many thrilling tasks to display your knowledge of the old Pokémon games. You can expect each challenge to vary your gameplay and provide a new degree of pleasure.

How Do I Get the GBA Emulator on My iPhone 2022?

Acknowledge the following steps to get the GBA emulator on the iPhone 2022:

  1. Open the Phone and Search for “GBA4Ios.”
  2. Tap the result and open the app page.
  3. Press the Install button.
  4. Go to the General section of your Settings app.
  5. If you’re using an iPhone 8 Plus or before, you’ll see Jiang Xi Microblog Technology Co. Ltd in the profiles list; if you’re using an iPhone X or above, you’ll see SAE Magnetics Dongguan Limited.
  6. Tap it and tap trust.
  7. Please allow a few minutes for the GBA4iOS app to install.

For iOS, GBA4iOS is the most excellent GBA emulator out there. You may play all GBA games for free on iOS 11 or later iPhones and iPads. So many characteristics make it distinctive and close to a genuine GBA, providing you with the same experience without buying an actual GBA. In addition, it allows you to play GBA games with friends without needing a wired connection. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth make playing games in mulmultiplayerde with friends easy. In addition to all these other capabilities, Airplay Technology allows you to play a game on a second screen for a better, more pleasurable gaming experience!

How Do I Play The Original Pokemon On My iPhone?

You can play the original Pokemon on the iPhone via the emulator Delta. You may download the Delta emulator at AltStore. You must use your browser to find the AltStore website and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Acknowledge the following steps to play the original Pokemon on the iPhone:

  1. Open iTunes on your computer and connect the iPhone to Wi-Fi sync.
  2. Start AltServer
  3. Click the “Install AltStore” button in the box that pops up, and then choose the device from the drop-down menu that appears.
  4. Wait for the installation to finish after entering your Apple credentials.
  5. Open the Altstore and search for “Delta Emulator.”
  6. Tap the “Install Now” button to download and install the software on your iOS device.
  7. Ensure your Pokemon ROMs have been downloaded to your smartphone, then open the Delta app and click on the “+” icon. You can then navigate through the iPhone’s files, select the ROMs you want to load, and begin playing immediately.

Anyone who enjoys playing games on their iPhone will be pleased to know that the Delta emulator is among the most widely recognized and dependable options available. You don’t have to jailbreak your iPhone to use Delta as you do with the GBA4iOS emulator. Additionally, it works with iOS 10 and later and a wide range of retro and current consoles, including the Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color, and Nintendo DS, to name a few. Finally, there are many other cool features, including cloud synchronization and mulmultiplayerpport. Unfortunately, you can’t download Delta from the App Store like any other emulator. As a result, you’ll have to go through a third-party installation website to get this emulator.

Are There Any Good iPhone Emulators?

Provenance, Delta, iNDS, and PPSSPP are some excellent iPhone emulators.

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Delta is the finest iPhone app for Nintendo fans. You may download the successor to the highly successful GBA4iOS emulator, a very stable version of Delta, via the AltStore. Your data is backed up to Google Drive or Dropbox so that you can restore it anytime. You can also use Quick Saves whether or not you have an external controller. You may customize your games using cheat codes and protect your most treasured saves from being overwritten.

Using this emulator is the best way to play Pokémon on the iPhone. You can use Delta with wireless PS4, Xbox One, MFi controllers, and Bluetooth and cable keyboards. You may customize the button mapping in any way you like, and you can even save presets for specific systems or controllers. It’s still possible to modify the skins on your iPhone screen and set buttons for Delta to hold down, so you don’t have to hit particular buttons as you play constantly. You must install provenance on a computer without an additional controller by constructing it, but it’s worth the effort.

Despite being among the oldest and most famous iPhone emulators, provenance is no longer supported. Playing classic PlayStation games on the iPhone is an excellent benefit of this app. It’s possible to save the games at any time, capture a video of yourself playing, and then sync all that information to iCloud. To get right into the game as soon as possible, you may set up provenance to automatically load a specific save file each time it is opened. Playing games on tiny screens with a connected wireless MFi, ICade, or Steam controller is easier. To make matters even worse, the creators had to remove provenance from the most prominent emulation sites. The Provenance Wiki has instructions on using an Apple developer account to install it.

