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Mark Brown

Mark Brown is a construction engineer from California who has been working as an independent contractor and writer for the past 15 years. He excels in managing construction project planning and design stages and contributes his technical expertise to project drawings and designs. Before becoming a professional in the construction industry, Mark was an avid volleyball player. Even now, he still enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, which allows him to maintain an active lifestyle.

Mark Brown

From 2022 onwards, Mark has also been contributing author of home repair articles at His expertise and knowledge in this area are highly sought after by readers worldwide. In addition to his professional career as an engineer, Mark is also a renowned freelance writer known for his attention to detail in research and accuracy when it comes to reporting facts on any given topic.

He holds several degrees from across the country, including a Masters’s degree from Stanford University in Construction Management with a specialization in Structural Designing. After acquiring the degrees, Mark started working with several reputed companies in various engineering positions, allowing him to gain hands-on experience and knowledge about construction projects of varying complexities across different states.

In 2015, he decided to start working independently as a consultant while simultaneously pursuing writing opportunities online that allowed him to work remotely with global clients. Today he works closely with construction firms all over California, providing them support with understanding building codes, creating detailed plans for projects of various sizes, developing cost estimates for materials needed for projects, reviewing bids from subcontractors, and drawing up contracts between contractors or subcontractors and homeowners or business owners.

In addition to his immense knowledge of engineering principles, Mark is also well-versed in health & safety policies related to construction sites ensuring compliance with OSHA standards at all times when handling any project or assignment from clients anywhere around the world. With more than two decades of experience under his belt in both engineering & writing, Mark is an invaluable asset for any company or organization looking for expert advice on any project-related matters or help with drafting crisp content that requires accuracy at its best!

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