How to Lock Samsung Screen When Watching Video?

Overall, Samsung is well known for its large-scale production of electronic appliances such as televisions, washing machines, Semiconductors, integrated chips, and digital media gadgets. Currently, Samsung is highly popular and celebrated globally as a mass-producing consumer product. As far as their smartphones are concerned, they are refined, digitalized, and streamlined by an Android system, selling about 1.35 billion mobile phones in 2021.

More than 22% of the young population uses Samsung smartphones for business or personal use. The statistics of Samsung users are remarkable; overall, this brand is highly preferred. However, despite the widespread usage, some specific tips and techniques need to be learned before opening and unboxing a brand-new Samsung smartphone. Therefore, it is always advised that you familiarise yourself with the basic functioning and operation of the Samsung phone to make troubleshooting more accessible.

How do you lock the Samsung screen when watching a video on the Galaxy 9?

To lock the Samsung Screen, go to the Settings section, choose “Biometric and Security,” choose “Other and Security settings,” and then go to “Pin Windows.” The “Pin Windows” option needs to be on, and the “Ask for the pin before pinning” option must be on. For example, if you watch videos now on YouTube, you can press the YouTube icon and Pin the YouTube app to lock the videos.

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How to lock screen Galaxy S7?

To lock the Samsung Galaxy S7, you need to do the following steps:

  • Choose the Home screen,
  • Tap the Apps icon.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Choose “Lock screen and security.”
  • Choose Screen lock type.
  • Choose the desired screen lock option.


If you wish to lock the home screen layout, follow the mentioned steps.
Begin by tapping on the space on the home screen. Next, go to settings and tap or toggle the lock home screen layout.

However, entering the settings category, which is located in the notification area, is another way to lock the home screen layout.
Swipe down on the screen to access the notification area. Then, go to settings and follow the home screen. Toggle the home screen layout to achieve the desired results.

Reasons to lock the home screen layout

The feature of locking the home screen is not new to Samsung OS. It was introduced when Android Pie was launched. Moreover, this attribute is also available on other launchers and OEM skins. However, locking the screen is beneficial to users as it mainly avoids the movement of on-screen icons and apps, prevents widget adjustments, and more. However, the primary reason for locking the home screen is to avoid the accidental touching and movement of the icons. This can be annoying as some widgets can easily be resized or moved around the lock screen. This can disturb all the settings of the home screen layout. Therefore, it is essential to lock the home screen in a preventative manner.

When the home screen layout is successfully locked, automatic and unwanted settings are avoided. However, users can still scroll between different icons and home screens that are not locked. This way, no new icons will be added to the home screen, especially when you install new apps. The home screen will appear the same until the user unlocks it.

When the user locks the home screen, they will not make any changes. However, options will be provided with a long tap on the icon, but they will be darkened. If the users try to make any amendments to the home screen, they will receive a notification of the turn-off lock screen and be provided quick access to the settings.

How to unlock Home Screen?

To unlock the Home screen, you can go to the settings area by pulling or scrolling down the notification area, going to the settings, and then the home screen. Furthermore, you can tap or toggle the log home screen layout, which is present on the home screen category, to turn it off. You can also make additional changes if required.

Once you know how to lock the home screen, you should also learn how to unlock it. However, there is not much difference between locking and unlocking the home screen layout, as they are done similarly. For example, you can go to the settings tab by pressing the home screen for a prolonged time.

Galaxy Samsung phone benefits

There are immeasurable reasons to switch to an Android-based Samsung smartphone. It has a different and exciting ecosystem and provides highly rated consumer and business-related apps. Due to its long-lasting battery and power-sharing, it is pretty popular. They have a highly reliable hardware system with dependable memory, RAM, processor, impressive battery power, and highly pixelated cameras. Samsung is currently launching curved screens with remarkable displays on this phone. Samsung is also known as an innovative brand with ample storage capacity.
Furthermore, last but not most Samsung brands are affordable, and their work is exceptional. Of course, they also make high-end smartphones, but they offer good tablets and other devices catering to every category. Some of the popular features of Samsung smartphones are as follows.

1. Multitasking
2. Knocks security
3. Samsung pass
4. Find my phone facility
5. Wearable ecosystem
6. Easy switching
7. Device choice
8. Greater customization
9. Task automation
10. My files app
11. Get a battery

Samsung reflects high-tech features, and the versatility of the different apps and amenities it provides is commendable. From maps and GPS tracking systems, wallets, high-quality cameras, self-aligning displays, and remarkable quality browsing, highlighted memory is one of the features users demand on their smartphones. The groundbreaking hardware system is another commendable attribute that has gradually extended, providing more inventive features for Samsung users. Samsung is the first company to go for a curved screen with an OLED display. It is also a pioneer in fingerprint and heartbeat sensors and consists of an iris scanner on the phone.

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