Delta was once referred to as the most excellent iPhone Nintendo emulator. To use Delta’s Nintendo DS emulation, you must first become a Patreon patron. Because of iNDS, you can use your iPhone to play Nintendo DS games for free. For non-jailbroken devices, iNDS is accessible through simulators and the BuildStore, derived from the NDS4iOS emulator. You may have to wait for the creators to renew this app’s license before it can be installed on your iPhone, as with all iOS emulators.

Once it’s up and running, iNDS will allow you to play Nintendo DS games at up to 60FPS on iPhone 5 and newer, practically full speed. If the emulator is revoked, you won’t have to worry about losing your progress because of saving states and auto-save options. In addition, the 100,000 game hacks included in iNDS will allow you to enjoy your favorite DS games to their fullest potential. Because the Nintendo DS has two screens, you may use the iNDS in either portrait or landscape mode, with screens in the middle of your iPhone display. You may also change the size and design of the controller and deactivate the touchscreen just on the second screen to avoid accidental tapping.

What Pokemon Games Can I Play on My iPhone?

On the iPhone, you can play Pokemon TCG Online, Shuffle Mobile, and Pokemon Go.

On the iPhone and iPad, there are several Pokémon games. No matter how hard someone tries, those are the official Pokémon mobile games you can now play on your smartphone or tablet. Pokémon TCG Online is an excellent choice for trading card game fans. Because of this, it’s the first mobile game that The Pokémon Company has ever launched. If you have a Mac or iPad, you can build a deck, collect cards, and engage in online battles with your friends. You may use codes in TCG Online regardless of whether or not you purchase actual cards. It’s available for free download right here.

In 2015, the Pokémon Shuffle Mobile was released. Candy Crush’s popularity inspired Shuffle Mobile, a game where players must match tiles on a grid to inflict harm on an opponent’s Pokemon. Hundreds of more challenges await you. You’ll need to spend money to win in a few instances, but most of the game is free to play. As of 2018, the only monster the developer has included is Marshadow, the Mythical Pokémon. Despite this, you may still play the game today. It’s available for free download right here. The company behind Pokémon GO, Niantic, doesn’t need to be mentioned. The LiDAR scanner on the iPhone 12 Pro can enhance your augmented reality experience by allowing you to capture these creatures in real life, interact with other trainers, and participate in combat. Pokémon GO’s revenue has recently crossed $5 billion.

The game Pokémon Sleep has yet to see the light of day despite being announced for release in 2019. Users may play games connected to their sleep based on their sleep time, but no one knows how it will function, including the Pokémon Company. As for other iOS games, Pokémon Rumble Rush and Pokémon Duel were accessible for the iPhone and iPad at one time but were removed from the App Store a few years ago. Unlike the Disney Tsum Tsum smartphone game, Pokémon Café Mix is a puzzle game that allows players to advance objectives by connecting symbols. In this game, the player and Eve own a café wherein Pokémon may order food and drinks.

Are Pokemon emulators legal?

Pokemon emulators are legal and safe to use.

Contrary to popular belief, emulators are not illegal, despite what you’ve heard. Emulators are software that mimics a gaming system, although most don’t have any proprietary code. The BIOS files, required by some emulators to play games, are an example of an exception. However, ROMs, or game files, are required to use emulators, and ROMs are virtually always an illegal duplicate of a copyrighted video game. Because works in the United States have been copyrighted for 75 years, big console games won’t be in the public domain for many years.

There is a prevalent belief that ROM extraction from cartridges is lawful, but downloading ROMs online is illegal. People may legally play Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis games on their computers through USB, thanks to devices like the $60 Retrode. After all, especially in the United States, ripping a CD using iTunes or similar software is generally lawful. Is there a difference between extracting your ROMs and downloading them? No, I doubt it. In both circumstances, you’re making a second duplicate of the original. Bambauer can think of a way to argue that one is better than the other regarding optics. Legally speaking, he doesn’t see any difference between the two cases.

What Is The Best Pokemon Game?

Pokemon Gold and Silver are the best Pokémon games.

