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The efforts to launch a website in cyberspace and make it a success do not end with creating a user-friendly and attractive website. They go beyond that. To keep a website running and stay ahead in the market, the website owner needs to constantly work on it and modify it from time to time.

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for creating and managing a website. It is a widely used source worldwide because of its many qualities. However, many WordPress users require a host to help them secure their WordPress websites. Kinsta is one such web host that allows website owners to do so. 

But is it wise to choose Kinsta?

Read this review on Kinsta to see all the benefits and services Kinsta offers to its users. 

What is Kinsta?

Kinsta is a website hosting provider that was launched in 2013. It specializes in hosting, managing WordPress websites, and providing optimized tools, especially for WordPress websites. Caching, securing, and backing up your website data are some of the tasks that Kinsta helps you with. In addition, it works as a secure home for your website, preventing you from doing anything incorrectly, especially if you are unfamiliar with how WordPress works. 

A majority of WordPress users prefer Kinsta because it loads websites faster than other website hosts. Another reason is its support team, which is proficient with WordPress. Therefore, they can assist all its clients in solving any issue regarding the software or its tools. 

However, the premium plans on Kinsta may seem a little overpriced compared to other website hosts, but that does not make them any less competitive. The premium plans on Kinsta are not curated to provide low-cost services to its clients. Instead, the software differs from its competitors and aims to provide quality website hosting. 

Services Offered by Kinsta 

As mentioned above, a few features make Kinsta different from its competitors. So, let’s read about what services Kinsta offers to its clients, apart from less downtime and relieving its clients by taking over major website management tasks.

Kinsta and Backup for WordPress Website

As mentioned before, Kinsta is a website host specially curated for WordPress. Therefore, it provides its clients with the benefit of automatically creating a daily backup of their WordPress website. This service is offered on every premium plan, and the minimum period for which the backup is kept on a basic plan is 14 days. This period increases as the premium of a plan increases. 

With Kinsta, you also have the option to create hourly backups. You can subscribe to this option for a monthly fee and select the intervals for creating the backups. Of course, you can also create backups manually and download them for more safety. 

Dashboard for Account Management

Kinsta has made it easier for its users to manage their accounts by creating a user dashboard. Users can access this dashboard through ‘My Kinsta Portal.’ You can collect several tasks through the Kinsta dashboard, like creating and storing backups, updating plugins on the website, or checking your premium plan usage. Also, you can create a new WordPress website and review your website visitors. Another feature is the ‘Search and Replace,’ where you can directly replace content on your WordPress website from your Kinsta dashboard. 

Google Cloud Platform

A significant benefit of using Kinsta as your WordPress website host is that it is equipped with Google Cloud Platform. Getting your website hosted by an infrastructure used by major companies like HTC, Phillips, Spotify, and Snapchat can be highly beneficial. The partnership between Kinsta and Google offers an impressive hosting experience by providing access to over 21 global server locations and smooth website functioning, free from any trouble caused by traffic surges. 

Website Staging

Every Kinsta plan comes with a website staging site. This helps users try any customizations, plugins, or code edits before launching them on the live website. It also makes switching between various versions of PHP and restarting the PHP engine quick and easy. 

Create and Manage WordPress Website

Kinsta helps its users manage their WordPress website and helps create one after they log in to the custom control panel. It is straightforward to create a new website and takes very little time to make a fresh set-up for a WordPress installation. Moreover, you can manage more than one WordPress website through a single Kinsta account.

Kinsta is 99.9% Uptime.

Kinsta guarantees 99.9% of uptime to its users. Uptime means the duration for which your website will stay up and running or not be down. Although almost every other website host offers the same level of uptime in the market, why choose Kinsta’s premium-based WordPress hosting?

Kinsta is better than other low-cost host providers because it claims to pay for any drop in its guaranteed uptime. Other low-cost hosting platforms may guarantee 99.9% uptime, but that doesn’t often happen. 

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How Does Kinsta Perform During a Surge in Load? 

Every website owner’s biggest concern is keeping the website running smoothly during a surge in users. This means that a website should always be prepared to face the impact of a load increase. The choice of your website host and its location significantly affect your website’s speed and performance.

Kinsta promises that your WordPress website will be free from any performance issues. You can check with Kinsta users or run a test to check the performance of a WordPress website hosted by Kinsta. Even if more than 200 users visit the website simultaneously, the loading time remains the same.

However, if we look at other hosts in the market, like GoDaddy or Bluehost, their low-cost plans lack performance during a surge in load. 

Hosting Speed of Kinsta

Kinsta’s premium plans may be higher than those of other website hosts, but that does not mean they are overpriced. On the contrary, Kinsta’s premium plans are accurately priced according to its performance as a WordPress website host. 

