How to Make Your Own Clone Hero Chart Easy? – Text and Video Instruction

Clone versions of original games have been around since the birth of PC-based games. The renowned game Guitar Hero is one of them. Starting from the early 2000s, when rock music was at the peak of its popularity, Guitar Hero was born, serving thousands if not millions of kids with a guitar-shredding game to their favorite rock songs, whether it be Metallica or Green Day. Clone Hero Chart is a PC-based game derived from the father, Guitar Hero, where the developers made it simple for the players to access some game features. In this article, I will inform you about what Clone Hero Chart is, why it is essential, and how to make your own Clone Hero Chart. So buckle up and keep reading!

What is Clone Hero Chart?

Clone Hero Chart is a clone version of the official Guitar Hero game. Based on PC, this game was created by the Guitar Hero fanatics, complete with access to various Guitar Hero features and Rock Band features.

guitar hero game

Several computer game titles gained as much support and admiration from the general public as peripheral-based rhythm games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band did start in the mid-2000s. Although the popularity of those games has faded in time, a passionate community of enthusiasts has continued to hold their passion alive and well by developing their version, Clone Hero. Since 2017, former Guitar Hero geeks who felt such a need to shred have found a home in Clone Hero, a free, independently made PC game. Clone Hero is a free, accessible Guitar Hero game created by fans for fans. It offers the series’ regular quality live features, such as practice mode, note speed control, and just playing songs in the GH format. Players can play with a keyboard or any old computer guitar controllers they find lying around.

Below is a screenshot of the Clone Hero chart game:

clone hero chart

Similarly, almost the entire history of songs from the official GH and RB games is accessible for download, and gamers could develop custom music charts to make any song workable. Players share their charts online, allowing everyone to play a wide range of songs previously unavailable in any official rhythm game. It has become a one-of-a-kind example of a gaming world that has managed to outlive the games they have played while still growing and improving, primarily due to the efforts of independent creators.

Are Clone Hero Chart and Guitar Hero the same?

Clone Hero Chart and Guitar hero are two different games having similar gameplay and songs. Guitar Hero is the original game initiated in the early 2000s, which was later replaced by the copy version of the game produced by the game’s fanatics, Clone Hero.

As stated above in the article, Clone Hero is an unofficial clone version of the original guitar game, Guitar Hero. As the fame and name of Guitar Hero vanished over the years, the diehard fans of the game Guitar Hero concluded to develop gameplay that would be the exact clone of the stated game, and thus, Clone Hero was born. It is indicated that Clone Hero consists of all the songs and notes the official game Guitar Hero seemingly had, so basically, both games are the same. The most noticeable difference is that one is an original while the other is a copy.

How to make your own Clone Hero Chart?

If you plan to add your song tracks to Clone Hero Chart, you can easily do so by the following enlisted programs. Have a look:

  • Moonscraper:
    This software allows the easiest way to create your charts on Clone Hero. Moonscraper is a charting software made by Firefox in 2016 to make new features introduced by ExileLord’s GH3+. Modifications like tap notes and open notes are more usable in this program. It has constantly been developing since its birth and includes complete Clone Hero support. It is also utilized by almost all charters and is preferred per their suggestions.
  • Editor of Fire:
    Editor on Fire is a charting program explicitly created for Frets on Fire and was first published on the FoF forums by NewCreature in early 2008. Soon after, a developer named Raynebc took over the program and transformed it into the software we know today, complete with Clone Hero support and several other features to improve your life as a charter. Frogs, Jackie, MercuryHg34, Miscellany, and Sygenysis are among the CSC charters that utilize Editor on Fire.
  • Reaper:
    REAPER is a computer-based digital audio production software with multi-track audio and MIDI recording, editing, processing, mixing, and mastering facilities. It may be used to play games like Clone Hero, and charters can easily make their charts with it.

See the below video How to Make Your Own Clone Hero Chart Easy:

How to use Moonscraper charts on Clone Hero?

The following steps will show you how to use the Moonscraper software on Clone Hero.

Step 1: Right off the bat, select a song you want to chart on Clone Hero.
Step 2: Save the song you selected in a folder containing files named notes. Chart and song.ogg.
Step 3: After that, save the whole file and export it so it can chart on Clone Hero. Later on, the song would show up in Clone Hero. Enjoy it and learn its tabs!

What to do if Moonscraper does not respond?

If your Moonscraper software is lagging or crashing, you may need to run it as an administrator to fix the issue. Here is what you will be doing.

