How to Reset Kwikset Lock Code? – 4 Steps With Screenshots

Kwikset lock code is a revolutionary security solution that provides unparalleled home and business safety. Developed by Kwikset, a leading manufacturer of residential locksets, the system combines a digital keypad with a traditional mechanical lock to create an advanced solution for more excellent protection.

kwikset deadbolt

With the Kwikset lock code, users can easily program their access codes from four to eight digits long, giving them complete control over who has access to their premises. The codes are entirely secure and can be changed at any time. Additionally, the system includes anti-pick shields, adjustable latch bolt post lengths, and cylinders for additional security.

Furthermore, the Kwikset lock code provides audible feedback when you enter your code correctly or incorrectly for added peace of mind. The system also features illuminated entry pads for easier visibility in the dark and easy installation so that anyone can install the system without professional help.

These features make the Kwikset lock code one of the most secure and reliable locking systems available today. It provides superior protection from intruders and gives users peace of mind knowing their property is protected from unauthorized access. With its advanced technology and intuitive design, the Kwikset lock code is perfect for residential and commercial applications, providing superior levels of convenience and security for all users involved.

In previous articles, we learned how to change the Kwikset code. Now, we will learn how to reset it:

How to Reset Kwikset Lock Code?

  • First, you need to remove the battery pack.
  • Press and HOLD the “Program button” (see image below) for at least 30 seconds till you hear lock beeps and see the red flash.
  • Press the Program button once time more when the LED flashes green.
  • The lock has been reset, and the bolt will extend.




How to Reset Kwikset Lock Code

Resetting the code on a Kwikset lock is an easy process that can be done in a few simple steps. The first step is to remove the battery pack from the back of the lock. Once this has been done, press and holds the “program” button on the outside of the lock (see image) for at least 30 seconds until you hear two consecutive beeps and a red flash; after this has happened, press the program button once again, and if successful, you will see a green flash and hear a single beep. This indicates that your Kwikset lock has now been reset.

When trying to open your door with your new combination code, you should find that it works as expected. However, if it does not work as expected, there could be additional steps to resetting your specific model of Kwikset lock. To get detailed instructions explicitly tailored to your lock model, we recommend visiting or consulting an expert locksmith in your local area.

When programming or resetting any security device, such as a combination lock or keypad entry system, it is always important to practice proper safety protocols by ensuring that all access codes are kept private and secure at all times – both during and after programming or resetting. When choosing a code for any security device, such as a Kwikset lock, it is best practice not to use any easily identifiable numbers or patterns that could make it easy for someone else to guess or discover your code without permission to do so.

In conclusion, knowing how to reset Kwikset locks provides added convenience when needing to change codes for whatever reason without replacing the entire unit. Following these simple instructions listed above and staying mindful of safety protocols when setting up new passcodes will ensure your home remains secure at all times against unwanted access from intruders and other malicious entrants!

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