How to Fix Ghost Touch On Iphone?

You have iPhone. And sometimes you see the particular error: glitching!

Why is my iPhone glitching?

Your phone is glitching because some app on your phone usually makes a problem, and you need to restart the iPhone to fix this error. Sometimes, you need to bring your phone to the expert because this error can be caused by hardware problems or malware in rare cases.

However, there is one similar error that can freak you out. It is a ghost touch. Ghost touch happens when the iPhone screen starts taking actions on its own or moving and scrolling without you touching it. The screen seems to be responding to non-existent commands or touches, which makes the apps open and close and leads to losses in some cases. This can be unnerving, and we will help you solve this problem today.

Most of the time, the first action would be to take your iPhone to get repaired. However, you can also try some simple, easy fixes before doing that. For example, this could be a factory reset cleaning to get your issue resolved.

Ghost touch is a common problem with the iPhone x. In 2018, there were multiple confirmations of people facing issues with their iPhone X’s touch screen. Apple agreed to provide free repairs for this issue too. However, online reports like to differ and have shown that this issue is persistent with other models. These include iPhone XS, XR, other models like iPhone 6,7,8,5, 11,12, AND 13. Hence, ghost touch can affect any model sometimes. So, why is my phone clicking on things by itself?

Why is my iPhone acting weird?

Your phone is acting weird because of the common glitching problem or ghost touch problem when the iPhone screen starts taking action on its own. The reason can be cache on your iPhone’s App Store app or faulty app. App cache problem can be fixed. If you clear the cache or/and restart your phone.

How to Fix Ghost Touch On iPhone?

To fix the ghost touch error on iPhone, you need to restart or reboot your phone, and in 80% of cases, it will be enough to correct the problem. However, if this does not fix the problem can clean your touchscreen or remove all cache on iPhone, and finally, if nothing helps, do a factory reset. See ten steps below.


1. Clean your touchscreen

You can clean your iPhone’s touchscreen, which is a simple procedure but very effective against the ghost touch issue. If you tend it, the dust and debris will be cleared, and hence there won’t be any invasive elements on your screen that trigger the ghost touch.

You can clean your iPhone by unplugging any cables; you should have a lint-free cloth and some cleaning glasses for the procedure. Next, you have to dampen this cloth a little with warm water. The last step is to clean the touch screen with a gentle hand from one space to another.

Make sure to eliminate any moisture from the screen.

Apple gives directions that you should not use household cleaners, window cleaners, or elements like hydrogen peroxide. This can erode the oil-resistant screen of Apple.

2. Remove your screen protector

Screen protector or tempered glass is the thin protective layer of glass or plastic that is laid upon the actual screen of the iPhone or any other mobile to protect it from cracking or scratching. They keep the screen safe, but it can sometimes lead to problems like ghost touch. Hence, by removing it, you can fix the ghost touch.

To do this, you have to remove the glass for the iPhone carefully. You should start from one end and peel this protector off from the iPhone screen. If your protector is damaged, it is better to take it to a repaired ship, so you don’t harm yourself.

The course of action would be to contact the screen manufacturer. The manufacturer can help remove the screen arduously or refund your money if the protector causes the ghost touch problem.

3. Remove the phone case

The twisted screen can also be the reason behind the ghost touch. If you are facing such a problem, you can resolve it by removing the hard case. You can remove it to find if that is the problem behind your ghost touch.

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It has been noticed that iPhone users issues mentioned that removing complex cases helps to get rid of ghost touches.

4. Reboot your iPhone

You can restart your phone for several issues to solve the problem. This can solve the ghost touch issue, as it can clear the temporary memory and remove any glitch causing the ghost touch. 

You can restart your iPhone without a home button by:

  • Hold the side and volume button together until the power off slide option appears.
  • Swipe the slider to the right.
  • Once the phone shuts down, hold the side button and turn it on again until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Restart phone with home button:

  • Hold the top or side button till the shutdown slide shows.
  • Swipe towards the power-off icon.
  • Once the phone is off, please turn it on again by holding the side button.

5. Force your iPhone to restart

This action is the same as restarting but involves more steps, so you force your phone to restart. If the ghost touch problem gets out of hand, you can use this method. This method is considered at such times because it works even when the iPhone is not working.

The steps to force to restart the iPhone 8 or later versions, you have to:

  • First, press and release the volume up button immediately.
  • Press and release the volume down button immediately.
  • Hold the side button.
  • Release this button as you see the Apple logo appear.

To force restart iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, you have to:

  • First, hold the volume down button with the sleep button.
  • Then, release the button as the logo appears.

To force restart iPhone 6 or 6 plus or earlier models, you have to:

  • First, hold the Sleep and Home button together.
  • Then, release them when the Apple logo appears.

6. Clean all cache on your iPhone

  1. Open Settings
  2. Scroll down. Tap Safari.
  3. Scroll down. Tap’ Clear History and Website Data.
  4. In the popup, tap ‘Clear History and Data to confirm.

7. Update your iPhone

If your ghost touch problem is still not solved, it may be due to an outdated iOs system. Hence, you should update your iPhone. This is a good fix because you can get rid of any glitches formed by software and fix bugs in a recent update.

To update your phone, you need to:

  • Go to the settings.
  • Select general.
  • Select software update.
  • Tap install, or download and install.

8. Do a factory reset

If the updates and forcing a restart doesn’t solve your issue, it is time to do a factory reset on your iPhone. This clears problems that might be causing problems in the system. However, you should always have a backup of your iPhone before you do this. Otherwise, all your saved data will be gone.

To reset your phone, you need to:

  • Go to the settings.
  • Select general.
  • Go down, and tap transfer and reset.
  • Select Erase all content and settings.
  • Select the continue option and type your passcode to initiate the process.

After this process is done, you will have to set up your phone again. Hence, you can get back all your data through a reset.

9. Recover your iPhone

If the restart, factory reset, doesn’t work, you can turn your iPhone to recovery mode and install iOS again. This should be done only when the ghost touch on your phone does not let you update your phone the usual way. If you can do that, do not put the phone in recovery mode.

To put your phone in recovery mode, you need to connect it to a macOS or iTunes and follow the steps and be forced to restart it.

Once you enter the recovery mode, you will see the message, “There is a problem with the iPhone that requires it to be updated or restored.” Click update if the option is there; otherwise, proceed with the restore.

Having a backup is crucial for this process, too, since all your data will be gone.

If this mode doesn’t work, use the DFU mode. This is the more intense version of recovery mode, where the phone will also reinstall firmware and software.

10. Take your phone to Apple center

If the adobe actions do not resolve your issue, you should take it to your nearest Apple Store to get it repaired. Unfortunately, there are no other fixes for the software, so there may be a problem with the hardware. For instance, issues like touchscreen seating and touch screen assembly can also cause this problem.

This issue should only be handled by a professional, and you should not try to take apart the phone yourself. Hence, contact Apple support or book an appointment to get it checked by professionals.

Bad repairs can also trigger ghost touch.

If a hardware repair is needed for your iPhone, ensure that it is only done by professionals or Apple-authorized personnel because the low quality and sloppy repair can make this problem even worse.

A fault repair from the unauthorized person is also a reason for this.

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