Can I Take My Samsung S7 on a Plane?

Samsung is one of the world’s most renowned and trusted electronics companies, producing various products from computer hardware to smartphones. Samsung phones are among the most popular and reliable mobile devices available on the global market today.

The South Korean tech giant has produced state-of-the-art models for over a decade, offering users various features and styles. Samsung has something for every kind of user, from their flagship Galaxy series to mid-level A and J series. All Samsung phones are equipped with custom skins, ensuring smooth performance even when running the latest versions of Android. The company also offers cutting-edge components such as powerful processors, large batteries, and superior cameras in all its devices.

Samsung phones

Whether you’re looking for a budget device or want something that can keep up with the most demanding tasks, Samsung phones have you covered. Every year, they launch new models packed with innovative technologies, allowing users to stay updated on the latest advancements in mobile phone technology.

Their flagship models are impressive, often boasting advanced features such as curved displays, high-resolution cameras, and waterproof designs, among others not found in competitors’ offerings. All their models have the Knox security protocol, which guards your data against unauthorized access through sophisticated encryption techniques.

Samsung phones’ design elements are also worth noting. They offer sleek aesthetics that combine luxury and minimalism in each device. They provide glass backs for premium looks and textured materials for those needing extra grip. Additionally, specific mid-range models are equipped with IP68 water resistance certification, making them perfect for outdoor activities or use around water bodies without fear of damage due to liquid exposure.

No matter your requirements, you can rest assured that any of Samsung’s offerings will provide you with reliable performance and an attractive design aesthetic.

In the last decade, some devices have been banned from air flights worldwide. The main reason is safety. One of them is the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Can I take my Samsung S7 on a plane?

Yes, you can take the Samsung S7 on a plane because the Galaxy S7 Edge and the Galaxy S7 are allowed on flights in the U.S. However, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been banned on all U.S. flights due to fire hazards since 2016. Over 100 devices overheated, causing injuries.

The Galaxy S7 Edge and the Galaxy S7 are allowed on flights in the U.S., so there is no need to worry about leaving them at home.

However, it’s important to note that this doesn’t apply to all Samsung phones. If you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, it is unfortunately banned from all airline U.S. flights due to fire hazards. This ban has existed since 2016, when over 100 devices overheated and injured their owners. Despite the recall and replacement of these devices, it is still unsafe for them to travel in an aircraft cabin.

When taking your Samsung S7 phone through airport security and onto the plane, ensure it is turned off for takeoff and landing. You can also remove it from any protective cases or covers before the screening, which will significantly speed up the process. Also, remember that any spare batteries must be removed from their protective case before being put through X-ray screening – leaving these items in their circumstances could result in theft or damage.

Once you’ve made it through security with your device intact, many airlines now allow passengers to use personal electronic devices (PEDs) during flight time as long as they are switched off while the plane takes off. This includes mobile phones such as your Samsung S7. However, make sure to check with your carrier before turning yours on during those times to ensure there are no restrictions on where you are flying from/to.

If you plan on taking photos or videos during your trip, ensure that you keep your mobile phone fully charged at all times – especially if it has been turned off for extended periods during takeoff and landing, as this will drain its battery life quickly. Having a portable charger handy may be helpful here!

Ultimately, if you own a Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, don’t worry about leaving it at home when traveling by air – both of these models are allowed onboard most flights departing from U.S. remember not to take a Galaxy Note 7 with you; doing so would break FAA law and could result in hefty fines being levied against you! Stay safe out there!

There was much news about the reasons for this decision at the end of 2016 and at the beginning of 2017.

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Why is the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 banned from airplanes?

The Department of Transportation bans Samsung Galaxy Note 7s on U.S. airplanes, including checked bags, because they are a fire hazard. In 2016, there were around 100 overheating incidents and problems with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 batteries. Some owners had injuries because of cell phone battery explosions.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been banned from airplanes in the United States due to a fire hazard, raising questions about why this phone was chosen for such a drastic measure. The Department of Transportation applies to checked and carry-on luggage. This unprecedented move was prompted by over 100 overheating problems with the phone’s battery, resulting in some injuries from cell phone explosions.

Samsung released the device in August 2016 but quickly recalled it after reports of battery overheating and catching on fire. Samsung investigated the issue to find out what caused the defect but could not determine an exact cause. However, they discovered some phones had faulty batteries and were prone to short circuits under excessive heat or pressure.

In response, Samsung recalled all affected devices and issued replacement units with supposedly safe batteries instead. However, these replacements also started catching fire, resulting in an advisory from the Consumer Product Safety Commission warning users not to use them. Following this advice, many airlines, including American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines, quickly barred passengers from carrying their Galaxy Note 7 phones onboard.

The DOT went a step further by making it illegal for any passenger aboard a U.S.-based aircraft to possess or transport a Note 7 device – even if it was powered off or otherwise disabled – either as carry-on items or stored inside checked baggage. According to their statement: “We are taking this additional step because even one fire incident inflight poses a high risk of severe personal injury and puts many lives at risk.” Banning the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is necessary due to the potential threat posed by its combustible battery cells. While no definitive answer has been given as to why these devices were prone to exploding, many speculate that they could be related to design defects or manufacturing issues during production. Regardless of what led up to this ban on airline travel with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones, it is an essential reminder that consumer safety should always come first when dealing with electronic devices—especially those we use while flying thousands of feet above the ground!

A lot of Samsung smartphone users have questions about air flight restrictions such as:

Is Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge allowed on planes?
Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is allowed on all U.S. fU.S.ts. U.S. iU.S.t banned because only the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is prohibited on all U.S. fliU.S.ts due to fire hazards.

All other Samsung Galaxy phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy 8 or Galaxy 8 Note, are allowed on planes in the U.S. However, restriction applies only to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 model.


In conclusion, taking your Samsung S7 on a plane is perfectly safe. Airline regulations allow passengers to bring personal electronic devices (PEDs), such as smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers, onto the aircraft. However, it is essential to remember that these PEDs must be switched off during takeoff and landing. It is also advisable to double-check with the airline that they allow passengers to bring their mobile phones on board before boarding.

Additionally, Samsung S7 users should ensure that their devices are fully charged and have enough space for any photos or videos taken during the flight. Furthermore, if you want to store your device in the overhead compartment, it is best to turn it off first in case of altitude changes or turbulence, which can make your device suddenly power down without warning. Finally, suppose there are doubts about whether your device can be onboard. In that case, it is best to speak directly with an airline representative who will assist you in resolving any issues related to taking your Samsung S7 on a plane.

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