How to Take off LifeProof Case?

When you decide to get a smartphone, you are expected to do a lot. A smartphone is generally used to interact with friends and make memories by capturing unforgettable photos. However, you must treat your phone as if it were your child. When buying a phone, you should always include a LifeProof cover in your budget to ensure its safety.

A LifeProof case is a cover for your smartphone or tablet that protects it from high drops, fluids, dirt, and dust. It offers more advantages than standard cases. Your smartphone is with you wherever you may go — and touches whatever you touch. It’s used to set up to track your run or share posts online.

Bacteria are likely to be present on all surfaces, and they are now jumping on your phone. Fortunately, keeping your LifeProof case clean and fresh is simple. As an iPhone owner, you’ve probably got a lot of queries on how to remove LifeProof cases; this article will answer some of those questions.

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How to Take off the Lifeproof Case?

To take off the LifeProof case, you need to do the following steps:

  • Search for the Charging Port.
  • Next to the charger port, look for a bit of slot.
  • Place the Case Key into the Slot.
  • To completely open the case, use your thumb.

How Do You Take Off A Lifeproof Case For iPhone 11?

The instruction of taking off a LifeProof case applies to every kind of iPhone. Below are the steps to take off a LifeProof case for an iPhone11.

Taking Out the Case’s Back:

  • Lift the charge port door on the phone or tablet’s bottom.
  • Next to the charger port, look for the little slot.
  • To separate the case, place the case key in the space.
  • To completely disconnect the casing, place your thumb between the two halves.

Taking Out the Case’s Front

  • Placing your phone on a level surface is a good idea.
  • With your thumbs, press down on the front of the case.
  • Pull up on the case’s sides until it clicks.

How Do You Take a Lifeproof Case off an iPhone 12?

The instructions to remove the LifeProof casing have already been mentioned in the article. But below are further explanations and tips on how to take a LifeProof case off an iPhone 12.

  • Unlock the charge port cover on the phone or tablet’s bottom
    Tips: A charging port door may not be available in non-waterproof casings.
  • Next to the charger port, look for the little slot.
    Tips: Some phones feature two slots on the bottom, one on each side.
  • To separate the case, place the case key in the slot.
    Tips: Continue to do so lightly until you hear a click.
  • To completely separate the casing, place your thumb between both two halves.
    Tips: When the other end of the clasp unlocks, you’ll hear another click.
  • To take out the front of the case, placing your phone on a soft surface is a good idea.
  • With your thumbs, press down on the front of the case
  • Pull up on the case’s sides until it clicks

How to Open a Lifeproof Case?

Place a thumb between the two halves to completely separate the casing and open a LifeProof case. Place a thumb between the gap after separating the case with a case key or coin. Then carefully move around the container until the rear is removed entirely.

When the other side of the latch unlocks, you should hear another click. The instructions emphasize the significance of adequately constructing the case around your phone, ensuring that all of the case’s internal latches are secure. Failure to do so could compromise the case’s capacity to keep moisture and dust out. It’s not difficult to close the phone case. It snaps together when you squeeze it firmly all around. Unsurprisingly, taking it apart takes a little more effort, and LifeProof recommends doing so in a seesaw pattern to avoid damaging the shells.

How to Get a Lifeproof Case off an Ipad Mini?

Getting a LifeProof case off an Ipad Mini is similar to taking off an iPhone. Take out the bottom phone case then the top phone case. The complete instructions are written below:

Taking Out the Bottom

  • Look for the charger port on the Ipads bottom.
  • Look to the left of the charge port for a bit of slot. Then, turn the case around so that the back is facing up. Then, with the Ipad facing away from your body, turn the bottom of the phone away from you.
  • Take out a dime or a penny. Then place it in the little slot to the left of the charge port. You can get it further into space by bending the coin slightly.
  • Continue to carefully separate the back and front sections until you hear a click.

Taking Off the Top

  • Invert the LifeProof case.
  • Use the surface of your thumbs to press down on the front of the casing. If possible, do it in the middle.
  • Grasp the case’s sides with your other fingers.
  • At a gently diagonal angle, peel away any portions that are still attached.

Why Won’t My Lifeproof Case Charge?

The charging port is possibly broken, or the case would not seal properly, thus affecting the charging. The product could be defective or get defective over time.

Cases from LifeProof are designed to work with Qi wireless charging as well. Many cases work with Qi wireless chargers. However, some are excessively thick or made of metal. Wireless charging should not be affected by metal segments placed within the case for magnetic mounting.

How Do You Open a Lifeproof Case Without a Key?

There are creative ways to open a LifeProof case without a key. The safest way is with a key, but if the key is lost, use a hairdryer, a prying tool, etc. Listed below are the ways how and with instructions as well.

