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The Amazon Delivery Service Partner Program, or Amazon DSP, is a new opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to start their shipping and delivery business. With this program, individuals can begin with just one truck and build up to a fleet of up to 40 Amazon Prime branded trucks. In addition to discounts on insurance and other costs, Amazon DSP participants can earn potentially significant profits, up to $300,000 annually.

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However, potential investors should consider several essential factors before signing up for the Amazon DSP program. First, it is important to note that the $300,000 in annual profits target does not account for owner salary expenses, which typically represent a significant portion of total business income. Additionally, many risks and challenges are associated with starting a shipping and delivery business, including high upfront investment costs, intense competition from established players in the industry, unpredictable weather conditions, and traffic issues that can affect profitability.

Despite these challenges, many believe the Amazon DSP program represents an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to break into the fast-growing shipping and delivery industry. Whether you are looking to start your own small business or expand an existing operation into new markets, it is worth exploring the potential benefits and risks of the Amazon DSP program in greater detail.

But in reality:

How Much Does an Amazon DSP Owner Make?

Amazon DSP owners, on average, earn up to $ 50,000 per year, based on the latest 2022 HeinOnline research. However, this business has risks as each business, and you can make losses in your business and a profit. Some DSP owners weren’t successful because of high costs such as leases for the parking lot (fleet), workers’ salaries, office space, taxes, insurance claims, etc.

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To succeed in this business, you need to have excellent leadership skills, hire the right people, and have liquid assets of at least $30,000. I know that, in theory, you can start this business with $10,000 and a fleet of 5 trucks.

The Amazon DSP program is an excellent option for businesses looking to get started with delivery services but with a low initial investment. With this program, you can create your own delivery business with a small initial investment of around $10,000. This makes it easy to get started and begin earning profits right away.

There are a few key strategies that you should implement to achieve maximum efficiency with the DSP program. These include delivering high-quality products and services, partnering with local businesses to expand your network, and maintaining good customer communication.

Overall, the Amazon DSP program is an excellent choice if you want a low-cost way to start a delivery business. With hard work and dedication, you can quickly build a successful business that provides outstanding value to your customers.

Personal Story from DSP Owner

One of our consult experts for business themes at,  Larsen T., shared his story:

“The Amazon DSP, or delivery service partner, program is an excellent way for drivers and businesses to work together to deliver packages quickly and efficiently. However, my experience with this program has not always been positive.

I started working with Amazon as one of their delivery partners several years ago in 2019. At the time, I had an agreement with them that specified how much I would be paid per package delivered. All packages entering the city of Boston must be personally delivered to the customer, staffed mailroom, or receptionist. If a parcel were left on someone’s porch or at their door, I would receive an “infraction” from Amazon and could face severe consequences like having my account suspended or terminated.

I started the fleet with ten vans and an investment of $ 22,000. My best year was 2020, when I made an annual profit of $65,000. However, in 2021, I made only $4000 because of bad business decisions, mistakes, insurance claims, inflation, and high costs. 

Despite these new requirements, I continued working with Amazon because I believed in their mission of providing fast and convenient delivery to customers. But over time, things got even more frustrating as deliveries grew increasingly complex and demanding. More and more frequently, customers would refuse their packages even though they were signed for by someone else in the household. I often made numerous trips back to their homes to repeatedly drop off the same package until it was finally accepted. If there wasn’t anyone at home during delivery hours or if someone said they were not expecting a box even though they were expecting one based on tracking information on Amazon’s website, then I would have no choice but to leave the package outside or return it to my truck without delivering it at all.

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The biggest problems were not Amazon or the DSP program. They were inflation, employees, and insurance claims.

While there are undoubtedly other upsides to working with Amazon as a delivery partner – like setting your schedule and working independently while still getting support from an Amazon team – it is clear that this program also comes with some significant challenges. If you’re thinking about becoming an Amazon DSP driver, you must understand what you might be getting into to prepare yourself for what lies ahead.”


New Amazon DSP Benefits for Drivers

The Amazon DSP program is a new initiative to offer drivers additional benefits and support. Under this program, Amazon will provide drivers up to $5,250 annually in educational benefits. These benefits can cover tuition, books, and other education-related expenses.

To qualify for these benefits, drivers must have worked with the DSP program for at least one year. Drivers will have the option of choosing from a variety of educational programs, including college courses, professional certifications, and continuing education courses. Amazon says it will also provide all eligible drivers with access to online learning tools and resources.

Many experts praise the new initiative, which demonstrates Amazon’s commitment to supporting its workers and helping them achieve their goals and dreams. Drivers interested in participating in the Amazon DSP program should contact their local Amazon office for more information.


You need to understand that working as an Amazon DSP means working only for Amazon, and if you do not do business well, your contract can be canceled quickly.

The Amazon Delivery Service Partner Program is an excellent way for independent contractors to build businesses and earn additional income. By leveraging the power of Amazon’s brand and existing logistics infrastructure, this program makes it easy for entrepreneurs to start their delivery fleets and grow their businesses. Overall, the Amazon Delivery Service Partner Program is a valuable opportunity that can help individuals achieve success in today’s competitive economy.

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