A website’s speed depends on the theme you choose. There are plenty of options available for website themes. You can choose a basic one that will take less time than a theme with more technical features. 

Kinsta promises to be a fast web host. It performs exceptionally well with light and basic themes. However, when it comes to an advanced theme, it depends on the size of the file. The heavier the file is, the more time it will load. Nevertheless, Kinsta is still able to perform optimally well with big themes. 

Kinsta provides you with better results than other website hosts in the market. However, if you still want to enhance the speed of your website, you can use theme compressors, databases, and image optimization. 

Kinsta Premium Plans

Kinsta has created many plans suitable for its users’ diverse needs. Therefore, you can choose the project according to your website requirements and budget. The projects follow Kinsta’s plans, including all the features and prices. 

  • Starter Plan @ $30/ month: This plan provides a hosting service for one WordPress install, 10 GB disk space, and 25,000 monthly visits. 
  • The Pro Plan, which costs $60/month, includes two WordPress installs, 20 GB of disk space, and 50,000 monthly visits. 
  • Business 1 Plan @ $100/month: This plan offers 30 GB disk space and up to 100,000 monthly visits, and it supports 3 WordPress installs.
  • The Business 2 Plan, at $200/month, includes 5 WordPress installs, 40 GB disk space, and 250,000 visits. 
  • Business 3 Plan @ $300/month: This plan provides 20 WordPress installs, 50 GB of disk space, and 400,000 visits. 
  • The Business 4 Plan, at $400/month, includes 40 WordPress installs, 60 GB of disk space, and 600,000 monthly visits.
  • Enterprise 1 Plan @ $600/month: With 60 WordPress installs, 100 GB disk space, and 1,000,000 monthly visitors.
  • Enterprise 2 Plan @ $900/month: This edPress installs 150 GB of disk space and 1.500,000 visitors.
  • Enterprise 3 Plan @ $1,200/month: This plan is for 120 WordPress installs, with 200 GB of disk space and 2,000,000 visitors.
  • Enterprise 4 Plan @ $1,500/month: The highest plan offered by Kinsta is for 150 WordPress installs. It offers 250 GB of disk space and up to 3,000,000 visits. 

Other Benefits of Kinsta Premium Plans

Kinsta plans come with a 30-day money-back policy. Kinsta guarantees that it will provide an efficient website hosting facility and return the money if its users are unsatisfied. 

Apart from this, all Kinsta plans include an SSL certificate, Kinsta CDN, a free migration facility, and a free staging site. The Google Cloud Platform-powered infrastructure is present in every plan, even the starter plan. The backup retention time is 14 days for Starter, Pro, Business 1, and Business 2 plans. This duration is 20 days for Business 3 and Business 4 plans, while for all enterprise plans, it is 30 days. 

Kinsta performs exceptionally well with every plan. As the plant grows, it only increases the number of WordPress installs, disk space, and visitors. Also, if you pay your premium annually, Kinsta gives you an additional two-month subscription for free. 

Plan Overage and Add-Ons Charges

If your website crosses the limit of your selected plan, for example, the number of visits or CDN is more than the limit of your project, then Kinsta charges fees for the overage. The following are the charges set by Kinsta :

    • Overage of Visits: Kinsta charges $1 for every 1,000 visits above your premium plan’s limit.
  • Overage of Disk Space: The charge for every GB above your plan’s limit is $2. 
  • CDN’s Overage charges for CDN (Content Delivery Network) are $0.10 for every GB.

Kinsta charges the overage fees directly to your account. It does not block its services or stop your website from running. However, Kinsta also offers add-ons for all its premium plans. If you predict an overage of visits, disk space, or CDN, you can buy monthly add-on services along with mum plans. For example, Kinsta charges $2 for every 1 GB of disk space overage. In addition, they have an add-on plan that charges $20 for an extra 20 GB. This add-on will be a better option if you expect disk space overage of 10GB or above.

You can check the Kinsta Plan page for all their plan details, overage, and add-ons.


If we compare Kinsta premium plans with low-cost website hosts in the market, the charges are a little higher. However, Kinsta’s performance is guaranteed to be better than that of others. It has proved to be a fast host, with outstanding uptime and exceptional performance during visitor surges. 

Its valuable features, like the Google Cloud Platform, website staging, website dashboard, and automatic backups for WordPress websites, make it a preference of many. It offers its users 24/7 support through live chat, making it convenient for everyone to get their queries answered. 

It doesn’t matter if you plan to launch a new website or switch to a better WordPress website host. Kinsta will be a favorable option. Even then, if you are unsatisfied with its performance, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


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