In 1999, Nintendo released the Game Boy Color titles Pokémon Gold Version and Pokémon Silver Version, both role-playing games created and distributed by Game Freak. The Pokémon video game franchise is part of the second generation’s first two games. In 1999, they were released in Japan, in 2000 in Australia and North America, and in 2001 in Europe and the rest of the continent. A year later, an improved version of Pokémon Crystal was published in each area. Pokédex HeartGold and SoulSilver were launched for the Nintendo DS in 2009 to commemorate the game’s tenth anniversary.

One hundred new Pokémon species are introduced in each game, which follows the player’s journey to becoming an expert in the art of Pokemon battle. To fully finish each game’s Pokedex, it is essential to trade between these games and their predecessors. Despite this, you may play both games on their own. The Pokémon anime’s Johto Saga is based on the game’s new region. Pokémon Gold and Silver were widely praised when they were released in 1996.

Many gamers believe they have become the best games in this series, with notable examples of the most significant achievements of fifth-generation video game systems. As Pokémon became a multi-billion dollar brand, they continued the phenomenal success of Pokémon Red and Blue. After selling 23 million units by 2010, the titles surpassed Red and Blue as the best-selling Game Boy Color games and the third-best-selling Game Boy system.

Players control the protagonist in Pokémon Gold and Silver through a 3rd, top-down perspective, where they may interact with items and people in the fictitious world and explore it. You may find a wide variety of Pokémon throughout the globe, which the player can discover as they journey through it. A “combat scenario” is activated when the player is confronted by one of these monsters in the wild.

The games have two primary objectives: completing the Pokédex by catching, evolving, and trading all 251 animals and finishing the main plot by beating the Elite Four and Pokémon Master Lance to become the next Champion. In addition, Pokémon caught in the wild or those belonging to other trainers can be battled to gain experience and experience points for the player’s own Pokémon. All Pokémon video games use this concept of gaining experience points (EXP) and leveling up to manage the physical characteristics of the Pokémon, such as the battle statistics gained and the moves learned.

Are Pokemon emulators free?

PPSSPP, Project 64, RetroArch, and Mupen 64 are free Pokemon emulators.

To kick things off, we’ve included Mupen 64, a very customizable N64 emulator that’s been around for years. RetroArch’s “core” is based on it, but we’ll get to it soon. As an open-source tool, Mupen64 is regularly updated by retro gaming community members. In addition, the source code can be used by others to create their emulators. This emulator allows players to play the finest Pokemon games on many operating systems, including FreeBSD, to keep their favorite games alive and well. Playing Pokemon Snap and Pokemon Stadium on this emulator is like a dream. Unfortunately, c-Button issues plague many other emulators. Play Android games on the move or pretend to fill out spreadsheets at work using the emulator.

RetroArch is an excellent choice for anybody seeking an emulator to run every Pokemon game on every platform. It’s a one-stop shop for emulation and is among the most intelligent apps. Regular readers of Retro Dodo should already be familiar with RetroArch. From the VirtualBox to the 3DS and everything in between, it leverages cores to imitate our favorite consoles. Playing some Pokemon Yellow before plunging into Pokemon HeartGold without turning systems or toting around all of your handhelds would be an excellent convenience. For this section’s discussion, we will focus on the GBA. RetroArch’s Purple Powerhouse cores are GBSP and mGBA. RetroArch, on the other hand, faithfully reproduces all of the finest Pokemon games on the Game Boy Advance and beyond!

In addition to operating platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, and FreeBSD, you may also use it to play Pokemon games on Android devices. Mupen 64 is an emulator for the Nintendo 64 that you may download online. The retro gaming community routinely updates it, and the central aspect of this emulator is that users may access the code to construct their Pokémon emulator by changing it. It is used by players and developers worldwide to play all of the Pokémon games. The C-button function is one of the most critical features for playing Pokémon games, yet most emulators don’t support it. However, Mupen 64 does.

PPSSPP is a PlayStation Portable (PSP) emulator for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. However, older iPhones may not be able to run PSP games at their full potential. Nevertheless, you can establish save states for the games, just as with the other emulators on our list, so you don’t have to be concerned about achieving a save point before closing the emulator. You may also add cheat codes to the games for additional pleasure.

PPSSPP’s ability to import saves from your PSP is one of the most delicate features of the emulator. In this way, you may return to GTA Vice City at any point in the story. If you want to connect the games to the cloud, you must go elsewhere. However, this may be the best option, given the size of most PSP ROMs. PPSSPP displays the most comprehensive possible game screen on your device since the PSP controls show transparently over the screen when playing games.

