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The invention of gadgets and technological tools has not only begun to control us, but they have also exposed us to a comfortable and safe environment. As used by companies, especially for home security purposes, these gadgets have made living alone in an unsafe neighborhood easy. Security is a tremendous peace of mind, especially when you are alone or need to watch children at home alone. Due to this, there is a sudden surge in home security companies, which are determined to manufacture and process products that assist in home security. Whether the residence is in a suburban or an urban community, there always have been chances of sudden invasion. One of the primary and fundamental things to avoid theft or unwanted entrance is locking the doors, which are, in most cases, the easiest target for intruders.

What is a Ring doorbell?

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The Ring doorbell is an intelligent tool that mainly functions on a home Wi-Fi connection. It automatically alerts homeowners if someone is at the door through their phone. You can easily detect the person present at the property by sending a notification using the Ring door app. The Ring doorbell is an innovative home security company owned by Amazon, which functions with outdoor motion detection cameras. This app also lets you communicate with people at the door. Most people try to increase their security by strengthening and replacing the door hinges or tightening the door frame, but this is not enough to guarantee complete protection. By connecting the Ring device to the Wi-Fi network, the owners can stream their live footage and interconnect using two-way audio communication features.

The key features of the Ring doorbell make it unique and smart for home security purposes. By installing and downloading the app on Android or iOS phones, homeowners can track and record the movements in front of their doors. In addition, they can keep a record of visitors and log them for safety purposes. It is the easiest way to arm your house amid uncertainty and mistrust.

Ring doorbell features

The Ring app works on the following extraordinary features:

  • HD camera
    The Ring doorbell is equipped with a camera that quickly detects and captures the face of visitors. In addition, it lets you view faces through the app installed and is equipped with the night vision feature to visualize the nighttime when break-ins are high in number.
  • Two-way audio
    The Ring doorbell can make you feel safe with its state-of-the-art audio capabilities. The Ring doorbell entails a high-feature camera and allows homeowners to communicate with visitors anytime. With high-quality built-in speakers, you can easily talk and inquire about why a stranger enters the property.
  • Motion detection
    The Ring doorbell is built and functions on the basic concept of motion detector chain adapters. It has built-in sensors to let you know if someone is visiting the property, as it works on motion and sudden movements.
  • Access through cell phones

Owners can easily keep track of all the audio messages and visuals through smartphones. By using the app, securing homes has been made very easy with the help of Ring doorbells.

Can a ring be set up on more than one phone?

Yes, the ring can be set on more phones, and you can share the Ring with family members. You can add more phones to the Ring doorbell using the Device settings page in the ring app. You can add users by adding the new members’ email addresses.



How to share Ring Doorbell with family members?

Ring-shared users can be your family members. To add someone as a Shared User to a Ring Account, do the following steps:

  • Open the Ring app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Tap on the three-lined icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Select “Settings” from the drop-down menu.
  • Scroll down to “Shared Users” and tap on it.
  • Tap on “Add Shared User.”
  • Enter the family member’s email address you want to share the Ring Doorbell.
  • Choose the type of access you want to give them – Admin or Shared User.
  • If you select “Admin,” the family member will have complete control over the Ring Doorbell, including adding or removing other users.
  • If you select “Shared User,” the family member will have limited access to the Ring Doorbell, including viewing live video and receiving notifications.
  • Tap on “Send Invitation.”
  • The family member will receive an email with instructions on accepting the invitation.
  • Once they accept the invitation, they can download the Ring app and access the shared Ring Doorbell from their device.


Once you have finished setting up the Ring device on your phone, you will have complete authority over it. As the owner, you have the opportunity to control the overall settings of the device. You can also select the option of using multiple electronic devices such as tablets, different phones, or computers and connect your Ring device with them.

You can easily download the Ring app on the additional devices you plan to use. This feature is useful when you have multiple people living in the home and want other family members to keep track of the visits. Ring doorbells can easily be connected to more than two phones by sharing the login account, username, and password to the additional devices.

This is one of the ring doorbell conveniences as the app is designed to connect to other devices, allowing more than one user to communicate with the person in front of the door. The entire concept is sharing access to multiple phones and gadgets from a single account; your family members can easily log into the same account with their different phones. There are two methods to connect the Ring doorbell to different tablets. Using the ring app’s shared user feature function, one uses the same credentials and information to log in on other phone numbers.

By sharing the sole account with multiple family users, there are features that everyone can enjoy. Users do not necessarily need to buy a personal Ring device; however, the Ring wants to ensure that a shared user must have a separate Ring account. By fulfilling the conditions, the users can view videos stored and save videos to their devices.

They can also join a three-way call in response to an alert from motion detection sensors. They can initiate and use Ring Plus and will be able to get notifications whenever the motion sensors have been triggered. They can also control and alter and messages they receive on their device. They can also use smart locks to arm or disarm the Ring alarm system.

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The process of account sharing is more straightforward and convenient; however, it has a slight drawback too. The person who controls the main account can only alter and change the basic settings for the ring device’s proper functioning. Users with a shared account cannot perform this action. The new shared users can also not delete the videos but have the full authority to view and save them. The additional users cannot change the password, delete or add more users to the device, delete the previous backlog, or change the device name. This can only be done by the parent/original user. This is a handy feature as it further strengthens security and does not limit the number of shared users. The original account holder can add as many users to the list. Despite the slight limitations, the shared users can receive and answer alerts when someone presses the Ring doorbell.

The Ring doorbell offers versatility and convenience to users. It can be linked to multiple devices and is compatible with smartphones, tablets, smart televisions, Alexa, and Google home devices. The Ring devices are also compatible with other security devices, such as smart lock systems from different companies. To save footage, there is a basic fee and subscription option of around $3.

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