Usual way

  • To the left of the charge port, look for a bit of a slot.
  • Turn the case around; the back portion is facing up.
  • Obtain a coin.
  • Slide your fingers inside the charge port door, which has opened at the bottom of the case.

Using a hairdryer

  • Heat the case with the hairdryer for around 15 seconds, then take the case off using your fingers.

Using a prying tool

  • Remove the adhesive around the case’s edges with a prying tool. You may take the case off the phone after the bond is loose.

How Do I Use The Mute Button on My Lifeproof Case?

To use the mute button on the LifeProof case, use a finger to flick the controller up and down. And because people find using a finger difficult to toggle, the nails are used instead.

On the other hand, using your finger may shorten the life of the case by causing it to tear easily over time. When installing the phone, ensure the switch is parallel to the phone case. Start with the left side. Then press the phone into place on the side with the mute button. This step will guarantee that the phone is correctly inserted. The switch will work the same way as a light switch, and the bottom stays put while the top moves—front to back, in a toggling motion.

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Is Lifeproof Next Waterproof?

The Lifeproof Next isn’t waterproof. The iPhone is put in a protective case, but just counting on the iPhone’s innate water resistance even though an iPhone still requires a waterproof case if submerged.

That’s OK if you know what you’re getting yourself into, but Lifeproof also sells waterproof cases that aren’t that bulkier or more expensive. In comparison to the Next, the Lifeproof Fre costs $10 more, weighs a bit less, and adds a 10th of an inch to the thickness of the iPhone. However, it offers similar to dust and drop security as the Next and is waterproof, allowing the iPhone to be immersed.

How Do You Fix a Bubble on a Lifeproof Case?

Wrap a hand around the phone’s back, the fingers on the edge, and the thumb on the opposite. The plastic shield will twist for a brief moment if the hands are squeezed together.

With the air bubbles gone, remove your hand, and the plastic screen will straighten out. Dust particles can cause bubbles. In such cases, usually, getting rid of it is nearly impossible. If the bubbles are only air bubbles, rub them out to the edge until they disappear. If you wish to wage a battle of attrition against screen protector bubbles, keep in mind that almost all bubbles will disappear after 24 to 48 hours. They’re simply air, after all.

How Do You Remove a Lifeproof FRE Case?

To remove a LifeProof FRE case, place the case key in the slot. Lifeproof cases should include a small thin piece of plastic to separate the front and rear of the case.

To begin separating the case, place the case key in the slot and twist it. Then slide it up the phone’s side to split the top and bottom of the phone case. Continue to do so lightly until you hear a click. This click signifies that the phone case’s back and front halves have parted. If your phone has two slots, do the same thing with the other one. You can choose any coin in the slot if you don’t have the case key.

How Do You Turn The Ringer on a Lifeproof Case?

To turn the ringer on a LifeProof case, use a finger to flick the button up and down. Turn the ringer clockwise to turn off and counterclockwise to turn on.

It would help if you spun the circle dial above the volume buttons; it is difficult to turn, but once you do, your phone will inform you which way is on and off. The mute button is activated by twisting the small circle on the side. It turns off and on as you spin it. It’s inconvenient but not unbearable.

How Do You Take off a Waterproof Phone Case?

Individuals may find opening a waterproof phone case quite tricky. Follow the tips and tactics below to do so in under 3 minutes.

  • To begin, locate a little coin, such as a ten-cent piece.
  • To avoid the phone falling, make sure the screen points up throughout the operation.
  • Carefully remove the port cover.
  • Locate the slot on the case’s edges and use the coin to push it through.
  • Twist it until you hear a click, which means the front and back of the case have separated.
  • Gently glide your finger over the sides of the casing until it is opened.

How Do You Take off a Shockproof iPhone Case?

To take off a shockproof iPhone case, a person can use methods like Hand-Removal of the Case and Using a Spying Device. Plastic complex cases provide excellent protection for your phone, but they might be tough to remove.


  • To protect your phone, place a towel on the table.
  • Begin from the side with the smallest amount of buttons.
  • Place your thumbnail in the bottom corner of the case.
  • Pry the case’s bottom corner away from your phone.
  • Pull the case’s top corner away from your phone.
  • Remove one side of the side part at a time.

Prying Device

  • If your phone case has one, look for a seam.
  • Insert the prying tool’s tip into the hem of your casing.
  • The tool should be slid down the side of your case.
  • With the prying tool, pry the side of the case off.

How Do You Clean a Lifeproof Case Lens?

Dip a Q-tip in Isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol to wipe clean a LifeProof case lens or camera lens. Then, apply the Q-tip to the camera lens and wipe away the smudges.

Blotches on the camera lens may be visible, and you’ll want to clear them off. After cleaning, rinse the camera lens and dry it with a microfiber towel. Remove the phone first from the cover to keep as much water away from the phone’s hardware components as possible.

How Does Dust Get in The Lifeproof Case?

