Do Visa Gift Cards Work on Genshin?

Users of Genshin Impact who purchase a gift card on Google Play will receive some Furnishings. Gift cards purchased via Google Play will now come with a Google chair or a Google table as a bonus starting July 1. When using the Serenitea Pot System, customers may design their homes by adding the furnishings they like. To begin, you’ll want to get a gift card. There is no need to make a virtual transaction; the site will let you know if there are any locations in your area where you can make a purchase.

You can use real money to purchase products and things in Genshin Impact. As a result, you can use a credit and debit card to pay for your purchases. However, Genshin Impact may experience a payment refusal mistake from time to time. If a transaction goes awry, it’s best to know how to correct it in the future. This post will acknowledge everything regarding how Visa gift cards work on Genshin.

What is Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact is a potential role-playing game released On Android 2020 and published by the video game company miHoYo.

Developed and released by miHoYo, Genshin Impact is a role-playing game. It was published for Windows, PlayStation 4, iOS, and Android in 2020, and Playstation 5 was released two years later. The game will also be available on the Nintendo Switch. This anime-style RPG features open-world gameplay and an action-based fighting system that relies on elemental magic and character swapping. Gacha game mechanics allow players to purchase new characters and weapons for a small fee.

Genshin Impact

The game’s core is regularly patched as a service model to provide new features and functionality. The movement began in early 2017 and is still going strong. Some commentators praised the battle mechanics and open-world immersion, but others complained about the game’s simple conclusion and monetization approach. After the first year of launch, the game brought in more than $3 billion, the most significant first-year launch profit of any video game.

Do Visa gift cards work on Genshin?

Yes, you can use Visa gift cards on Genshin. However, sometimes you will be rejected. The best way to use a Visa gift card on Genshin is to connect it to PayPal and pay using the PayPal payment service. For example, I made a $9.99 payment without a problem (see screenshot).

I tried this year to make payment to Genshin  using a Visa Gift card and Paypal:

my genshin payment using visa credit card and paypal

Your payment will go to Mihiyo Limited, and the transaction will be finished in just a few seconds. I tried this year, and I succeeded in the first attempt.

In addition, it’s worth noting you could use that gift card purchased for anything, not just Genshin Impact or any other miHoYo product. Payment information is required to buy premium goods in Genshin Impact. For example, you must enter credit and debit card information for Crystals or other things to be appropriately purchased with Apple Pay. Although it’s unfortunate, a card refusal mistake might deter potential customers.

Users should check with their financial institution to ensure they made the payments correctly. Specific credit and debit cards may include manual limitations that need to be changed. Some cards may function for a while and then cease operating at the drop of a hat. Cross-save allows Android and iPhone users to access their saves on a PC and vice versa. Instead, try purchasing on their site. In Genshin Impact, users may buy PlayStation Store credit and purchase Crystals and other game goodies. An alternative credit and debit card may work for people with more than one.


Genshin Impact players should be allowed to utilize PayPal to make payments. It will add a layer of protection, making it much easier to buy Crystals without worrying about a credit card being denied. This site currently does not take PayPal payments. Furthermore, the support plan for miHoYo does not mention PayPal. It’s time to get back into the game now that those card decline issues have been resolved. Genshin Impact’s friendship guide is here to aid folks unsure what it does. This post will acknowledge everything regarding how Visa gift cards work on Genshin.

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