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The Basics of Attorney SEO

Search optimization has been vital for all businesses, including attorneys. Like any other business open to review, attorneys are also subject to reviews from previous clients. For this reason, it is essential to ensure you use the best strategies to optimize your ranking on search engines. A host of different methods can be used to accomplish this. All of the strategies are 100% organic and involve the natural optimization of your firm. These strategies will also help cater to the specialty your law firm majors in. This will also help drive natural traffic to your site as well.

The best SEO for Attorneys

The best SEO for Attorneys involves finding keywords to use in your legal site articles, having good traffic volume, and having a low level of competition. The goal of SEO is to create keyword-rich articles that bring you high organic traffic and attract potential clients.


The first tip is to use location-specific keywords. For example, many users search for an attorney in their area. This is one of the best ways to narrow the possible results. This comes in handy when your firm is within the user’s location radius. This is one of the most powerful tools for driving web traffic. This strategy can be used by tagging the firm’s location. For example, “New Haven Divorce Attorneys” would be a good SEO. Using the area, you are more likely to receive users interested in a local attorney.

The second tip is to use more specific titles. For example, users will not search for “lawyers.” Users interested in services are highly likely to specify the type of attorney they seek. This will help narrow the results and ensure that users find the lawyer they seek. By selecting which type of attorney you are, you will receive more interest, leading to actual business. Some examples are divorce attorneys, estate attorneys, personal injury attorneys, and corporate attorneys. These attorneys have their skills and strengths; therefore, it is essential to specify precisely what you deal with.

Let us do research right now.

For example, let us test the word: “attorney.”

Go to the Semrush magic keyword toolOpens in a new tab. and type “attorney”:

bankruptcy attorney
Volume: 49,500
KD: 80.5 (100 is very hard to rank, and 0 is easy to rank)

divorce attorney
Volume: 40,500
KD: 81.87 (100 is very hard to rank, and 0 is easy to rank)

For example, the best keyword to rank for is:

Family law attorney
Volume: 33,100
KD: 59.67 – more accessible to rank for.

how to rank Attorneys for SEO

The third tip is to utilize keywords that lead to a business connection. When users are ready to make a business connection or purchase, specific keywords hint they are eager. For example, utilizing keywords such as “best attorneys in New York City” has proven to effectively attract users to your firm. This is one of the surest methods for keeping users interested and contacting your firm. These are known as high-intent keywords. High-intent keywords are some of the best methods used in SEO today. A low-intent keyword often asks a question. Using high-intent keywords instead of low-intent keywords is recommended for the best results.

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Attorney SEO (Tips and Main Strategies for Success)

There are online tools that can be used. These online tools suggest keywords to use. Their main statistics include cost per click, search volume, progress, and more. These tools have proven to be helpful for attorney SEO. Some of the most successful firms in the country use these methods and strategies.

Please try and do research right now – type your domain:

Using content to boost your firm’s SEO ranking is also a powerful and effective strategy. SEO ranking aims to keep your firm as relevant as possible. By creating and posting high-quality content, you immediately boost your rank. This will help your firm connect with clients and other partnerships in the future. High-quality information will prove to your readers that you know how to help them with their legal endeavors. The other factor to consider is that blog content can also be helpful on your webpage.

Creating blog content that drives a message to your client is essential. Clients who are further along the process may have specific questions they want to be answered. For this reason, it is necessary to include detailed information that could help users. Some answers to general questions, such as “What does a divorce attorney do?” could be very helpful in generating interest in your page. Covering a wide range of questions from beginner to advanced will guarantee your clients can easily find your page. However, all of the content should be relevant to your firm. For example, if you are an estate attorney, all information should be appropriate to estates.

Blog content is an excellent opportunity to include long-tail keywords. These keywords are essential for ensuring that your content answers common questions regarding your firm’s specialty.

The next step is to select a niche category. A great platform to do this is Google My Business. Google My Business is a feature that helps list your firm on local pages.
Small amounts of information, as well as reviews, will show up there. This is an excellent strategy for ensuring your firm is included in local searches for clients in your area. One of the most vital components of a successful firm is local clients. Local clients spread the message to their friends and family. By spreading the message, more potential clients become aware of your firm’s services. If your firm receives positive reviews, this also helps. Good reviews are a significant driving force for success, especially when listed through Google and other popular search engines.

When using search engines such as Google to help your business, it is essential to list your company as specific as possible. For example, if you are a family lawyer, it is important to specify this. Using the general label of “attorney” it can get lost under this title. Instead, try to list your firm under the specialty of your offer. This will improve your chances of being found by the right clients.

Building solid backlinks and marketing is the best way to ensure your firm stands strong long-term. Building a solid foundation with backlinks, advertisement, and marketing is critical for long-term success. Like any other business, law firms can experience peaks and valleys; however, the business flow must be consistent in the long term. Strong backlinks enable law firms to achieve this.

Below, you can check backlinks for free:

You can use the SEMRUSH platform for seven days for free. Opens in a new tab.

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