Security Systems that Work with Google Home

Managing, organizing, and monitoring lives has become stress-free and effortless with smart home methods’ readiness. This involves a series of completely functional and operational devices with the help of a few buttons, taps, and voice directives. These are also labeled as virtual assistants that grant convenience and complete tasks without any difficulty. Enjoy life with the help of a single remote, a two-way audio communication feature, a doorbell that lets you view the other side of the door, and modern chimes that not only guarantee safety but make innovation interesting and enjoyable.

Security Systems that Work with Google Home

Google Home compatible security systems are:

  • Vivint
  • ADT
  • Brinks
  • Scout
  • SimpliSafe

Google Home, now known as Google Nest, is a manufacturing line for smart speakers developed by Google. The device allows the user to give an audio command and receive services through verbal instructions through Google Assistant. It works like a remote control where you can control the foremost activities around the house. Lights, cameras, television, and music can be adjusted and changed with a virtual assistant’s help in the Google Home setup. Primarily designed to give competition to its rival Amazon Echo, it can play music. Still, it is fundamentally manufactured as a medium change for Google Assistant, a voice helper connected to the internet. The Google Assistant is also available on new android based smartphones such as Google Pixel 4. It is manufactured to hear audio around the device but does not record it unless presented with preprogrammed words and phrases like “Hey Google.” It is conversational and can answer valuable responses to questions asked with the device. These types of technological products are started getting well-matched to home products rendering convenience. If you have Google Home and think of purchasing a security system, then security systems work according to Google Home.

Video doorbells, security cameras, smart keys, and smart assistants allow you to keep an eye on the house. A voice-compatible home security system can work easily with Google Home to make everyday chores easier. In addition, a wide range of convenience is offered when these products work together.


Vivint is one of the technologically cutting-edge security systems in 2020 compatible with Google Home. It delivers home security and automation products, making protection easier. It is not hardwired but can be a bit costly because of the multitude of benefits it offers. Their customer service is also commendable, offering assistance and guidance to the customers. It is a wireless installation accompanied by cellular and landline connections. You can access the system with the help of smartphones and keep an eye on indoor and outdoor cameras. It has a two-way audio communication feature allowing you to see who is at the front door. It also provides customizable security options that can be tailored to the owners’ needs and location requirements. Vivint has a slimmer, stylish design that is adaptable and flexible to fit individual needs. As far as the cost is concerned, it falls under $30 to $50. To purchase Vivint, you need to have a minimum credit score of 600; otherwise, you can choose the monitoring-only option. The home automation features allow easy monitoring and automatic door locking and inform about weather updates.


Apart from being advanced, it is the oldest security system attuned to Google Home. It not only guarantees the security of the house, but it is also automatically equipped with instant medical support or disaster protection. One of the pros of ADT is that it does not require a professional fee for the installation process. The company also has a 6-month money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied. The company can install the device the same day and has one of the fastest customer satisfaction systems. It is a smart home-enabled system that has the way to control thermostats, smart keys, lights, and other smart tools that are present around the house. Since it has compatibility with Google Home, you can give voice input and enjoy facilities instantly. Being one of the experienced security companies for 140 years, they have exceptional monitoring coverage. They also provide interesting deals, such as providing $500 as theft protection if the system is armed. Additionally, ADT is a hardwired system with the availability of indoor and outdoor video cameras. However, there is no trial period for ADT, and it comes with the availability of a long-term contract for rendering inconvenience in some scenarios. It is always a good value for money, but it can be marginally expensive than other dependable options as it falls under $37-$53 per month. However, if you want to make additional monitoring plans and services, you must pay $36-$52 per month.


Brinks is a perfect blend of providing value services along with reasonable packages. They have been recently merged with LiveWatch and Moni, so they have the best security systems and regulating services compared to others. The security plans they offer fall right under the budget, and the tools are mostly included within the price range, so there is no need to pay extra fees to purchase new equipment. It is conveniently compatible with Google Home and can perform functions with single voice input. It has a 24/7 professional monitoring service included with the availability of smartphone controls. However, if you are not satisfied with the product, they have a 30-day return policy. It can accommodate up to 40 devices present in the home to be modified according to individual needs. It starts at $29 per month, making it comparatively cheaper than the rest of the home security products. It is equipped with an IG Generation to the security panel, three door/window sensors, and one motion action that guarantees maximum security. The indoor camera has the feature to record live streams for uncalled-for events. Despite having benefits, it has a long-term contract for 36 months applied on most of the security plans it offers, making this situation unfavorable. Contrary to ADT, there is an added cost of professional installation.


Scout is the recently innovated company that arrived in the market in 2013. Despite their contemporary services and features, they are affordable and reasonable. They are based on a Wi-Fi connection instead of creating a landline or cellular network for information and alerts. Since it is the latest, it is prepared with wireless features making it easy to move the device around. You can install Scout without professional assistance as well. It has a trial period of 60 days, and they offer a money-back guarantee if customers are not satisfied. Their plans fall under $10-$20 a month, and it can also work perfectly with Alexa and Nest, therefore easily regulated through the app. However, there is one downside to Scout as it does not have open options for equipment. They do not provide cameras or thermostats with their system, but since Scout is compatible with Nest, you can share the equipment with them. For regulation of the system, you need to use their app.


SimpliSafe has the best value of money as it can be an ideal home security system even with a tight budget. You can still protect your home if you have a considerably small budget and do not compromise quality. SimpliSafe is equipped with high-quality monitoring features, which can be a field by submitting a small monthly fee. They do not offer long-term plans and have a variety of monitoring options. The standard plan comes under $15 a month, and the other option is the interactive plan that comes with $25 per month. If someone tries to mess with the SimpliSafe sensor or tripped the alarm, the company will call the owners and inquire about safety. It can be easily linked with Google Home Alexa, but you would not integrate devices like light and smart keys or locks. Emergency operators and customer service are available at convenient hours. The Google Home system offers multiple ways to interact, which include voice control and tapping. By adding a voice input by giving commands such as “Hey Google,” you can complete the task within minutes.

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