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Pokémon: Let’s Go is a 2024 recreation of the vocational video game Pokémon Yellow, released in 1998 for the Game Boy Color. They were created by Game Freak and released on the Nintendo Switch by The Pokémon Company and Nintendo. After announcing the game in May, Let’s Go launched globally on the Nintendo Switch on November 16, 2018. These are the first major Pokémon games to be released on a home console and are part of the 7th generation of the franchise. In addition, the Poké Ball Plus controller, an add-on for the smartphone game Pokémon Go, is compatible with these devices: Pokémon:

Let’s Go was initially revealed at a Japanese press briefing on May 20 to attract newcomers and long-time enthusiasts18. They’re targeted at a younger demographic than Pokémon Yellow, so they have features from the anime in their gameplay. They generally garnered positive reviews from critics who praised the games’ usability and appeal while criticizing the games’ motion control system. Since December 2021, the game has sold over 14 million copies worldwide, making it one of the system’s most popular releases. This post will acknowledge everything regarding the Pokemon Let’s Go Mystery Gift Codes.

Hodo, you catch Pokémon in Let’s Go?

Thanks to Let’s Go, fighting with wild Pokémon is no longer an option. Instead, you may now catch wild Pokémon by throwing Pokéballs at them. Each Pokémon has a ring that indicates where you should throw the ball. In the loop, a second ring gradually reduces in size. A Pokéball must be landed in the round when it is big enough to hold one. Better timing increases the chances of snatching up a wild Pokémon. If you see writing on the screen that says “Nice,” “Great, and “Excellent” after you make a successful throw, you know you did something well.

Another thing to watch for is the color of the diminishing ring, which might be green, yellow, orange, or red. Green indicates that the Pokémon should be simple to capture, but red means the opposite. Feeding the Pokémon berries to calm down or using a new Pokéball might cause the color.

The actual catching procedure, on the other hand, is brief. You must hurry up and keep chucking those Pokéballs until they are away. A handheld mode is a good option if you’re having issues with motion controls in docked mode. However, in our opinion, performing precise throws in handheld mode is simpler.

pokemon lets go 5 version

Many NPCs want to fight you between towns, but they tend to be less competitive when you arrive in a city. In the beginning, you’ll find yourself chatting with everyone. The game’s NPCs will occasionally hand you Pokémon, offer to tra, de or give you goods as a present. Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur, the original beginning Pokémon, may all be obtained through chatting with NPCs. Talk to the person adjacent to Bulbasaur in Cerulean City after catching 30 Pokémon to get the grass-type Pokémon as a reward.

A Charmander may be found across the bridge on Route 24 if you’ve collected 50 different species. If you’ve collected 60 Pokémon, Officer Jenny will give you a Squirtle when you enter Vermillion City. Beyond the starters, talking to NPCs in Pokémon Centers who wish to trade will bring Alolan versions of several Pokémon. These variations aren’t seen in nature, so being kind pays dividends!

What are the Pokemon Mystery Gift Codes?

In  2024, we are still waiting for Pokemon mystery codes for Let’s Go. Meanwhile, try Pokemon Mistry gift codes for Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.

code - Receive via the Internet)Mythical Pecha Berry GiftN/A
NE0R0T0MC0VERNeo-Kitakami Case for Rotom PhoneN/A
L1KEAFLUTECetitan31st Aug 2024 - 06:59 PT
SWEET0RSP1CY1x Sweet Herba Mystica OR
1x Spicy Herba Mystica30th Sep 2024 - 06:59 PT
L1K0W1TH906Sprigatito with Partner Ribbon30th Sep 2024 - 06:59 PT
TEAMSTARRevavroom31st Oct, 2024 - 06:59 PT
SEEY0U1NPALDEAChest-Form Gimmighoul30th Nov, 2024 - 06:59 PT
WEARTERASTALCAPTerastal Cap30th Nov, 2024 - 06:59 PT
SUPEREFFECT1VEExpert Belt28th Feb, 2025 - 06:59 PT
G0TCHAP0KEM0N30 Quick Balls28th Feb, 2025 - 06:59 PT
Y0AS0B1B1R1B1R1Pawmot28th Feb 2025 - 06:59 PT


Acknowledge the following steps to redeem the gift codes:

  • Open the main menu.
  • Select “Mysterious Gifts” and “Get Mysterious Gifts.”
  • Next, select ‘Get with Code/Password.’
  • Enter The Code.

pokemon my mistery gift code menu

Above is the “Get Mysterious Gifts” section on my Pokemon screenshot.


XP is now obtained mainly by catching rather than random battles. If persistent, you may earn more XP by catching than fighting. We encourage catching all the Pokémon you come across because it generally takes less than a minute. You gain extra XP for quality catches (outstanding rating), but some methods might help you stack the deck. Using catch combinations to gain a large amount of XP is highly recommended. Capture multipliers pile up as you catch the same species repetitively, increasing the XP you get with each subsequent catch. You’re likelier to see a Pokémon with impressive stats if you notice many of the same species. Because of this, it pays to devote oneself to hunting.

Pikachu or Eevee will permanently be attached to you, but you can release a second Pokémon from its Pokéball anytime. Even though we had a Pikachu following us, we started with Eevee. After removing it from its Pokéball, your buddy Pokémon’s bonding level rises even more if you take the time to connect with it. When a Pokémon overcomes a status ailment, refuses to faint, or escapes an assault, you’ll receive experience points. Having a Pokémon follow you is advantageous since it may help locate berries. You’ll get a few berries if it halts in its tracks but has a text bubble above its head.

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Within the first two days of its release, Pokémon Go sparked worries about player safety. Some, including others, suffered minor injuries while playing the game as a result of their inattention. Several police agencies worldwide have issued warnings about distracted driving, trespassing, and being attacked by criminals, some jokingly. We hope you have acknowledged everything regarding Pokémon Let’s Go Mystery Gift Codes.

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