How to Use Sauce Codes? – Anime Sauce Code

In this short article, we will write about one form of internet slang. One of the popular internet slang these days is related to hentai, anime, and manga.

What are sauce codes?

Sauce codes usually represent URL numbers or names from which an anime quote or scene originated. For example, when internet users ask for “source code,” they ask you to provide the source URL of the anime or manga.

The name of the sauce code was likely derived from its Japanese pronunciation, pronounced “Source.” The creators of the code may have chosen this to honor or pay homage to the source material from which it was derived. Ultimately, the reason behind the name is somewhat unclear, but many factors likely played a role in its selection.

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An anime sauce code allows anime fans to obtain and share content from different sources. These codes are typically used to download or stream clips, images, and other media types from popular shows and movies.

One everyday use of anime sauce codes is finding fan-made clips and GIFs from popular series. These may be used as reaction images, memes, or simply for entertainment purposes. Additionally, some sites allow users to generate their anime sauce codes, making it easy to find and share specific pieces of content online.

Some people also use these codes when discussing characters or scenes in anime shows. For example, if you’re talking about your favorite character from a particular show, you might reference the source of their appearance in the show to give context to your discussion. Similarly, suppose you want more information about a particular scene or quote from an anime show. You can typically get this information by looking up its source via an anime sauce code.

Overall, anime sauce codes are helpful for fans of all kinds to access and interact with content from their favorite shows and movies. Whether you’re searching for fan-created media or looking for more information about a particular scene or character, these codes can help you quickly and easily find what you’re looking for quickly and easily online.

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How to Use Sauce Codes? – Example 1

When you get the sauce code number, you need to put the number in the hentai, anime, or manga URL. If someone asks you for a “sauce code” for the “Hagane no Renkinjutsushi” anime, you can send him 5048. If he puts the 5048 code in the URL “,” he will get “,” and he can visit the source URL.

However, a lot of internet users share source codes for hentai. I will give you one example of where to put the sauce code:

If you write in the hentai forum and someone provides you “sauce code” 234567, you can find the source URL prefix “” and type “” is one of the many online platforms where users can view hentai doujinshi. It is well-known and frequently used by people within the hentai community.

How to Use Hentai Sauce Codes? – Example 2

The 6-digit Code System Each doujinshi uploaded on gets a unique 6-digit identification number, also referred to colloquially as “sauce” (internet slang for “source”). Sharing this 6-digit code is a discreet way to reference a specific doujinshi without giving away explicit details. If someone is given the code, they can go to, type it in the search bar, and access the doujinshi.

The steps you outlined in your question explain this process:

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  1. Go to
  2. Enter the 6-digit code into the search bar.
  3. Press enter or the search button.
  4. The website will display the specific doujinshi associated with the code.

What’s the Deal with the Codes? So, sharing hentai has this cool trick where you drop a random-looking 6-digit number instead of sending raunchy stuff. Folks who are clued in get it, but it’s like an inside joke for others.

Heads up! Those 6-digit numbers? They’re only for Other hentai sites have their own thing going on.

Stuff to Keep in Mind

  • Age Thing: Hentai’s for grown-ups. Sharing it with young’uns? Big no-no in lots of places.
  • Know Your Audience: Not everyone gets the 6-digit meme. So, dropping it in the wrong crowd might rub some the wrong way. I was saying.
  • Legal Stuff: Hentai is excellent in some places but not in others. Know what’s going on in your area.
  • Keep it Lowkey: Browsing hentai at work or in public? Maybe not the best idea. NSFW means “Not Safe For Work” for a reason.

And hey, whatever you’re diving into online, play it calmly and safely. Respect the rules and the vibe of the community. Cool? Cool.

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