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After prolonged usage, you will notice that your iMac or MacBook runs relatively slow and hangs frequently. This happens for various reasons, depending upon your usage and storage data. Mostly, it has been found that a Mac bogs down when its main drive gets filled with a vast number of files and new updates. Besides, the latest macOS versions take up relatively more RAM and disc space. If you look for slowdown causes and solutions on Apple’s support site, you will find plenty of optimization techniques and tips, many of which won’t prove helpful. So, what should you do to speed up your Mac?

Typically, you can speed up your Mac in two significant ways, i.e., upgrading the hardware or optimizing the macOS. If your system cannot cope with the requirements of the new OS, you will have to update the RAM or replace it with an SSD (solid-state drive). But if the issue lies in your system or software, you can easily use an optimizer program to tune up your Mac. After testing and examining several good-quality optimizers, we have shortlisted the best four software programs for Mac maintenance. These include MacBooster, CleanMyMac X, Stellar SpeedUp Mac, and CCleaner Pro. All these software applications are widely used and trusted by Mac users worldwide.

However, before downloading or buying any such software, you must check its significant features and see if they suit your needs and preferences. In this article, you will learn about some critical parameters to review before buying or using particular optimization software, along with the description of the top 4 Mac optimizers.

Mac Maintenance Software Criteria

Today, many different types of Mac optimization apps quickly resolve system issues and enhance system performance. Each of these applications has its unique attributes. Therefore, opting for a software app that fits your Mac’s condition and age is better. Explained below are the most important factors to consider before using a Mac optimizer:

  • Quality

Quality is one of the most crucial parameters for studying software applications. An optimizer is supposed to deliver what it claims to provide. So, if software turns out to be something other than its claims, it is not built with good-quality design. For example, some apps do not affect Mac’s performance but consume much memory while operating. Similarly, some others help free up disc space, take up too many system resources, and continue running in the background. Therefore, make it a point for lightweight applications with assured credibility.

  • Security

Security is another crucial feature to assess while utilizing the services of an optimization software app. Nowadays, several apps are infused with viruses or malware that creep into your system when you download and run the app. So, you must ensure the optimizer is free of any bundled apps or malicious programs. Although macOS is relatively less prone to viruses and malware than Windows, considering the latest reports of malware attacks on Mac, it would be wiser to pay attention to the security and safety of any given application.

You can quickly test any app for malicious programs by running Mac security software. However, it is better to avoid programs like MacKeeper since many users have reported its difficult removal and adverse effects on system performance.

  • Technical Support

If you are a new Mac user or do not have expertise in tackling technical tasks, you must go for an app with technical support facilities. Besides, every good software offers technical assistance in social media, phone calls, emails, chat, etc. These channels help you clean caches, uninstall apps, delete junk, diagnose system issues, etc.

  • Compatibility

Every year, Apple launches a newer macOS version, and you must update your system accordingly. For instance, one of the latest ones is High Sierra 10.13.3. So, you must check the compatibility of the Mac optimizer with your current OS. While most Mac apps are updated to match the latest macOS versions, some developers fail to do so in time. In such a case, these apps cannot run smoothly on Mac. So, instead of correcting the performance issues, these apps add up more to them.

  • Price

Pricing is one of the primary parameters to consider before purchasing an optimization software program. Several free and paid software programs are available in the app stores. While some developers offer free and paid software versions, others extend the professional version for a free trial of limited days. Nowadays, there are only a few free optimizer apps, and most are not compatible with the latest macOS versions. Besides, the free applications are equipped with a much lesser number of features than the paid ones. So, you are advised to choose an app that is available at an affordable price.

  • Ease of Use

Software programs are made for human beings, not machines. So, the Mac optimizer must be simple and easy to use. As MacOS is user-friendly and smoother in navigation than Windows, the same goes for the best Mac optimization applications. The app should be straightforward and clear, from explanatory instructions to convenient user interfaces and interactive buttons.

  • Range of Features

Optimization programs vary significantly in the number of utilities and additional features. While some offer the basic functionalities of cleaning up storage space or optimizing startup, others include a much more comprehensive range of all-encompassing utilities to speed up your Mac. Depending on your personal preferences and Mac model, you may choose either type of optimizer. Also, note that the price of apps is generally less for the standard versions and a little higher for the advanced ones.

The above-listed factors play a crucial role in determining the reliability and authenticity of an optimization software app. Note that all these features are equally important, and you must refrain from trading off one for another. Every software you download and install on your Mac consumes memory and impacts its functioning.

The best app to improve Mac performance

The best Mac optimizer or MacBook optimization software is CleanMyMac X, which can generate a lot of free storage space in your MacBook. This Mac optimizer is also the best app to speed up your Mac, clean Mail, flush the DNS cache, verify thstartupup diskstartupr disk permissions, etc.