How Do You Get Pokemon Emulators for PC?

Acknowledge the following steps to get Pokemon Emulators on PC:

  1. Go to the emulator games.
  2. Press Enter after typing Pokemon into the search field.
  3. Select a Pokémon game.
  4. Click “Play ROM Online.”
  5. Game of Clicking and Running
  6. Click the icon that reveals the game controller.
  7. Click Pause on your control panel to pause the game.
  8. Click the upload button to upload a saved game.
  9. If everything is working perfectly, your emulator is working perfectly.

The name is a little strange, or the pronunciation is considerably worse. However, DeSmuMe is one of the most excellent PC DS emulators. Windows and Macintosh versions are available. However, I had frame dips in the MacBook Air (2017 edition) when playing games with the highest graphics settings on the Nintendo DS. Ultimately, your PC’s settings will determine how well it performs.

Fortunately, the visual and emulation options allow for great flexibility. In addition, a cheat code manager and USB controller support are included. Using the NDS emulator, you may store your progress and resume where you left off. Although DeSmuMe is a popular open-source project among Nintendo DS fans, it has many challenges. Even though the project hasn’t been updated since 2015, it still hasn’t had a stable release. As far as Pokemon games go, the emulator doesn’t support many of them, but you may still play them. In addition, Wi-Fi emulation is not supported.

Although NO$GBA began as a Gameboy Advance emulator, it still ranks among the finest DS emulators for Windows. If you’re looking for a way to play all your favorite Nintendo games on your computer, this emulator is a great option. Unfortunately, the DS emulator offers only a few graphics options. However, with a few modifications to the settings, one may get visuals equivalent to DeSmuME’s. However, there is a silver lining to the tradeoff. First and foremost, the Nintendo DS emulator is extremely quick, especially on low-end PCs. To put this in context with the rest of the finest NDS emulators, it uses a fraction of the system resources of the others.

What Emulator Should I Use For Pokemon?

Use OpenEmu and the NO $GBA emulator for Pokemon.

Although NO$GBA began as a Gameboy Advance emulator, it still ranks among the finest DS emulators for Windows. If you’re looking for a way to play all your favorite Nintendo games on your computer, this emulator is a great option. Unfortunately, the DS emulator offers only a few graphics options. DeSmuME is an excellent option for those who want high-quality game visuals. One benefit of the tradeoff is that the Nintendo DS emulator runs quite quickly, even on slow PCs. First and foremost, it consumes far fewer system resources than the other finest NDS emulators on the market.

However, the issue is that there are no screen layout options. It also doesn’t work for me with the mulmultiplayertion, which is experimental. There’s a Windows-only version of the emulator. In addition, a joystick is supported, and a save state option is available. In-house help for cheat codes is also available at NO $GBA.

Other console emulators can use OpenEmu as a front-end for their applications. However, unlike RetroArch, this PC emulator doesn’t have a wide range of supported consoles or emulation features. OpenEmu, on the other hand, has a breathtakingly simplified UI that sets it apart from the rest of the emulators. If you’re a Mac user, you’ll recognize the look and feel of the app. The emulator, for example, displays game box art and sorts games according to the platform. In addition, OpenEmu includes the DeSmuMe emulator for playing Nintendo DS games.

Several people may be displeased by the absence of various visual options. The internal resolution also did not appear to be possible throughout my testing. However, everything else in the Nintendo emulator, including screen layout settings, save states, cheat code support, etc., is supported comprehensively. In addition, controllers such as the DualShock 4, Switch Pro 2, Wiimote, and many more, are supported. Overall, OpenEmu is among the most excellent Mac DS emulators.

How Do You Download Emulators on Your PC?

