Veefly vs. Sprizzy – How I Bought Youtube Views? – Case Study in 2023!

If you google search the term” buy youtube views,” you will see two main competitors, Sprizzy and Veefly. These two companies run youtube google ads on behalf of clients where clients do not provide Google ads account access.  The process is easy. You can pay some company to run Google youtube ads and use machine learning and optimization techniques to increase the number of views to your youtube channels.

If you run alone google ads for a youtube channel, you can spend more money than when you pay professionals to do that for you. So I decided to promote my finance youtube channel, and I will show my statistics here in this article.

Why Should you buy Youtube Views?

You should buy youtube views if you want to promote some exciting videos, get new subscribers, and increase popularity.  Buying youtube views can not help your organic youtube channel growth but can help you to get more subscribers in a short period.

The demand for firms to raise social media user numbers has recently surged.

  • Businesses and influencers utilize YouTube and similar platforms to develop their following and clients.
  • Buying YouTube views and subscribers may improve your channel’s popularity.
  • Even though many people believe it’s fishy, many people want this service more than they realize.
  • YouTube will promote your channel as you get followers, growing your audience.
  • Having a large subscriber base is vital.

how sprizzy and veefly works - youtube paid views

What is Veefly?

Veefly is a YouTube marketing platform that sends Google Ads traffic to your youtube channel and increases the number of subscribers, views, and likes for your YouTube videos. They assure each client that they will receive:

  • Genuine Views
  • Rapid Ad Delivery
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Dedicated Help Desk (through Email and Phone)

Their website claims 9000 clients and 500 million views. You may attract highly targeted new readers by using relevant keywords and selecting their location.

veefly homepage

The first steps

Follow these steps to get started with Veefly:

  • Go to

To advertise your video on YouTube:

  • Get a channel ID and email address to start your account.
  • Then, you may choose a video and rank views, subscribers, and other metrics.
  • Proceed to the Checkout and make your order.

90% of campaigns start within two business days, according to their website. The options for payment are either a Credit Card or PayPal.

Veefly Pricing

Veefly estimates your views based on your budget. Here’s an estimate (based on Veefly):

  • $50 for 4,000 views on average
  • $100 for 8,000 views on average
  • $300 for 25,000 views on average
  • $500 for 40,000 views on average
  • $1000 for 80,000 views on average

Consider gains in subscribers, likes, comments, website traffic, app downloads, etc.


What is Sprizzy?

Sprizzy represents a youtube google ads platform that promotes your youtube video. Like Veefly, you deposit money and define your target audience, and the Sprizzy team will do the rest. Sprizzy was formed in 2016 in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. They’ve pushed over 10,000 channels, according to data.

gold ira scams  buyer beware

If you’re dealing with YouTube traffic and subscriptions, consider Sprizzy. YouTube adverts may promote your videos. It’s technical and requires an understanding of user behavior and SEO. Due to technological constraints, I suggested a Sprizzy.

Does Sprizzy Offer a Refund Policy?

Yes. Your money will be returned instantly if they cannot promote your video for any reason (such as Google/YouTube Ads not approving your movie).

Sign Up for Sprizzy

The signup procedure is quick and painless. You’ll be sent to the sign-up form if you click the button below.

Enter your email address and password after that. To join, just hit the join button. After that, you’ll be prompted to provide a channel name. To add a channel, choose it and click the Add button. When the second window appears, enter the name of the channel you wish to promote using Sprizzy.

Then, after a search, you may add details about the videos you wish to advertise. Then, you’ll get a preview of your films in YouTube ad formats. Your advertising, in both desktop and mobile forms, will be shown on this screen. Choose a name for the campaign right away. You’re free to choose anything you want so long as it fits the theme of your film. You can have Sprizzy perform your campaigning in just three easy steps.

·        Goal

·        Targeting

·        Budget


The next step is to decide on your ultimate objective, with a few possibilities.

  • Subscribers
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Page Views
  • Page Likes
  • App Installs

We will go through all of the possibilities in great depth.


Traffic Counts

If you pick this option, Sprizzy will automatically adjust your campaign’s targeting to maximize the number of clicks it receives on your website. You must also provide the URL of your website.

Favorite Likes on a Page

To get more people to visit your Facebook page, use this option. Here, you’ll need to provide the link to your Facebook page.

Get the App

Your Sprizzy campaign’s targeting will be automatically optimized to increase clicks to your iOS or Android app. Once you have decided on your campaign’s end aim, you may go on by clicking the targeting button. You need to figure out sprizzy on your own if you’re still perplexed about it. Just click the sign-up button to join and complete the form.


Acceptable Method of Payment for Advertisements

There are two payment methods available here. Credit Cards and Paypal Administrate Campaign

It is possible to start, terminate, and delete campaigns using this panel.

The total number of active and completed campaigns will also be shown here. This means you’ll need a single screen to monitor the whole movement. A list of actions taken from this screen is shown below.

  • Reports on user interaction
  • Campaign pausing
  • Campaign archiving
  • Campaign editing

Feedback on the interaction

Views, likes, comments, shares, and other metrics may all be seen here, with the ability to narrow the time frame that you choose your current campaign.


