Best Android Development Course Review

There are now more Android app users than ever before, whether they’re using messaging apps, gaming apps, or other applications. As a result, there are several business possibilities. First, Android app owners make millions of dollars every year and even build their enterprises around their apps. Second, Android app development may potentially be lucrative as a career choice. Many businesses hire more full-time Android developers to maintain their apps and add new features.

In the United States, the average yearly salary for an Android developer is $98896.As a result, if you want to work in the app development industry, you need to learn Android programming. Unfortunately, it’s tough to know Android app development from docs unless you’re already an experienced developer. Several online courses can help improve your project-building abilities. There are, however, a plethora of resources for learning Android development available on the internet. Choosing the best one might be a difficult task. In this post, we will acknowledge the best android programming courses.

Best Android Programming Courses

Android App Development Specialization

Core Java programming language capabilities and software structures are taught in this specialization so that students may design Android-based mobile apps that they can maintain over time. In addition, learners will be tested and evaluated on their ability to construct an engaging Android app using knowledge and skills obtained in prior MOOCs; Android Studio tools, Android Activity components; Material Design and file I/O and data persistence; unit testing and software patterns.

Compared to prior assignments, this MOOC will include less skeleton code so that students have more room for creativity and more opportunities to personalize the app, which will be comparable in design aims to previous projects. In addition, you’ll learn about Android app components and Java I/O, and persistence technologies that are essential for mobile app development. Furthermore, this is the most excellent course in Android app development, and you’ll acquire a wide range of skills, including unit testing, software testing, and Android software development.

Android Basis By Google Review

The Google Nanodegree’s Android Basics course was one of Udacity and Google’s first joint ventures, and it aimed to educate those who had never worked with the platform before. As with many of the free Udacity courses, the program is a collection of the company’s most popular courses arranged successively. An introduction and a career services module are required for the Android Basics Nanodegree, divided into six phases with two necessary projects after each step.

In the first part of this tutorial, you’ll learn to design single-screen Android app layouts. Layouts and groups for displaying pictures and text are also covered in the XML markup language. The second portion will cover Java programming, particularly object-oriented programming (OOP). You’ll also learn how to create a user-friendly interactive design and implement various intents and styles for your Android app.

Finally, you’ll learn some advanced techniques for developing mobile apps in Section 3. It will introduce more Java syntax and concepts, and you’ll put them to use by reorganizing your software so that it can display many displays. AddiYou’llderstanding how Android handles touch events can help you design an app with a better user experience for your Android app. After that, we’ll go deep into web APIs and the fundamental notions of networking. HTTP networking, JSON parsing, and threading are the topics you’ll study. Because of this, it is possible to build Android apps that are both fast and multitasking. There are also tests, exercises, and real-world projects for students to complete in each section. The latter is the best option when it comes to gaining hands-on experience.

Build Your First Android App

Students who enroll in “project-centered” classes will work on a real-world issue that matters to them personally. A mentor or a group of learners having shared goals will provide comments and advice. Students that actively incorporate new concepts into their study habits do better in class. Candidates will also be better prepared to use the skills they learn in their personal and professional lives. Students who complete the course will be able to use and share a finished product.

Candidates will learn how to design, create, and deploy their custom Android mobile platform app in this “Build the First Android App.” Candidates will be given a set of customizable building blocks to use in their projects. To better understand Android programming, candidates can work together to build various applications. Once the project is complete, you’ll have all you need to create a customized app that others can use and share.

Coursera is the provider of this “Build Your First Android App.” Engineers and scientists at CentraleSupélec are working hard to make the school a leader in engineering and systems science. CentraleSupélec is one of the world’s leading higher learning and research institutes. Candidates will benefit significantly from the Build Your First Android App.

Advanced APP Development in Android Specialization

Android app developers interested in learning more about computer graphics reality on the Android platform are encouraged to take this specialization. This course will teach you how to build and construct immersive 3D and virtual reality Android apps by teaching you computer graphics theory and actual implementations of 3D graphics and OpenGL ES.

You may improve your Android coding abilities by taking advantage of our free Advanced Android Development course. Custom views, animations, and location awareness are just some of the features you’ll learn how to implement using the Java programming language. Tutorials, topic documentation, and PowerPoint decks are provided for each course.


People increasingly spend the bulk of their internet time on their mobile devices. It is partly because of Google’s widely used Android operating system. Because of Android, which Google created, nearly everything we do and has to accomplish you can now do online through an Android app. It’s especially relevant in the financial services sector. We hope you must have acknowledged everything regrading Best Android Development Course Review.

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