Dust gets into the Lifeproof case when the charge port and static is exposed and pulls dust in from outside. The phone case and the phone itself acquire dirt around the charging port, cam ring, and headphone jack.

It can shed dust for a long time, giving the impression that the case isn’t dustproof. Use a gentle cloth to clean it whenever you remove the case and discover dirt. To prevent it from accumulating inside the smartphone or case, remove it as soon as you find it out. Wipe the surfaces of your phone frequently.

Can You Take a Lifeproof Case Into the Shower?

Lifeproof cases are built to keep dirt, water, shock, and snow out. With LifeProof cases, iPhones can be used at the beach, on a dirt bike, or even while skiing. So yes, if the Lifeproof case is waterproof, you can take it to the shower with no trouble.

How can you know whether your phone is still completely waterproof? Install the Google Play Store app Water Resistance Tester. If your device isn’t supported, the app won’t work. On the app, press the two pressure points provided. By evaluating pressure and standard deviation, the app will provide you with the outcome.

Are Lifeproof Cases Worth It?

Lifeproof Cases are a superior pick and worth it for durable and portable choices. Furthermore, Lifeproof cases are primarily designed for iPhones and other Apple devices.

Lifeproof cases also come with a fantastic guarantee. Of course, if the phone is destroyed, they will not replace it; but if the LifeProof cover is damaged, they will gladly replace it. If you tell them there is a water leak, they will accept it without hesitation and without asking any questions. For one year from the initial date of purchase of the product by a consumer (“Warranty Period”), LifeProof and its related entities globally warrant LifeProof goods against defects in material or craft.

What is Better Than a Lifeproof Case?

The Catalyst is better than a Lifeproof case but is pricey upfront. The Catalyst comes with the best waterproof certification and a thinner casing than the Lifeproof.

The Lifeproof Fre, on the other hand, gives color options as well as accessories that fit with the Lifeproof Fre case. The Lifeproof Fre case is less expensive than the Catalyst. However, it only has 2 meters of waterproofing. When comparing the Catalyst to the Lifeproof Fre, the Catalyst has more excellent water resistance and is thinner; however, the Lifeproof has more color possibilities and is cheaper.

Will Lifeproof Replace My Phone if it Cracks?

Lifeproof will replace the phone in a specific situation. TWPP Limited Warranty certification is only valid for water damage caused by a material or artistry flaw in the LifeProof case while the electrical gadget is inside.

TWPP Limited Warranty is invalid if the damage to the device happens while not in the LifeProof case. The TWPP Limited Warranty would only replace a destroyed device and Lifeproof case with an instrument similar to the make and exact model as the TWPP Limited Warranty products and have similar functionality.

Does Lifeproof Fre Case Work With a Glass Screen Protector?

Yes, Lifeproof Fre cases work with a glass screen protector. Lifeproof Fre cases come with a built-in screen protector already.

Because the Lifeproof Fre case comes with built-in cover protection, you should detach it if you currently have a glass screen protector. If you did not remove the cover, the phone case wouldn’t “seal” for waterproofing effectiveness. The solid rear body of the Lifeproof Fre covers contains a built-in screen protector, ensuring that your phone’s screen remains scratch-free.

How Long Do Lifeproof Cases Last?

A 12-month warranty from LifeProof company covers Lifeproof case products. The period begins on the day the purchase is made.

A comprehensive 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee policy applies to your LifeProof case and LifeProof accessories. A Lifeproof case can be immersed in waterproofing for up to an hour at 2 meters. Other elements, like chlorine or salt present in water, imply you need still be cautious.

Does a Lifeproof Case Protect From Dropping?

Yes, a Lifeproof case can protect a phone from dropping. Claimed to be completely drop-proof and more durable than rivals such as Otterbox, Lifeproof has a slim shape but provides shock protection for drops of up to 7 feet.

When your phone is in a LifeProof case, it’ll survive a drop of fewer than 7 feet. That is astounding, especially for such a thin case. LifeProof Cases provide a series of phone cases that offer more protection, including the ability to withstand dirt, snow, water, drops, and scratches.


Using a rugged case doesn’t make your phone invincible, nor does it guarantee that the case maker will cover the cost of a new phone. If you live an active lifestyle and want to chronicle it with your phone, you should invest in the most protective cover.

A LifeProof case is an excellent tool for protecting your phone. A LifeProof case is waterproof, shockproof, dirtproof, and snowproof. Ensuring that the LifeProof phone cases match and surpass the consumers’ expectations, all results are verified with external, third-party sites to supplement in-house testing. So the Lifeproof case is recommended.

A mobile phone makes life easier for many people. However, for some, their gadget is their only tool for work or the only method they can document significant events. It’s only natural to spend money on a good phone case; it is like an investment. Our phones are so valuable to us. We must take all necessary care to ensure they remain working and prove their worth.

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