Best PC Optimizer & Cleaner Software 2023

When your PC is working slowly, you often receive suggestions for using an optimizer to speed it up. A PC optimizer, oCleanerer, can quickly resolve most of Windows 10’s issues. This type of software enhances the overall performance of the computer. However, with so many PC cleaners and optimizers available for free or paid download, it is usually challenging to choose the right one.

Every speed-up application is unsafe for the system, and some can cause more harm than benefit. A few optimizer software applications do not even pass the antivirus scan. Hence, after much review, we have decided upon nine such applications that count among the best PC optimizers and cleaners. These are CleanMyPC, CCleaner, Advanced SystemCare, AVG TuneUp, Glary Utilities, Duplicate Cleaner, Ashampoo WinOptimizer, Norton Utilities, and BleachBit.

Here is an overview of the factors to consider before using a PC cleaner application and a brief description of the best ones:

Best PC Cleaners & Optimizers 2022: Parameters to Consider

Although all good PC cleaners are devised to fix the slowdown issues and speed up your system, there are certain things that you must check before using any such software.


Ensure that the PC cleaner software supports the latest version of Windows 10; otherwise, it can risk your system. Incompatible software means that there are no updates available.


Several downloadable applications carry malware or viruses that can corrupt your system. So, once you download and install cleaner software on your PC, use Malwarebytes and Bitdefender to complete a system scan. This way, you will get to know if the installed application is malware-free or not.

Performance Authenticity

This is the most critical parameter for evaluating any PC optimizer. Many such applications have extraordinary efficiency claims, but not all stand up to the same. Some are merely scams that distort your system’s functioning even more. So, it is essential to check the authenticity of the software before running it on your system. Even after using the software, observe if the system has slowed down or slowed up.

Ease of Use

The best PC optimizer software is good in performance and easy to understand and use. In other words, the application should be user-friendly, and even those lacking technical knowledge should be able to operate it. Of course, every application has its own set of procedures and standards. However, these procedures are pretty simple and inefficient applications. Eventually, you must trust your instincts and follow the stated process when utilizing a program.

Support Service

A well-designed software application is always backed by excellent technical or customer support service. If the software developer does not provide proper tutorials, user manuals, email support, customer service numbers, or chat support, you can safely assume that the product may not be impressive.

Top 9 PC Cleaners 2022

Below are the best PC cleaner software, along with their prominent features. All these applications have cleared our security test and are 100% free of viruses, so you can safely use them on your system.

1.      CleanMyPC

CleanMyPC is an all-in-one solution for PC performance issues. It removes redundant files, erases hibernation data from the hard disk, reduces unneeded extensions, and thus decreases the extra load on the system. Furthermore, this data is deleted securely so that no third party can access or restore it. The software also eliminates the log of your online activities and optimizes Windows start-up time. In addition, CleanMyPC includes several existing Windows tools and extends improvement features.

CleanMyPC fulfills all the maintenance needs of PCs with its non-technical solutions.

2.      CCleaner

CCleaner is available in a free standard version and an advanced professional edition. The software deletes all the temporary data, unnecessary information, log files, and other unneeded files from the PC. The free version of CCleaner provides all the basic functionalities to remove temporary files. On the other hand, the professional version offers complete system cleaning, including instant product updates, elimination of internet trackers, removal of unrequired browsing history, and priority customer service.

CCleaner also clears out the remaining files of previous software installations. Both its free and paid versions provide satisfactory service. However, this application mainly uses computers with visibly slow and below-average performance.

3.      Advanced SystemCare

Like other PC cleaners, IObit’s Advanced SystemCare removes duplicate, junk, and temporary files from the system. This software protects your private and personal data by blocking access to information like email addresses and contacts. In addition, it optimizes browser configuration and organizes start-up programs to enhance the system’s response speed. Advanced SystemCare is specifically designed to prevent the system from residual registry impairment and spyware infection.

The software comes in both free and paid versions. Its free version covers the basic security features, system optimization, restore and backup facilities, and a Speed-up functionality to defrag the drive. The additional functionalities in the Pro Tier version relate to the real-time system optimization features and malware protection. Consequently, the system works with more stability and security.

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4.      AVG TuneUp

AVG PC TuneUp or TuneUp Utilities, AVG TuneUp, is equipped with automatic maintenance functionalities to clear the Windows registry every week. The software spots PC issues and clears up cache files, program leftovers, and tracking cookies. It also helps eliminate crashes, bugs, freezes, bloatware, trial versions, and unneeded toolbars that take up too much space on the disk.

AVG TuneUp has a software update checker that evaluates the status of programs like VLC, Skype, Java, etc., and upgrades them to the latest version. Although the software’s free version identifies potential problems on the PC, they can be resolved only with its licensed version.

5.      Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities is an all-in-one software with more than 20 system utilities to improve your PC’s performance. It fixes problems that cause freezes, crashes, and errors. In addition to managing drivers, cleaning the registry, and managing other system parts, the software provides privacy features to support security protocols.

Glary Utilities lets you scan the system for problems, remove junk files, and fix broken shortcuts with one click.

6.      Duplicate Cleaner

ACleanerame suggests that Duplicate Cleaner delete duplicate files from the system. The software scans the chosen file location or drive and eliminates the copied videos, documents, PowerPoint presentations, photos, films, music, and other unnecessary data in bulk. So, if any of your files are present twice in your system, Duplicate Cleaner will delete one of the copies.

Once you initiate scanning of a particular storage location on your PC, you will be asked for confirmation to delete the corresponding files and folders. Then, you can select them according to your requirements. The software has both a free and a Pro version. In the case of the Pro version, you get extra features for organizing media files. For example, the program image viewer allows you to compare pictures side-by-side.

7.      Ashampoo WinOptimizer

Another PC optimizer with a host of tools in one suite, Ashampoo WinOptimizer, is the best for system cleaning and automatic maintenance. It facilitates the tuning and configuring of Windows PCs for optimal performance. Like other optimizers, this software has a free and a premium version. The free version includes a registry optimizer, predictive disk defragmenter, anti-spy module, and internet cleaner. Hence, the junk data will be erased right after you close the browser, resulting in zero accumulation. The premium version has high-quality modules with more than eight optimization tools, an advanced uninstall manager, and an alert mechanism for system failure.

With Ashampoo WinOptimizer, you can also cut out on personalized ads, unsolicited tracking, and other adware. This way, this software assures the privacy of your system.

8.      Norton Utilities

Norton Utilities is a multi-purpose optimizer that optimizes the system’s storage and processing power and provides an excellent gaming, streaming, and editing experience on PCs. The software identifies unnecessary auto-run programs and eliminates them. Besides, it securely removes files and frees up space on the system’s hard drive.

In addition to fixing crashes and slowdowns, Norton Utilities allows you to manage digital privacy with one-click optimization.

9.      BleachBit

BleachBit is a free, open-source optimizer designed for Linux and Windows systems. It is cross-platform software that completely removes logs, cache, junk files, previous application installations, and browsing history from the system. BleachBit can handle a thousand applications, such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Google Chrome, Adobe Flash, etc. The software shreds files to make them unrecoverable and thus ensures your privacy.

The software above is the most reliable PC optimizer or Cleaner. You may choose one depending on your convenience and preferences.

How do I remove the speed cleaner from my computer?

To remove Speed Cleaner from your computer, you need to use three removal tools. First, uninstall using the standard Control Panel uninstall program tool, and then download the software “ESET Rogue Application Remover.” This tool will remove additional malware files. Finally, use Malwarebytes to scan your computer and remove all viruses and malware.

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