Why my website does not appear in google search ?

Daily people are searching for small and medium sized businesses which are selling products and services which the internet users wish to purchase. Yet businesses are often unable to ensure that their website will rank well in google search. Implementing the best SEO practices is the best way to ensure that a website is listed in the Google search results. The business owner does not have to be an expert in SEO, yet understanding the reason for these problems, will help in greatly improving the performance of the website. There are a number of reasons which can answer the business owners query “Why my website does not appear in google search?” . Some of these reasons for not appearing in search results are discussed in this listing and also how tips on how a business can resolve the issue are provided.

When you put site:yourwebsite.com you can see in google :

website does not appear in google search

People, start to panic and tell “my website isn t on google”. If you have new website, this is not problem but if yuor website is old than we can have cases :

Website is not indexed in Search engines
Business owners can check if their website is indexed by searching for the domain name or exact url alone, without any other prefix.
One of the most common reasons why a website is not appearing in the search results is that it is a new domain or website, which has been recently registered or recently developed into a website. It will usually take more than one week for search engines to notice a new website, especially if it has no or few incoming links. For websites with a large number of inbound links, Google is likely to find them earlier. The web crawler will follow links to the new website from established websites and then index the new website. The business can index their website in Google by submitting it to the search engine. The website can also be resubmitted every time a change is made. This will ensure that the Google listing includes the important updates and has the most recent version of the website.

Higher competition for business related keywords
After it is confirmed that the business website is crawled by the web crawlers and indexed in Google, ensuring that your website is listed for relevant keywords is the next main aim. For a website, the keyword can be a short phrase consisting of a few words or a single word, which is related to the products, service and business. the business should optimize their website for the keywords specified. In case there is more competition for a specific keyword, the business should focus on other keywords where it is easier to rank and attract customers .

Not providing relevant content on the website
Some business websites are not indexed because they do not have relevant content. One way to overcome this problem is by creating a business blog where new website content will be posted. The blog should be updated with high quality content which is relevant to the customers of the business. The content should be well written, conform to SEO guidelines and related to the services or products sold. Interesting images and photos can generate traffic easily.After the new content is linked by other websites, it will also be indexed by google.

Website removed from Google
Some websites are removed by Google from its index and the search results, either temporarily or permanently. Google is removing a website from the search results by de-indexing or removing from index, penalizing the website, or sand boxing it. Anyone who receives a notification from Google that their website is violating the Google quality guidelines should modify the website and resubmit it to Google for reconsideration.

Lack of home page content
Search engine crawlers can only read text, they usually cannot process videos and pictures, which are becoming increasingly popular. Hence if a website is not indexed due to lack of text content, it is advisable to add some content related to the keywords, and link it to the other pages with more information.

Keywords are not added using meta-tags
Though the meta-tags are not visible to the visitors to the website, the crawlers or bots of Google search will check the website for meta tags and record them. This recorded data is one of the many factors which Google considers when ranking a particular website. If these meta-tags are not used, it will affect indexing. The web-designer can include the meta-tags for the website on request or the business owner can make the changes required if he knows how to use HTML coding or have web design software to make these changes. Each website should have at least ten meta-tags and the number of meta-tags should not exceed twenty.

Website not optimized for search engines.
Search engine optimization or SEO is a time consuming and difficult process to improve the ranking of the website. This involves modifying the website, so that it conforms with the search engine guidelines. While everyone wants to rank well on the first page of google, in case of a business website which does not rank well, a review will be required. After this relevant changes should be made so that the ranking of the website in the google search results will improve.

Some tips for improving the Google ranking are listed
– conduct a comprehensive SEO audit which includes onsite and offsite optimization of the website, keyword selection
– website content should be modified to include more more keywords
– meta-tags can be used for adding keywords
– find keywords where there is less competition and rank for it
– get new back links for the website
– create a business listing for the business website at Google My business
– ensure that the website content is relevant to the business
– analyze the technical aspects of SEO

It is important that business owners are aware of how SEO affects ranking of the business website in the search engine, and the traffic to their website which results in leads and orders. Even after the website is listed on the first page of Google, the results should be monitored closely since Google changes its algorithm on how the websites are ranked in its search results periodically. In case the position of the business website has declined, it is necessary to make the relevant changes in the website, link building, so that the website will regain its original ranking

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