How Can You Find Out Where Something Was Bought?

Have you ever had to find out where a product was purchased? Maybe you want to verify the authenticity of a product you are selling or confirm if an item you received is legit. Whatever the reason, there is a way to find out where something was sold.

How can you find out where something was bought?

You can find out where something was bought using barcode number search websites. First, you must identify your barcode (USP, EAN, ISBN). Usually, you will see a 12-digit UPC or Amazon ASIN number in the US. Next, you must type the barcode in the search website and get all the details.

Barcode number search websites and apps are:


Another way to find out where an item was purchased is by asking for a receipt when you make your purchase. This will give you all the details about where and how much the item costs and any discounts that may apply.

The receipt will include the store’s name, address, and purchase date. It will also list the purchased items and their prices.

In some cases, receipts can be found inside envelopes with the item. In other cases, they are printed on paper and located in a bag. Sometimes, a receipt may be emailed or sent digitally if you buy an item online.

If you do not have a receipt for your item, you can track down where it was bought by checking for shipping information that may be included. This information may tell you which warehouse sent it to you.

How can I find out where a gift was purchased?

It would help if you found the 12-digit UPC on your gift or package to see where a gift was purchased. Then, go to and search for your gift. You will get a list of possible products with images. Additionally, you will get alternative products and places to buy them.


Let us show one example:

You got the gift. The UPC number is 888462323772. Go to the website and type 888462323772 in the search box:

search bardcode example - how do i find out what store something was bought


When you find your product, you will get a list of stores where your gift was purchased:

List of stores - How can I find out where a gift was purchased by barcode

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You should get some details to find out where a gift was purchased. First and foremost, that means looking for a receipt or packaging.

If you received a gift from someone and want to know where they purchased it, you can use several methods to find out.

First, check the receipt. If the purchase were made in person, a receipt would be included. This is most likely if the item was purchased at a brick-and-mortar store. The receipt will have all the necessary information, such as the item’s name, price, and location.

Next, check for packaging. If you can’t find a receipt, look for packaging that may have been included in your gift. Sometimes, manufacturers include this information inside their boxes or bags; other times, it can be found in the taped inserts inside the bags or boxes themselves. Again, this method is more likely to work if your item was purchased in person at an actual store rather than online (though some online retailers still include receipts or other documentation with their shipments).

If neither of these options is available, it’s time to get creative! Here are some tips for tracking down those elusive gift-givers:

Look for identifying marks

You may want to look for identifying marks or information on the item, like a label with measurements or material information. In some cases, you can find clues about how the package was wrapped—for example, if it was tied with an unusual ribbon.

Look up similar items online.

Search similar items online based on what you know about the product and search by brand name or size.

If all else fails, try asking the giver directly!

How can I find out where a product is manufactured?

To find out where a product is manufactured, you need to do the following steps: 

  • Go to the website
  • Search for the barcode of your product
  • Get brand name – company name
  • Contact the company or hire an expert to help you get a list of manufacturers for that company.


However, finding where the product is manufactured alone is not easy.

However, the best way to determine where a product is manufactured is to contact the company and ask them directly.

If you need to contact the company, email their customer service department or fill out their contact form. They should have this information somewhere on the site and, if not, through a quick Google search.

Once you’ve found the contact information, tell them that you’re looking for where your product was manufactured. If they have a website, they may help you locate this information on your own, but they can also provide it directly. If they don’t list this information, ask what country they manufacture in to understand how far away it may be from your location (for example, China).

You can also try searching for “manufactured in” or “manufactured by” on Google along with any keywords related to your product, like “shoe” or “t-shirt.” This will show results from other websites with more details about where the product was made. For example, a search for “manufactured in shoes” would show “Made In The USA Shoes.”

How to find something by barcode?

If you have a barcode picture and need to know what it says, you can translate it using a free online barcode reader. However, some apps might not read the barcode correctly when searching

barcode example

Barcodes are designed to be read quickly and easily by computer-based scanners. They’re programmed to contain information about the item they’re attached to, such as its price or a manufacturer’s identification number. The barcode itself, however, only contains numbers.


Remember, it’s always important to save receipts when making purchases. If something goes wrong with a product, you’ll have proof of purchase. In short, a receipt is so powerful that it contains most of the information you should know about the purchase, including where it was bought!

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