How to Change Kwikset Lock Code?

Changing the code on your Kwikset Smartcode is a simple process that can help you better secure your home. To perform this procedure, you will need two small screws, a door that is open and accessible, and a circular black program button. Here’s how to get started:

To Change the Code on Kwikset Smartcode, follow these instructions:

  • First, remove the two screws on each interior side of the Kwikset lock assembly.
  • Open the cover of the deadbolt.
  • Open the door and keep your door open all the time.
  • Find a circular black button “Program button” (see image below)
  • To Change the Code on the Kwikset lock, press the program button once and then enter the user code using 4-8 digits. 
  • Wait to hear a beep sound and see flashed green color as proof that you successfully changed the code.
  • If you have more different codes, you must press the x times for x codes. For example, press the Program button three times for the third user code.
  • If you pause for more than 5 seconds when you enter the code – the programming process will start from the beginning.

How to Change Code on Kwikset lock

First, remove the two screws on each side of the Kwikset assembly. Once these screws are removed, the cover of the deadbolt should be able to be opened easily. Now, with your door open and accessible, locate the circular black program button within the Kwikset assembly (as pictured in the provided image).

Now that you have located all the necessary pieces, it’s time to start changing that code! To do so, press and hold down on the program button for approximately 3 seconds until you hear a single beep sound. This indicates that you have successfully entered into programming mode. Then enter your desired code using 4-8 digits. After entering your new code combination, wait for a second beep sound and a green light to flash – these indicate that you have successfully changed your code.

If you need additional codes beyond one user code, you must press and release the program button multiple times – once per different user’s code – until all desired codes are entered. Remember, if more than 5 seconds pass between each entry of numbers during programming mode, it will automatically reset back to its original configuration before entering programming mode.

Though following these steps may seem intimidating at first glance, they are relatively straightforward once followed correctly! Just remember, when changing any security lock/code – make sure that it is something only those who need access know about and understand!

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