Does Ring Work With Google Home?

Your Google Home device seems incomplete without a Ring doorbell. Do you want to control it via voice but are unable to add it?

Don’t worry! In this article, we will show you how to add a ring doorbell to your Google Home device and how to use it judiciously once you have done so.

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Does Ring Work With Google Home?

Yes, the Ring works with Google Home, and you can easily pair the Ring doorbell with your Google Home device. Your voice can give directions for the operation with the help of Google Home Assistant. However, you might not watch the live videos since these brands are competitors.

You cannot use the Google Nest Hub to watch videos from your Ring device. Moreover, the Chromecast devices refrain from broadcasting ring content on the screens. However, you can still use many features that you can use with Google and Ring.

For example, you can check your device’s health and battery life, check the list of visitors, toggle motion alerts, and create video shorts.

For this, you need:

  • A Ring account.
  • A Ring doorbell.
  • A Google Home Device.
  • Create a new Google account.
  • Get Google home from the app store or play store.
  • Download Google assistant from the play store or app store.
  • Download the ring application.

How to connect the Ring to Google Home?

  • Go to Google Home’s Assistant Ring page.

Firstly, you need to link the Ring device and Google Home together by visiting the Google Home Assistant Services Page on the Ring device.

This page allows you to link the Google Home Device with the Ring account. To finish the process, you should have all the required information for both devices.

  • Log in to Google Assistant

Sign in by entering the email you use for your Google Home device application if you have multiple Google accounts.

  • Choose Google Home Device with Ring

After you have signed in, press send to the device. A menu will pop up, and you must choose the device from Google Home you pair with Ring.

The Ring is compatible with Android 6.0 and up Watches, Android 6.0 and up TVs, Android 5.0, Google Home Assistant, iOS 10.0 devices, headphones, smart displays, and Android 6.0. Other devices are not supported.

Furthermore, if you intend to use only one device with Google Home, mention only that device in the menu. If you have more than one, select the one that you want to use.

Remember, this menu will not always show up when you sign in. However, this is not something to panic about; the next step is compensating for it.

  • Link both devices

After choosing to send it to the device, a notification will come in your Google Assistant Application on the phone or tablet that you are using. This is the permission notification. After that, press Yes to go to the next step.

You can link the web browser if the send-to-device option is unavailable. To visit the website, select the blue link from the upper right corner of the Google Home Assistant Ring page.

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You will verify if you want to connect the Ring account with a Google account, choose the link, and you are good to go!

  • Log in to your Ring account.

The next step is to enter the Ring account information to sign in. Again, you can do this through a table, phone, or browser. 

After entering the information, you must verify it by entering the same information again with a 2-factor authentication OTP. You will receive this code on your registered number on the Ring account.

This extra layer of encryption ensures the safety of your device. After you enter the information and OTP, click on Sign in.

After that, you will get an email about the Ring account accessed by Google Home. Again, this reminds you that you don’t have to do anything there.

  • Give the green light for Google Home to access Ring

Choose the orange button that says Authorize to link both accounts.

To verify if this was successful, you must go to the Ring web page on Google Assistant and refresh the page. 

In the upper right section of the page, check if there is an option to unlink. If yes, your linking process is done successfully, and now you can use Ring with your Google Home device.

If you want to remove Ring from Google Home for some reason, click the unlink button. This step is crucial when giving away your Google device as it ensures no one else can access your Ring account.

Features of Google Home with Ring

You might not enjoy Ring Door Doorbell’s video feed, but you can utilize Google Home to gather information from Ring.

You can use the command:

“Hey, Google, talk to Ring about starting a new recording.”

This will prompt Ring to start recording a video. The recording will stop and be saved on your device automatically. 

“Hey, Google, ask Ring about the health of my device.”

This command checks the internal battery instead of hardwiring. It helps prevent the battery level of Ring’s device from dropping.

“Hey, Google, talk to Ring about the last time my doorbell rang.”

This command tells you about the rescind activity on your Ring doorbell. If the record motion is set up, it will tell you about the recent motion activity with the physical presses on the Ring button.

Using Ring Doorbell and Google Home

Linking Ringbell with Google Home does not allow you to use its full features, but many components can be utilized.

Following the steps above, you can check your device’s health, record, get information about recent events, and detect a visitor.

These devices offer the chance to equip your Home with more innovative technology. The first step is to ensure you do judicious home planning. 

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