Acknowledge the following steps to download the emulators on your PC:

  1. Identify the systems that you wish to emulate.
  2. Choose any emulator.
  3. Go to the download page for the emulator.
  4. Click the Windows folder.
  5. Click the x86-64 folder.
  6. Download the RetroArch.7z archive by clicking here.
  7. Click to download and install 7-Zip.
  8. Open the RetroArch.7z file.
  9. Create a new directory for the RetroArch application.
  10. Drag all of the RetroArch.7z file’s contents into the new folder.
  11. Open retroarch.exe by double-clicking it.
  12. Press the Load Core button.
  13. Click Download Core to begin the download process.
  14. Press X to remove the selected core.
  15. Go back in time by pressing “Z” on your keyboard. Next, you can download some ROM (game) files.
  16. Organize the ROMs by the system into folders.
  17. Activate + column
  18. Press X on the Scan Directory option to begin scanning.
  19. Go to the location where your ROM files are stored.
  20. Press “X” on the game you wish to play. It will start the game on the emulator you chose before. Observe that input mappings can differ between systems.

Why Does Apple Not Allow Emulators?

Due to copyright violations, Apple does not allow emulators.

Apple has a long history of taking a tough stance against copyright violations at its retail locations. Although most emulators do not use illegally obtained ROMs, they are useless. If Apple started permitting emulators, it would have to regulate them and deal with firms like Nintendo, Sony, and Sega if they objected. I believe Apple is more concerned about its connection with those firms than a few emulators in its stores.

Emulators are also in the same technical bucket as other apps that Apple doesn’t like on its platforms. For a long time, Apple and Adobe were at odds over Adobe Flash and other comparable services, which act as interpreters of source code and allow them to be executed on mobile devices. This is similar to how emulators operate, except that with Flash code, they would read and run code from an ancient console.

Apple’s developer agreement includes a clause prohibiting “non-native” code, which provides for Flash and comparable applications. Emulators are also prohibited under this section. However, there is a lot of room for interpretation. For example, I’ve found DOS emulators in the shop, but they don’t allow you to install new software. It’s less of a concern because no one is violating anyone’s copyright, but it should still not be permitted. It all depends on who is reviewing it.

Can You Play Pokemon Revolution on an iPhone?

No, you cannot play Pokemon Revolution on the iPhone. However, using the Puffin browser, you can play Pokemon Revolution on iOS and Android devices.

The fantasy-based MMORPG, Pokemon Revolution Online, may be played on your web browser for nothing more than fun with up to 100 other players. A slew of new and previously undiscovered events, places, and characters for avid Pokémon fans to discover and interact with are represented in the game. Catching a wide range of dynamic Pokemon anywhere on the map is possible. The game’s four distinct areas allow players to discover new quests, maps, equipment, and MMORPG experience. He may use many stylistic components to create the persona he wants.

The player can engage in PvP combat with other players present, as in the fantasy realm. Explore the gorgeous environment in an isometric view, locate and capture Pokémon, and use them in the battle against opponents and other players worldwide. Pokémon Battle Revolution is the finest game because of its addicting gameplay, excellent mechanics, and intuitive controls. Over 493 Pokemon may be found in the game, each with a unique battle style and attack.

Poketopia is the Vegas of the Pokemon universe, a mecca for battle fans to unwind and a battlefield for the best of the best to battle it out. In the same way, as in the classic Pokemon games, the player assumes the role of a Pokemon trainer responsible for catching, training, and battling a variety of Pokemon. In single-player and mulmultiplayerdes, the player must fight a succession of Pokemon to advance. Multiple characters, unlocking new Pokemon, a wide variety of game types, fantastic gameplay, and stunning visuals are just a few of the notable elements of Pokemon Revolution Online.


We hope that you now better understand how to use Pokémon emulators on your iPhone due to our in-depth and flexible instructions. You may use emulators to play old Pokémon games on the iPhone. However, the installation procedure and the requirement for ROMs make the process quite tricky and time-consuming. With a GPS virtual location spoofer like TailorGo, you can enjoy current games like Pokémon GO whenever and wherever you want without dealing with any of these difficulties. It’s also possible to play the most recent version of Pokémon GO on a PC using various programs.

If you don’t want to risk compromising the iPhone and Google Drive account, you cannot play Pokemon Blue. However, this does not imply that Pokemon games are unavailable on the Apple App Store. First, you’ve got Pokemon Masters EX, a game about exploration. Then there’s Pokemon Go, which continues to be a hit with die-hard fans. Finally, additional games like Pokemon Unite and Pokemon Magi Carp Jump exist. We hope you have acknowledged everything related to how to get Pokemon on your iPhone.

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