Best SSD For MacBook Pro

There are some quick ways to increase the performance of an old Mac. MacBook is loved largely by its users, and not many are ready to get another pricey mac. In this article, we will introduce a list of the best SSD drives for MacBook Pro. This list has been completed by doing deep research on certain points such as Budget, Storage Capacity, Performance, Compatibility, and Brand. Without further wasting time, let us get to the point and start with our writeup.

Best SSD For MacBook Pro

Crucial MX500 is the best SSD For MacBook Pro based on the quality-price ratio, for the one who wants a cheap but high-capacity SSD. However, those who prefer power performance and do not care about the price can try Samsung 860 PRO.

SSD For MacBook Pro List

  •  Crucial MX500

Crucial MX500 is one best SSD that can place with the 2012 MacBook Pro without any problem. Crucial has been giving good impressions on the users, and it is highly recommendable. MX500 is also popular because of its price and capacity that range from 250 GB to 2TB. Crucial MX500 has strong security because it offers hardware encryption. It goes against it because it is not the fastest SSD and comes with only a 3-year warranty.

  • OWC Mercury Electra 6G

OWC stands for Other Computing World, and it is a computer hardware provider since 1988. OWC comes with high-quality features and supports disk encryption.

  • SanDisk X400

SanDisk is a famous company when we talk about memory cards and disk storage. SanDisk X400 is a new brand in the market. The SanDisk X400 offers 4 different capacities range from high to low volume. The thing that makes it different is its performance. It comes with a 5-year warranty but doesn’t have any software like Samsung.

  • Samsung 860 PRO

This can be better called an updated version of the Samsung 860 EVO. PRO has been specially designed for professional computing and gaming. The difference between them is that PRO has a higher maximum sequential read speed(560 MB/s) while EVO has 550MB/s. With a lot of features and capacity, this can be a great pick. Recently, they have changed their warranty duration from 10 years to 5 years.

  • Samsung 860 EVO

The Samsung EVO has sustained the top position in terms of SATA SSD for years. This is because it provides high speed, offers a 5-year warranty, and technology that Samsung has abled to design and make key SSD controllers. Apart from this, it is also advantageous to choose this because it comes with great software for maintenance, drive installation, and fast transfers. Though the software only works with PCs and not Macs.


Final Words

When your MacBook Pro starts running slow, then it’s better to watch out for it and look for the concern. Choosing the best MacBook Pro is not an easy task because many tasks are to look out for. In this, we have recommended you some best SSDs, and you can try them out on your MacBook.

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