  • Calibration:
    When modifying the charts, always firstly calibrate Moonscraper to ensure that the sound is appropriately synchronized with the instrument you are employing. You can additionally calibrate your device by going to Options and further to Calibration.
  • Navigation:
    Navigating through your game can be of great help. You can move around the space by the wheel of your mouse. By moving your cursor to the right side of the timeline, you can skip and stat from any point of your chart. After the parts are added to that same timeline, an icon emerges upon that timeline which could be employed to move to that part immediately. You may also use the optional arrow keys to navigate the specified sequence settings.
  • View modes:
    When editing Moonscraper, the software allows you to edit on two viewing modes: local mode and global mode. You can switch between the modes by the globe icon next to the tools icon in the tool panel. Moonscraper pulls open with the local view through the default settings. This local view displays every one of the occurrences which connect to every soundtrack’s specific instrumental combination, such as notes and scoring ability. Secondly, A global picture shows all the activities that will impact each instrument and its level of complexity. Modifications in BPM and the process of sending and various portions are included. Since the sound is uploaded in the particular slot, the display would additionally present the wave of the chosen sound.

What are some Moonscraper tools?

In the light of those mentioned above, you would be using some Moonscraper tools to edit in case of any unresponsiveness of the software. Here are some tools from the tool panel that would be necessary for editing.

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  • Cursor:
    The cursor is employed to pick two or more different items. To select an item, tap simply on it. To also mark numerous activities, tap then drag across the space. To rearrange the presently chosen things, tap then drag on to an item.
  • Eraser:
    Remove items by clicking or dragging them. Additionally, anyone could delete activities using any instrument by holding the right and the left click upon them rather than utilizing the instrument. That capability of removing or redoing is also accessible.
  • Note:
    To add notes, tap then drag. When to make a prolonged click, right-click on the chosen note and drag it. To attach the tool to the specific notes, press and hold the digits 1-5 of the keypad. Switch open notes by pressing 6.
  • Star power:
    To create a star power activity, click there to adjust the length, right-click and then drag it.
  • BPM:
    Alter the tempo or the BPM of any song track at that point by clicking.
  • Time signature:
    You can easily change the time signature of any song you pick by clicking on it in the same position.
  • Section:
    A section item can be placed in the chart by clicking on it.

How to preview or playtest Moonscraper?

The method to preview and playtest your Moonscraper is given in brief below.

If you are looking to preview and playtest your Clone Hero through a Moonscraper software, you can easily do so by the following method. To preview the current chart, press on the spacebar of your keyboard, or you can also click on the play button located at the top middle of your screen. You can end the preview you just set up by hitting the spacebar again or clicking on the pause button in the same corner of your screen. Furthermore, to playtest Moonscraper, click on the guitar logo in the corner of your screen, or you can press the play button of your Clone Hero’s controller or keyboard. Hit the duplicate keys again to end the playtest. In some cases, Clone Hero’s controller does not respond, so if that occurs in your situation, restart your Moonscraper program.

Is Clone Hero a community content?

As you know that Guitar Hero was the original PC game, a passionate community of the game created Clone Hero, making it possible for players to get free and easy access to new features.

It should be said clearly that Clone Hero did not revive the Guitar Hero fanbase. Loyal supporters never wholly abandoned the series, continuing to play and replay their favorite games for years. They can also do much of what Clone Hero made possible by modifying Guitar Hero 3 to include more songs. However, compared to Clone Hero’s simple download and detect technique, this approach took far more effort for users. The method wasn’t wholly formed until Clone Hero became a foundation for the community, which set the stage for a far more creative society. Players’ enhanced imaginative freedom has resulted in charts unlike any other, thanks to the possibility to build and share custom charts. The Clone Hero community has gone so far as to create unique music for its members, including charts difficult enough to test even the most experienced shredders and customized films that play in the background of the typically blank emptiness behind the note chart. There is also excellent content for Clone Hero players, such as the SOULLESS series. The Clone Hero community is unique because it is almost entirely self-made. They may not have been the foundation for developing PC-based rhythm games, but their platform, creators, and community are very innovative.

How did Clone Hero start?

Clone Hero was first initiated when the head developer, Srylian, created the clone version of Guitar Hero in 2012, before releasing it in 2017, from where it instantly bloomed.

The game was created by head developer Srylian, who has been making solo Guitar Hero clones since 2012. Srylian built numerous other rhythm games of a similar type on different platforms between then and Clone Hero’s release in 2017, but none of them progressed to complete works in the same way that Clone Hero was. In less than a year after Srylian first released Clone Hero to the public, the game developed its community, complete with its creators, influencers, and devoted fans.

How to install Clone Hero?

Here is how you install Clone Hero.

Step 1: Search the Clone Hero’s website and click on the latest version available for download.
Step 2: A new page would pop up. Click on the download button.
Step 3: You will receive a 7z compressed file after completing the Clone Hero download. Tools like WINRAR and 7z should be used to recover files from it.
Step 4: Open the folder you recovered and name its songs, after which you can play on your Clone Hero.

To conclude the article, it is always best to play such clone versions of official games with full precautions and suggested tips. If you prefer playing Clone Hero instead of Guitar Hero, you are among the majority of the players, as they tend to get free and easy access to new modes, songs, notes, and tabs. Enjoy!

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