How to Install Ring Doorbell 3?

ring doorbell 3Having to live in a safe and secure environment at this age has become complicated. Even with full-proof security measures, there is still a chance of unwanted intrusion or a burglary attempt. Tightening the hinges or the door frames and even changing the locks frequently is not enough as intruders are well aware of their way in and out. Since we live in a technological environment, it is essential to use gadgets and technological creativity to achieve world-class security and neighborhood safety. To achieve this, many security companies have decided to manufacture devices and gadgets that amplify the house’s security, guaranteeing maximum comfort and satisfaction. The ring doorbell is an example of the newly innovated gadget with its own convenience and a hassle-free installation system.

Even though residing in wealthy urban or suburban residential areas comes with a price of increased vulnerability of theft and intrusion. However, such gadgets can also be installed in apartments and condos, considering the current uncertainty and ambiguity in society. Some apartments are well equipped with a manual labor force to look over the security issues; however, they are not enough. A small mistake or carelessness can make you pay a substantial amount by putting your lives at risk. The Ring video doorbell is the ultimate solution for this purpose. Fully equipped with a motion detection camera and a direct link with a smartphone, you can connect, communicate, and get a visual of anyone meddling on the property. This way, you can have a backlog of all the videos, save and use them for law enforcement agencies in an unanticipated event. In addition, the Ring video doorbell allows the homeowners and other family members to keep an eye on their doors throughout the day without answering and opening them.

The Ring doorbell is ideal for renters in an apartment because it is completely wireless. To save the apartment walls from being damaged and avoid an invasive procedure, the wireless doorbell requires marginal drilling techniques causing the least amount of loss. They are functional on batteries, and if they die out, you can easily replace them with new ones. One of the ring doorbell’s exceptional features is that it can easily be attached to the keyhole on the apartment’s front door. This makes it ideal for renters or apartment dwellers who cannot afford to drill into the wall. It delivers the same high-definition video and audio features as the Ring’s other doorbells. The battery-operated bell comes in two parts. The outside half is designed in the same manner as Ring’s video doorbell Pro; however, instead of one lens, there are two. The top lens is for the typical peephole, so the old function is retained. The indoor part comes with the viewing lens for the conventional peephole, and it is the place where the battery is installed. It works the same way as a doorbell and instantly alerts the homeowners whenever someone presses the bell. The camera detects the movement, and the user will get a notification on the smartphone. It also has an added feature of an impact sensor to the users’ door to get a notification whenever someone knocks at the door. The door of Cam was formulated to accommodate homeowners who live in places where the traditional Ring doorbell could not be installed.

The door view cam also includes the attributes of motion detection and night vision. It also allows you to have privacy zones allowing the users to allocate certain areas within their apartment jurisdiction in the cameras for you. This way, the movements around the neighbor’s apartment door will not trigger by the Ring doorbell. The apartment dwellers can also connect the door view cam with the Amazon Alexa, allowing them to give audio commands, for example, by saying “show me the front door” or “get a live feed” of the main door. This allows the owners can get a real-time movement of their entrance without moving.

Can you install a ring in an apartment?

Yes, Ring doorbells are allowed in apartments and you can install them. However, from a legal standpoint, a ring doorbell should not invade your neighbor’s property. Please follow the steps on how to install the ring in the apartment.

How to Install Ring Doorbell 3?

To install Ring Doorbell 3, please do the following steps:

  1. Charge the provided battery by plugging it into a USB power source
  2. Insert the battery into the bottom of your Ring Doorbell 3.Wait until it clicks into place.
  3. Remove your existing doorbell.
  4. Line Up your Ring Video Doorbell 3 clicking the level tool (included in the box) into the small hole on the front, and then mark the positions for mounting holes with a pencil.
  5. Drill the mounting holes
  6. Attach the wire extensions
  7. Connect the wires
  8. Place Your Ring Video Doorbell 3 over the holes.
  9. Screw-in the Ring Doorbell 3
  10. Install the Faceplate
  11. Install the Security Screw

The installation process of the Ring video doorbell is convenient as it is fundamentally based on user-friendly principles. However, the apartment owners need to find a sturdy and robust place for its installation beforehand. You can either put it on the door frame on the door or even on the wall, depending on the user’s preference. To secure it, make sure to screw it rigidly into the wall. It is completely non-invasive and makes sure that the wall is not damaged. It still allows you to change the batteries frequently, even with the deep installation process. You do not necessarily have to be tech-savvy to learn the process of installation. Start with gathering the ring doorbell’s basic tools and charge the battery for prolonged, efficient use. The second step is to link the device with a secure home internet connection. One of the features that make it user-friendly is that there is no wiring required for the mounting process. There is a built-in battery, and you can connect it with the existing doorbell wiring. The average cost of installation is around $100 to $250 for the labor. This includes establishing a connection to the existing doorbell cabling or creating new wiring of its required.
In short, there is no need to waste time with circuit breakers or electrical wiring or even use a screwdriver for installation purposes. It hardly takes about 20 minutes from the beginning to the end, including the peephole cam’s configuring in the app. The camera itself is handy as it is small in size, and it has a comparatively slimmer shape than the other Ring doorbells. There is no need to worry about functions and operations because it has the same functions as the other Ring video doorbell Pro. It comes with a camera of 155-degree horizontal view, has motion detection, a microphone and speaker to communicate both ways, and a button to Ring the doorbell. Undoubtedly you can customize and tailor it according to the needs of the owner. It is simple to make any amendments and changes now and then to ensure maximum security. An epitome of an excellent visual deterrent, the Ring video doorbell will allow the burglars to think twice before breaking in. It can also provide valuable video footage, and in the worst-case scenario, you can use the backlog to provide valuable evidence to law enforcement agencies. This can also help you getting insurance payments and filing for an insurance claim. Finally, it adds security value to the apartment as you can monitor the surroundings.

The Ring peephole cam comes under the range of $199. Unlike the other doorbells, it is not doorframe mounted or comes with the need to be hardwired. This is a complete battery power doorbell and works like a buzzer fitted in the middle of an apartment door. Apartment owners can easily replace the old peephole with the buzzer without the mess created by wall drilling. There is no need for wires or screws despite that the doorbell performs the same functions.

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