Best iPhone Data Recovery Software In 2023

When recovering the lost files in an iPhone, you usually get two options: looking for a backup or using recovery software. You are only left with the iPhone data recovery tool if you don’t find any backup. Many tools are available in the market that can recover lost data. Still, in this article, you will only find that preferred software that is fine and genuine.

Before we go for the software names, we would like to tell who this software is for. You can use this software when your iPhone is locked and you can’t remember the password, the phone is damaged, and you cannot turn it on, it is lost or stolen, you deleted data by default, etc. While writing this article, we chose the best software while considering some points: safe installation, easy handling, and compatibility.

The best iPhone Data Recovery software is Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone because it is easy to use. The software quickly scans the iPhone, iTunes, and iCloud and then displays all the items that can be recovered. However, please analyze these 4 data recovery software:

  • 1) Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone

This software is famous for its high performance and compatibility. It comes with three simple, powerful recovery modes: “Recover iOS Device,” “Recover iTunes Backup,” and “Recover iCloud Backup.” The software quickly scans the iPhone, iTunes, and iCloud and then displays all the items that can be recovered. The software is so good that it can recover any media and photos you have lost or deleted. Besides all this, you can also recover messages from WhatsApp chats, WeChat, Line, Tango, Viber, etc. The voice messages are also recoverable through this software. Overall, this software is very genuine and provides 24/7 customer support.

  •  2) EaseUS MobiSaver for iOS

It is a great app that recovers data from an iPhone or iPad, including lost photos, videos, movies, messages, and contacts. You can also connect your phone to your computer and get all the saveable data on your hard drive. A free version of EaseUS MobiSaver allows the user to recover data but has some limitations in recovering contacts, photos, or files. A premium version can recover all kinds of files without limits.

  •  3) Wondershare dr. Fone for iOS

At its time, it was the only iPhone data recovery software. First, it had different versions for different models, but later, it integrated them all at once. Dr. Fone helps the user recover all types of data no matter how it is lost. It doesn’t matter if you have lost your phone or it has been stolen; with this software, there are two methods to get it back. It also has three standard recovery methods, the same as Stellar Data.

Recovery for iPhone. Besides this, you can also connect your phone to your PC, and it automatically scans and finds the lost files.

  • 4) FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery

It helps the user recover lost and deleted messages, files, etc. With the help of Fonelab, you get a fast and stable recovery option. Three recovery modes are available that help you recover 19 different types of files created on all iOS devices. Besides this, it also has a backup function that helps the user restore items quickly and easily. The action-packed features of this software make it quite amazing to use, and one should try this.

Final Words

If you have lost your data on your iPhone and feel like getting it back, it will not be easy. This software’s courtesy has let users quickly get their data back without any extra tasks. Do not forget to read our article on how to find your iPhone without iCloud.

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