How to Connect Wii to Smart TV?

The Nintendo Wii you own might be an older model than your TV. Therefore, it is a hassle to intertwine them. So are you going to sacrifice all that progress for your favorite games like Mario, or is there a solution to this? Let’s find out. You can utilize different cables to use the Wii with your TV. Including RGB, HDMI, and VGA, we will explain the six best ways to link a Nintendo Wii with your TV in today’s blog.

Does Wii have HDMI?

Usually, the standard Nintendo Wii does not have an HDMI port. However, you can use various adapters to connect your Wii to an HDMI port by plugging directly into the console.

You have seen or anticipated that your Wii is devoid of the correct port for your TV. However, you need not worry as there are several ways to connect it to your TV still. This relies on an AV cable that you can use to link the Wii to the TV with:

  • HDMI
  • VGA
  • RGB
  • S-Video
  • Component

If your brand new television does not have any legacy inputs, if you possess more than one device for a parallel port, these instructions for HD ready and HD TVs will enable the connection of Wii with any TV you want.

However, you have to remember that, regardless of your decision to choose one of the methods, the maximum output resolution will be 480p.


How to Connect Wii to Smart TV?

To connect Wii to intelligent TV, you can try one of the following ways:

  • Connect Wii’s to Smart TV using default TV cables
  • Use S-video cables with Nintendo Wii
  • Use SCART connector along with Wii
  • Connect Nintendo Wii and VGA monitor
  • Connect Nintendo Wii’s using default TV cables
  • Use Component cable input to connect Wii to intelligent TV
  • Use HDMI Adapter to connect Wii to smart TV

How to hook up cable box to tv without HDMI?

To hook up cable box to TV without HDMI, you can use an HDMI adapter or RCA audio cables, 5-cable component RCA video cable, or a composite video cable.

You can use the Mcbazel composite audio video AV cable for WII and Wii U consoles on Amazon. In addition, you can find the proprietary Wii AV cable with the Nintendo Wii. This cable connects with the Wii on one side with RCA TV input on the other side. Yellow represents video, white and red represent audio.

Once you connect this cable successfully, switch on the console, and you will now see the Wii with your TV’s remote. Still not able to find this? Go to input select and choose AUX, AV, or EXT. One can also go from channel 00 to 99 to check for issues.

This will quickly help you link the Nintendo Wii with a Smart TV.

S-video cables with Nintendo Wii

You can buy the Wii/Wii – Cable- S- Video- & AV KMD on Amazon. In addition, you can connect your Nintendo Wii with your television with S-Video Cable.

The RCA connection is also responsible. Hence you have the alternative of choosing based on the TV you have. In the case of S- video, you need to connect the white and red cables to the TV and the S-video. This will be huddled behind your TV.

With both the devices powered, they utilize the remote to look for the Wii signal.

SCART connector along with Nintendo Wii

You can buy the RGB SCART 20 pin Male to 3 RCA AV Female+ S Video Adapter Converter (Black) on Amazon. 

If you have limited ports but want the SCART connector to work, this is the ideal option for you. SCART is expandable, has splitters and hubs for connection like a hub of USB.

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SCART to RCA adaptors are not as popular as before. If you are fortunate enough, one might come with your Nintendo Wii. If not, get a new model.

It has three inputs ( yellow, red, and white). After you plug in your RCA cable, put the SCART on the TV’s back and move to the input option, and open the SCART input channel on the television.

Nintendo Wii and VGA monitor

You can buy the 6 in. (1.8 m) VGA to RCA cable- RCA breakout – HD15 (M)/Component (F)- VGA to Component (HD15CPNTMF) on Amazon. You can use this adapter and content your Wii device with Nintendo with the help of VGA to RCA breakout cable. It is an excellent method in the backroom or to be used as a computer.

You can also install Linux on your device.

The next step is to link the cable with a VGA input to your TV and the RCA cable on your Wii. Then, switch to the display version, and make sure you have VGA as your input option.

Component cable input

You can buy the component AV cable for Nintendo Wii for HDTV on Amazon. You can buy this component cable at a meager price of $10; this helps connect the input ports to the component cable at the back of your TV. This is a rare option with five inputs—3 for video and 2 for audio.

You have to connect the white and red audio cable to the matching input for the blue, red, and green. If color coding is the mission, check the labels on the cables.

White is left, and red is suitable for audio. Green is Y, blue is pPb/Cb, and red is PR/Cr for video. Once you connect with the correct input, use your remote to control.  If your TV comes with a progressive scan, enable yourself before using the Nintendo Wii on it.

You have to go to settings, open Wii settings, go to the screen, and set the TV’s resolution to HDTV or EDTV for 480p. The next step is to set the Widescreen adjustments to Widescreen 16:9 and select confirm.

Since the white/red cable can be utilized for all inputs, ensure you do it correctly.

HDMI Adapter

You can buy the HDMI adapter, Dragonpad Wii to HDMI Converter Output Video Audio Adapter- Supports All Wii display modes from 720p/1080p HDTV to monitor on Amazon.

Even though the component cable is the most viable alternative to connecting your Wii with surety to an HDTV, the Wii to HDMI adapter also provides an excellent quality image for your smart TV.

All you have to do is connect to the Nintendo Wii device, connect the HDMI cable, connect it to your new TV. Then, check the display on channels in HDMI and select the input for the same output option on the TV’s remote.  

Dolby surrounds sound alternatives.

Digital audio is not an option for your Wii device, but you are still acquiring good sound quality on it. You can get stereo, surround, and mono sound. In addition, Dolby Pro Logic is available. This option provides surround sound that is best for entertainment with a surround sound setup.

To switch to these options, go to setting – System settings – Sound and select your choice. Select confirm when done.

Why is my Wii black and white?

To fix the Wii black and white problem first, you need to ensure that component video and audio are plugged into the correct ports. After that, you need to use the source button (or input) and set it to AV. Please avoid the “component” option if you want to see colors on the TV.


You can connect your Wii with your TV regardless of using any model, a new model, a SCART or HDMI adapter, etc.

480p is the top-notch quality, but your childhood games can be played and indulge in an immersive gaming experience.

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