Sprizzy advantages

  • Sprizzy caters to the correct demographic. Consequently, you won’t have to worry about having fake viewers on your videos.
  • Keep tabs on the daily growth in your campaign’s audience, subscriptions, likes, and comments.
  • Set your first campaign’s budget and get going now.
  • They will promote your video while excluding “poor engagement” visitors (such as children using their parents’ gadgets) to get the most out of your advertising dollars.
  • Select the ideal demographic based on age, gender, and geographic area.
  • They guarantee they will never utilize automated viewers or individuals paid to see your promoted films.


When Should People Watch Your Videos?

As far as I can see, this is an obvious next step. As a first step, you’ll need to provide the system with a list of keywords and corresponding YouTube channel names.

Here, let’s take a look at just one example. If only you had made one fantastic SEO-related video. Without the keyword, advertisers have no idea what kind of people they should reach with their campaign.

Your SEO videos will be meaningless to a sports audience, and you won’t get any new subscribers. Therefore, it is crucial to target the appropriate demographic, and this can only be accomplished by careful consideration of term use.

How I Bought Youtube Views on Sprizzy? – Case Study


I wanted to promote several of my videos on my finance-related youtube channel. I tested Sprizzy first. In the first step, I registered an account at Sprizzy using the same email I used for my youtube account.

my sprizzy account



This part requires you to tailor the content to a specific demographic.

What are some relevant terms for your video?

Enter any keywords you think would help find your videos. The budget button becomes active after all fields have been filled out.

When you choose a video, Sprizzy will provide you with several options. You need to select language, video type, and will you want to create a youtube ad manually. I chose that I wish Sprizzy to create an ad for me.

sprizzy options

In the next step, you can define keywords that describe your video. You can also choose youtube channels relevant to your ad audience. Very similar to you create youtube google ads:

define keywords in sprizzy and define channels for audiance


Additionally, you can define gender, age, and target locations:

Sprizzy define gender age and target location

In the last step, I described a $50 budget and got 1111-2222 estimated views:

define budget and get estimate number of views in Sprizzy

I created five campaigns where I made different combinations. In some campaigns, I create Youtube ads on my own, and in some, I let the Sprizzy team do it for me:

Sprizzy campaigns that I created

Let us see results from youtube studio:

    • Fact 1:  I created a campaign on August 7.
    • Fact 2: On August 8. my campaign was approved after 27 hours.
    • Fact 3: On August 11. my campaign started to bring views on my youtube channel.
    • Fact 4: On August 15., my campaign brought me 837 views for a $50 budget.
    • Fact 5: My youtube video got  17 views for each $1 investment.
    • Fact 6: Average view was 2:58 minutes from 15 minutes video duration.
    • Fact 7: I got one subscriber.
    • Fact 8: I got $0.24 revenue from youtube ads during the promotion.

Sprizzy video retention

How I Bought Youtube Views on Veefly? – Case Study

After I bought views on Sprizzy, I tried to purchase views on Veefly. In the first step, I registered in a few seconds and quickly started the campaign.

veefly my youtube ad campaign

In the last step, I can choose in the Veefly platform what is my target (subscribers), budget, and what is my target country (US):
Veefly define targets for youtube ad

On this page, as you see, Veefly showed me incredible 3333-4000 predicted views.


Let us see results after the Veefly campaign from the youtube studio:

  • Fact 1:  I created a campaign on August 16.
  • Fact 2: On August 16. my campaign was approved, and I started to receive views after 12 hours.
  • Fact 4: On August 17., my campaign was finished and brought me 2909 views for a $50 budget.
  • Fact 5: My youtube video got  58 views for each $1 investment.
  • Fact 6: Average view duration was 2:58 minutes from 15 minutes.
  • Fact 7: I got 4 subscribers.
  • Fact 8: I reached $16.7 in revenue from youtube ads.

I created a few other campaigns in Veefly for a $20 budget, and the results were slightly worse. For example:

veefly campaign $20 results


Veefly vs. Sprizzy

Based on finance-related youtube promotion, Veefly showed faster and better performance than Sprizzy. For a $50 investment, Veefly generated 2909 views while Sprizzy only 837. Additionally, during the youtube video ads promotion, my video earned $16.67 in revenue during the Veefly campaign and only 0.24 during the Sprizzy campaign.

The comparison table is presented below:

Veefly campaignsSprizzy campaigns
Youtube ads are published faster in 12 hours buy average.Youtbe ads are published slower in 72 hours by average.
For $1 investment I got by average 49 views (several different campaigns)For $1 investment I got by average 31 views (several different campaigns)
For $1 investment I got 58 views using Veefly for finance related video promotion.For $1 investment I got 17 views using Sprizzy for finance related video promotion.
During Veefly campaign I earned $16.7 youtube revenue ($50 investment)During Sprizzy campaign I earned $0.24 youtube revenue ($50 investment).
Promoted video earned 4 subscribers on Veefly.Promoted video earned 1 subscribers on Sprizzy.
Veefly allows only targeted country to set.Sprizzy allows several market segemntations such as country, age, gender, related youtube channels etc.


Sprizzy and Veefly services are excellent and outperform google youtube ads that I manually create. If you need views for less price, Veefly is a better option. However, if you need precisely the targeted market where you can attract future loyal subscribers, Sprizzy is a better solution. Both websites are professional and offer great support. The registration process and payment process are speedy.


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