Here is an overview of the best software programs for Macstartupnance and optimization. All these apps are safe for usage and entirely free of malware or viruses. We have tested these apps on a MacBook Pro running on High Sierra and found that they are easy to use, provide clear instructions, have smooth interfaces, and are equipped with proper customer support. However, each app differs in its best utility relative to another. Accordingly, you may decide to buy the one that matches the requirements of your Mac model. Glimpse through the detailed features of the top four Mac Tune-up Software Apps:

MacBooster for Mac Maintenance, the best software for Mac maintenance

IObit’s MacBooster is a one-stop maintenance app for all types of Macs. If you aren’t tech-savvy, this software is the perfect choice. The uniqueness of MacBooster lies in its design to fulfill Mac’s overall optimization needs. It cleans up the disk drive, protects the system from malware and viruses, optimizestartupup time, and performs similar functions.

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After installing the app, run it on your system startup. You will notice the main interface that displays ‘System Status: Unknown.’ Then, click the ‘Scan’ button, and a detailed report will appear within seconds or minutes. Here, you can look through the current issues of your Mac. Further, it also has a fantastic feature called ‘Duplicate Finder,’ which lets you see all the duplicate and similar files that can be safely deleted. Its other good features include an uninstaller, photo sweeper, turbo boost, etc.

However, MacBooster slightly exaggerates some system issues. For example, it may focus on harmless browsing histories. Nonetheless, it is an excellent app for users who seek an all-inclusive maintenance program for their Mac. The software is available for a 14-day free trial, and its standard version costs $29.95 per month for one Mac.

CleanMyMac X for Mac Optimization is the best Mac optimizer.

CleanMyMac is the most recommended software for optimizing the Mac system. It is specially devised to remove system junk files and unneeded data from Mac’s storage. Since most new Mac machines come with a small volume of flash storage (beginning with 256GB), the system fills up quickly and becomes slower with time. In this scenario, the only way to speed up the Mac is by eliminating the redundant files and programs. If done manually, locating and deleting the extra data will take much time. So, using a suitable cleaner app for the task is always a good idea.

CleanMyMac is intelligently built and designed by MacPaw to free up storage space in just a few minutes. This app can comfortably reclaim several gigabytes of your system memory. CleanMyMac scans and erases unnecessary iTunes data and system junk, spots large and old unused files, uninstalls third-party programs in batches, etc. In a fast scan of 30 seconds, the app identifies 4.16 GB of files for clean-up.

CleanMyMac has a ‘maintenance’ module packed with seven utilities that assist in resolving common system issues like repairing disk permissions, flushing DNS cache, speeding up mail, verifyinstartupup disks, etc. Although power users popularly desire startup maintenance features, CleanMyMac makes startupandy available to primary users. In addition, the app also offers several other optional utilities that you can choose to use at your convenience. You can subscribe to the application at $34.95/year or purchase it for $89.95 per Mac. It also extends an accessible trial mode with limited features.

Stellar SpeedUp for Mac Tune-up – the best Mac speed-up utilities

Another disk cleaner app, Stellar SpeedUp, boosts the performance of Mac machines. The app is ingeniously designed with easy-to-follow text instructions and clear interfaces.

First, click on the ‘SpeedUp Now’ button in the middle of the app and choose ‘Recommended Scan’ to complete the task. After that, you will see a list of files that may require deletion. The app easily erases unwanted programs and files, system junk, duplicate data, etc., and improves the system’s performance.

Even though the Stellar SpeedUp app is not comprehensive, it is one of the most accessible programs to operate and does a decent job optimizing the Mac. The app is available for a 30-day free trial, after which you need to pay $39.99 to purchase it.

CCleaner Pro for Cleaning Mac System

CCleaner Pro is an excellent option for people who have just switched from PC to Mac. Since the app is compatible with Windows and Mac OS, it will be pretty easy to use if you have already used it in Windows. CCleaner has remained popular since its earliest days, and its original developer, Piriform, even claims to have achieved several million downloads of the app. However, the app was slightly down due to a malware hack in 2017.

Nevertheless, it is considered one of the best tools for cleaning PCs. Since the cross-platform application maker Avast acquired Piriform, CCleaner has been available for Mac OS, too. The free version of CCleaner allows you to clean and scan the system, while the Pro version also provides automatic updates, real-time monitoring, and premium support. So, if you want to optimize your Mac more efficiently, it is advised to go for CCleaner Pro. The Professional version of the app costs $24.95.


One alert at the end. Please be aware of the fake software “TuneupMyMac.”

Is Tune-up My Mac safe?

Tune-up My Mac software, or “TuneupMyMac,” is not safe software. After testing, we realized this application is unwanted, generates malware, and is a false virus removal tool. This app creates problems with the Mac operating system, and our recommendation is to remove it from the Mac.


Final Words

An optimization app is a must-have, especially when your system gets old and cluttered with large amounts of data. With many optimizers available in the market, it is often confusing to choose the right one. Hence, the guide will help you pick the most appropriate software for your Mac. However, before buying any software program, make sure you have updated your system to the latest OS. The above-listed apps have been upgraded promptly to suit the needs of the modern Mac system and the latest macOS. Also, you must always download and purchase the software from its official site to avoid troubles later.

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