How do I Clean my Canon Ink Absorber? – Replace Ink Absorber Pad Full

Technology has upgraded by leaps and bounds, especially in these last couple of decades. Jobs, tasks, and highly intricate chores can now be executed with state-of-the-art technological mechanisms and novel types of machinery. Working in any office, be it in the domain of corporate offices, medicine, or home-based remote-jobs, technology is undeniably indispensable rather than being a luxury. One of the upshots of technology is xerography which consists of high-speed printing devices present in offices, schools, restaurants, and even homes.


The availability of reorganized printing machines in every institution has allowed speedy paperwork and an efficient concept of xerography. Since their advent, printers have undergone profound advancements to accommodate their user industry for assignment completion and project management. It is still in motion for further development and evolution, mainly dealing with ink quality, printing speed and effectiveness, and ink accumulation within the structure. The printing industry is an excellent example of how technological insights are implemented to achieve a higher grade standard. The recently updated printing devices have produced a particular interest of the consumers, particularly in the market and software domain.

Printers can be directly connected to the computers through a USB cable or Wi-Fi. There are different types of printers, all furnished with unique functions and specifications. However, most of the common types of printers include a 3-D printer, inkjet printer laser printer.

Currently, Cannons is offering a good deal on printers and is mostly appealed by small-scale businesses. Cannon has rolled out inkjet and laser printers, both with their unique descriptions and purposes. The printers are also functional on different technology, but they are seen with similar and overlapping capabilities.

What is the “Ink Absorber Full” error?

The error message “Ink Absorber Full” indicates that internal link absorbers that hold ink are almost full. To clean this error code, you need to restart the printer.

How to reset the Canon printer and fix the “Ink Absorber Full” error?

To reset the Canon printer, press the button and connect it to the power cord. Release the button when the printer has switched on. Try waiting for five seconds and then press the power button again to reset the printer’s internal memory and override and obliterate the ink absorber error.

The message released by the printer indicates to the users that the ink absorbers have reached the maximum capacity. They are only designed to hold enough ink to complete the cycle of the machine. This message can only be removed if it has been internally cleaned.

As far as ink incorporation is concerned, Canon printers are mostly equipped with spongy parts to cover the additional amount of ink accumulated during the printing process. These parts are also responsible for cleaning the print heads. The spongy material is solely responsible for soaking up the maximum amount of ink yielded during the printing process; however, they tend to run off if these parts are water-logged and have no more space to absorb. Nevertheless, the printers are wise enough to notify the users through warning messages indicating that the absorber is full.  In addition, Most of the current models have the option of constant flashing lights that appear if this sponge pad seems to be drenched. Finally, if the link station is working at total capacity, it needs to be substituted and detached through the following methods.

How do I Clean my Canon Ink Absorber?

  • Place a small bowl with lukewarm and soapy water. Make sure to wear rubber gloves before starting with the process to avoid any mess.
  •  Open the ink cartridge compartment towards your side, which may be located in the front or back of the printer, depending on the model.
  • The ink cartridges will change their places and move over. After this, disconnect them from the printer.
  •  The ink absorbing sponge parts will be located under the ink cartridge In a black rubber frame.
  • Take out the rubber frame from the printer and extract the absorbing parts. The total number of ink absorbing sponges depends on the type of model purchased.
  •  After removing the parts from the printer, insert them and place them in the ball for a few minutes. Clean them properly by wrapping and dressing them until the ink has been drained out. Discard the water solution after becoming opaque with ink and bring another bowl of lukewarm water to drain out more ink from the pads.
  • The water needs to be cleaned from the sponge. To do so, place them on paper towels to air dry.
  • You need to completely dry the pads before inserting them back into the printer. Then, after placing them back in the black rubber frame, reinstall the frame of the printer.



Factors contributing to the early saturation of pads

Other conditions contribute to the complete failure of the ink absorbers. For example, if the printer is constantly being unplugged or the machine has been manually triggered for cycles, the sponges are expected to fill faster than the standard rate. This notification should be dealt with without any delays as without repairing or resolving it, the printer holds its function and demands a replacement.

Benefits of inkjet printers

These printers are more affordable with superior quality of printing, quality of ink, and exhibiting dominant details on the paper. Inkjet printers print in clear and bright colors, which are automatically assigned for high-quality printing. In addition, they are speedy, are user-friendly, and facilitate general office work.

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