Difference Between Ring Doorbell 1 and 2 – Ring Doorbell 1 vs. 2

Video doorbells are the prime example of a smart home feature that is now extensively available in the markets. It embodies the principal characteristics of modern technology incorporated to save human lives and personal properties. Due to increasing crime rates, many people are now opting for smart home gadgets that include video doorbells, HD cameras, audio communication systems, and smartphone doorbells to increase home security due to the alarming crime rates. Having a video doorbell at the front entrance allows you to record the entry and exit points for the utmost safety. The Ring video doorbell is the pioneer in the video doorbells industry and is considered a high-quality brand, rendering all the interesting features. They are exemplary in functional smart homes and can make everyday interactions at the doorstep convenient and safer.

Difference Between Ring Doorbell 1 and 2

The biggest difference between Ring 1 and Ring 2 doorbells is price, video quality, and battery. While Ring 1 has an internal battery, the newer Ring 2 version has a removable battery pack. Finally,  Ring 1 price is $99, while Ring 2 price is $199. 

Ring Doorbell 1 vs. 2

Ring 1Ring 2
Video Resolution720p HD1080p HD
Power SourceInternal BatteryRemovable Battery Pack
Field of View180° horizontal, 160° vertical field-of-view160° horizontal, 90° vertical field-of-view
Battery Life6 – 12 months6 months
ColorsThree Choices of FinishTwo Interchangable faceplate colors

Above is Ring 1 vs. Ring 2 comparison Table

The Ring doorbell is a widely known video capturing company that meets most homeowners’ requirements, whose main goal is to achieve safety. It falls under a reasonable budget and comes in a range of models. Along with its predecessor, the Ring video doorbell is a pocket-friendly device, making it an ideal choice for the family’s security. This is the best safety device with innovative and user-friendly features allowing you to comprehend who is at the front door without physically communicating and interacting. It offers live videos and feeds and saves them in a backlog for unfortunate times when evidence is required. With Ring video doorbell, you can keep an eye on the entrance and look out for intruders without getting up. The Ring video doorbell is equipped with a spherical camera lens that offers a live streaming video feed to the device linked through the Wi-Fi connection. The blue Ringer doorbell present at the device lights up when it is pressed. You can expect the same functions in all Ring models, which share a common link through the Ring app. This app allows you to view the backlog videos, check the doorbell’s status and history of incidents that have been recorded. It also alerts you when the battery needs to be changed. Despite serving the basic principle, different ring doorbells offer improved and enhanced versions of communication and services.

In the video below is presented ring doorbell vs. ring doorbell 2:

Many people tend to buy the latest version believing that it is more improved in all aspects. However, with Ring 1 and Ring 2, there are only slight visible differences, and both models are equipped with top-notch attributes when it comes to home security. The main difference between the two models is the video resolution and quality. However, there are other minute differences, too, and users can analyze them before purchasing the doorbell.

Ring 1 vs. Ring 2 Video quality

The most noticeable difference between Ring 1 and Ring 2 is the video resolution. The former offers 720 HD, and the latter is designed to generate videos in 1080 HD. For those who are looking for general video protection, the video quality does not matter. Both will serve the same purpose; however, the Ring 1 saves images in blurry or grainy resolution but fulfills the purpose of being installed. Clarity is missing, but it is ideal to look for a general video for your surroundings. Ring 2 comes with a well-defined picture as it comes with double the pixels. The images and videos captured are sharp, making it better for capturing minute details as the video processing has been improved in this model. Ring 1 has a slightly lower quality, but that does not make it a poor choice. Both of them have night vision along with two ways of audio communication.

Ring 1 vs. Ring 2:  Price

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, the Ring 1 is the ideal package as it comes under the $99 price tag. The new model costs double compared to the previous model and is around $199 with almost the same benefits.

Ring 1 vs. Ring 2: Power source

Generally, there is no perceptible difference between the power sources of the two models. Both of the models come with rechargeable batteries to keep the video feed running. You can check and monitor the battery status on your smartphone through the Ring app, and the owners will be alerted if the models need a charge. The Ring 2 has a marginally better feature when it comes to the recharge process. It is equipped with quick-release batteries meaning that there is no need to take out the whole device to charge them. Ring 1 users have to remove the model and insert the batteries, which can be a hassle by uninstalling and installing the device again. Ring 2 can also be hardwired, so there is no need to depend on rechargeable batteries. The installation is a bit time-consuming, but it can be beneficial in the long run as there is no headache to change the batteries frequently.

Ring 1 vs. Ring 2: Size

There is an insignificant difference between the size of each model of the Ring video doorbell. The Ring 1 video doorbell is 4.98 x 2.43 x 0.87 inches, and the Ring 2 video doorbell comes at 5.05 x 2.50 x 1.08 inches. The Ring 2 is bulkier and heavier than its previous model but not significantly. Before purchasing the doorbell, make sure that you know the exact measurements of the space where you intend to mount the doorbell. Ring 2 is bigger in size because it has a modular design that allows you to take out the battery and the faceplate, which cannot be performed on Ring 1.

There is hardly any noticeable improvement or difference between the two models, as mentioned earlier. The significant difference was the resolution quality and the integration of Amazon Alexa. The first model has a 180° field of view, whereas the latest model is equipped with a 1080p HD video. Additionally, both models are equipped with motion alerts; however, the former model is IFTTT compatible. Lastly, there were certain motion detection issues observed with Ring 1, and the company decided to improve the feature on the latest model. The Ring 2 is prepared with motion detection sensitivity and has an improved version to adjust and modify the sensitivity and get fewer false alerts. Whichever model you prefer to purchase, remember to subscribe for the monthly operating costs. The Ring Company charges $3 per month per camera or doorbell. If you have more than one Ring device, you are bound to pay $10 per month, covering the range of multiple Ring devices.

Research shows that burglars are more likely to avoid robberies at homes properly secured with technical smart devices. Both models are manufactured to perform the same functions. They both make sure that the property is secured and allows you to communicate easily. The Ring video doorbell is the ultimate deterrent no matter where you are; the video doorbell will timely record the faces and events.

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