Do People Steal Ring Doorbells? – Can Ring Doorbell Be Stolen

The Ring doorbell is considered a well-designed and functional gadget formulated to keep residents safe and secure, equipped with modern facilities, and designed for maximum home protection. Whether residing in an apartment or a suburban cul-de-sac, security is the foremost priority and should not be overlooked. Each family member is well linked and associated with the Ring doorbell, and the device provides fully functional assistance.

As smartphones have changed the digital domain dynamics, house members can stay connected and well-informed about their houses’ privacy even when they are not there. The Ring doorbell easily connects with smartphones, allowing you to keep an eye on your house even in your absence and make quick and instant decisions in crisis times. The Ring device is the epitome of modern-day advancement and is ideal for tech-savvy individuals, dwelling individually or with family. It protects the house by keeping an eye on the main door throughout the day.

Can Ring Doorbell Be Stolen?

Ring doorbells can be stolen. However, it is infrequent. Usually, ring doorbells have special screws that secure them to the home, which is tough to steal. The homeowner will have a recording if a thief tries to steal the doorbell. Ring offers customers a Theft Protection program that helps them receive a free replacement of their Ring device as quickly as possible if it’s stolen.

The Ring doorbell can connect iOS and Android devices easily through a well-connected Wi-Fi signal. All you need to do is set up an account on the tRing’sofficial website, customize the settings, and grant permission to the rest of the control authority members. However, in some scenarios, many Ring doorbell owners have complained about thefts of their ring devices. However, theft of the Ring device is not a bad thing. There is no need to panic or call law enforcement agencies as the device easily captures and records the live video where the doorbell is being stolen. The company may ask for evidence and proof through a video and replace it with the owners. Rest assured, the device will record the thieves’ faces and the timings and directions, allowing the law enforcement agencies to start working on the case.

Do People Steal Ring Doorbells?

Yes, but it is very uncommon for people to steal Ring Doorbells. It is tough to unscrew Ring doorbell screws, and thieves will be recorded.

One of the pros of having a Ring doorbell is the lack of knowledge regarding an installed camera on the doorbell. Many potential thieves consider it just a simple, plain doorbell; however, it is more than that. The doorbell will record every movement whenever the thief plans to steal it. They are unaware that homeowners can see their faces directly on their smartphones. In this instance, the residents can use the two-way audio communication features and make them go away by calling the cops. Ring doorbell is a widely reported genuine problem, but the good news is that the owners will be left with a full HD video capture of the theft incident and the person responsible for it.

The Ring doorbell is designed to work by picking up motion detection or even a doorbell press. After that, all the recordings are documented for around one minute, and the footage is transmitted to the Rings cloud server. This occurs through SIP (session initiation protocol) calls and is similar to Zoom or other video calls. The recordings are sent to the Ring in real time. The burglars often think that removing and ripping the doorbell eliminates video footage or photos. This is not how a Ring device works like the real-time footage transmitted to the RRing’sserver; therefore, Ring can provide ample evidence to give the police as evidence. However, there are certain limitations to the battery-operated Ring doorbells as they would not record as much evidence as the hardwired Ring Pro device. By logging into the Ring app, you can access all the footage of the burglary. However, it should be mentioned that burglars cannot access the Ring account and tamper with the settings. The Ring account is still safe and secure, with a completed backlog of recordings.

You can seek support from the Ring official page after a reported theft. First, stay calm and report the incident to the police. You can also take photos of the damage that has been done. Try to capture the Ring doorbell theft, but only if it does not hinder the crime scene. Get a copy of the official incident of the local crime authorities, which you can use to claim a new Ring device. You can take additional measures to protect the Ring doorbell from theft, and installing an anti-theft grid box just above the Ring doorbell is an ideal solution. This grid box can easily be purchased from any hardware store. Furthermore, try to install an outdoor Ring camera with a built-in light and probably a siren that can be activated through the Ring app to scare potential thieves. Most residents also place a security sign in the front yard to warn potential intruders, emphasizing that they are being recorded.

Other tsecurity concerns need to be addressed besidesthe Ring doorbell, which has a significant chance of physical damage, Computer experts equipped with hacking knowledge can easily hack the doorbell’s live stream by hacking into the home’s Wi-Fi network or Ring account. They might be able to access the changes made on the camera’s live stream. Homeowners can strengthen their network by enabling two-factor authentication in the Ring app. This usually requires a code to be the cell phone for confirmation. Try to limit the information sharing to only family members and not float the information even to trustworthy individuals. If you want other users to access the Ring account, add them as a shared user for collective security. Use strong passwords that involve symbols, upper and lower case letters, and numerals, and do not keep the same passwords for a prolonged time.

Other tips to boost the home security system involve adding an extra layer of protection that Ring offers. This is a Tamper Proof cover to select video doorbell models. It uses the technology of a unique locking mechanism to prevent strangers from walking up to the front of the house. Ring devices are usually mounted directly to the wall, making them challenging and tricky to remove without adequately handling the tools. Ring Smart Lights also works on motion detection and alerts whenever anyone comes under the detection area. Having a motion detection light also assists in strengthening the security system of the house.

Video doorbells are a great security feature to install on the main entrance. It practically records every movement of family members and even strangers. In addition, the device can easily capture the thieves’ image, so they are a prominent security device used by many residential owners.

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