Can i Buy DSTV Smart Card Only?

Our entertainment experiences are incomparable and unparalleled to what was previously offered. Since its inception, television content and audio-visual records were mainly available for dissemination and essential news. Entertainment has been modified since then and has introduced new dynamics of appealing content for audience generation.

This innovation has evolved with time, and old methods such as tape recorders, cassettes, monochrome televisions, and CDs have been revolutionized, introducing a new edge to the entertainment system. In addition, the entertainment industry substantially contributed to the economic development sector by progressing and modernizing aspects of cinema theatre and, most importantly, digital content. This has materialized the emergence of satellite entrainment technology, where channels and programs are available by broadcasting them through communication satellites orbiting the Earth and sending signals to a parabolic antenna labeled as a satellite dish.
The television programs are identical and converted to the desired programs or channels viewed by audiences on the television screens.

What is DStv?

DStv, or Digital satellite television, is the direct broadcast satellite service Multichoice supports. This entertainment service provides numerous journals and television programs to its massive subscribers.

It has the most subscribers in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Mauritius, Tanzania, Mozambique, Kenya, Congo, and Ethiopia. It is abbreviated as the DStv and comprises over 200 digital television content and audio and video channels.

DStv card

What is a smartcard?

Smartcard is a chipped card located in the DStv decoder. It is linked to providing numbers to the customer formulated and generated after creating Multichoice upon initiating and launching the DStv subscription. Therefore, this number is on the back of the smart card and underneath the barcode.

For those who have just purchased a DStv, it is imperative to understand the mechanical and technical process of the communication device for a smooth flow and overall function. DStv is accompanied by a smart card, which is individual, and a personalized chipped card present in the DStv decoder. This card is directly related to the decoder.

How can I get my DStv smart card number on the screen?

To get your Dstv smart card number, you can press the okay button on your DStv remote. Then, select the central information option. The smart card number will appear in the top right corner of your screen as the ten-digit number.

How to get a new DStv smart card?

To get a new DStv smart card, visit the nearest DStv center or agency and ask for the new smart card. You can find locations using the DStv website.

DStv smart card number location is at the back of your DStv decoder smartcard. The smartcard number is a ten or 11-digit number.

The smart card number is available in a narrow horizontal placed behind the cover, which is present on the front right-hand side of the box. After removing the card from the box, the smart card number will be identified with 0000, 01, 02, Followed by additional eight digits. The total eight digits will be your life smartcard number.

Can I Buy DSTV Smart Card Only?

Yes, you can buy only DSTV Smart Card, but you need to contact a local DStV dealer and central and ask for price and help. DStv needs DSTV to marry the card with your decoder and remotely help you.

You can buy a DStv card at:

  • DStv Walk-in Centers: DStv has several walk-in centers located throughout South Africa where you can purchase DStv smart cards, decoders, and other DStv products.
  • MultiChoice Agencies: MultiChoice is the parent company of DStv and has several agencies in South Africa where you can purchase DStv smart cards.
  • Supermarkets and Retailers: Many supermarkets and retailers in South Africa sell DStv smart cards, including Checkers, Pick n Pay, Game, and Makro.
  • Electronics Stores: Electronics stores such as Hi-Fi Corp, Incredible Connection, and Dion Wired also sell DStv smart cards.
  • Online Retailers: Several online retailers in South Africa sell DStv smart cards, including Takealot, Loot, and Makro.
  • Independent Retailers: Many independent retailers throughout South Africa sell DStv smart cards. These can include corner shops, cell phone shops, and convenience stores.
  • DStv Accredited Installers: DStv accredited installers may also sell DStv smart cards and offer installation services for DStv decoders and other products.

In recent years, there has been an increased demand by many Digital Satellite Television (DSTV) subscribers to buy only the DSTV smart card without having to purchase the decoder. This is because the smart card allows users to view channels on their television sets without paying expensive monthly subscription fees. If you have been wondering whether you can buy just the DSTV smart card, here is what you should know.

First, buying a DSTV smart card alone is possible but not necessarily easy if it’s your first time doing so. You need to contact your local DStv dealer and get them to help you marry the card with your decoder to be used for viewing purposes. It’s important to note that this is done remotely and requires technical knowledge and skill from both parties involved to work efficiently. That being said, if you are confident in your electrical skills, you may find a way of getting around this process by looking for guides online.

Once you have married the card with your decoder, you only need a compatible television set and dish to start watching tv channels without paying monthly subscription fees. One of the advantages of buying a DSTV smart card separately is that it allows people who already own decoders but don’t have access to specific channels due to their current subscription plan to watch whatever they want without paying extra monthly.

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Besides purchasing just the smart card, other ways allow people to access premium channels without spending too much money on monthly subscriptions. For example, numerous websites offer free-to-air (FTA) channels, meaning viewers don’t have to pay for them directly but can instead watch these shows through antennas or dishes connected directly to their television sets at home. Of course, these services are limited and don’t cover everything available on most cable networks or satellite providers such as DStv South Africa. However, they can still be quite helpful and cost-effective compared to traditional methods of accessing TV content.


How to find the DStv decoder serial number?

To find DStv decoder serial number, please do the following steps:

1. Identify your DSDT decoder, which is typically located and placed next to the television set.
2. Try acquainting yourself with the underside of the DStv decoder.
3. Identify the serial number, which is opposed to the manufacturing serial number.

How do you change the DStv smartcard number?
If you wish to change your personalized smart card number, you can tap and click on the link of the DStv smartcard button after confirming your account credentials. After this, you will be redirected to package and device information, and after authorizing account details, you can click the change the smart card option by clicking the link. The change will be confirmed to you via email.


My DStv decoder does not have a smart card.

If your DStv decoder does not have a smart card, in that case, you need to subscribe to your packages via an IUC like GOTV. Usually, your DStv decoder does not have a smart card if you have the latest DStv single view HD decode.

The multichoice group is abetting entertainment programs and outlets by gearing up for new improvements and logical advancements. It has now launched a brand-new DStv decoder model with the previous decoder 5, Which has hit stores and has similar characteristics and performance. Aside from optimum functionality, the HD decoder five series are equipped with user-friendly attributes with maximum efficiency output. When it comes to the comparison between the previous models, there are slight differences. However, recycling and using the old features are the cornerstone of the Multichoice premium brand, frequently coming up with ideas and practical ideologies to amp up the existing models. They aim to provide maximum customer satisfaction by fulfilling the little preferences, innovative features, and regular advancement within their systems. They believe in constantly updating the current technology by updating the business operation.

TV packages

DStv packages are available for premium subscriptions. Currently, it has numerous packages, which are as follows.
Family, compact, compact plus, access, easy view, and Indian. The packages and their price range vary, but each category consists of suitable television programs and channels for each family member. To subscribe to a particular package, you want to ensure the number of journals and digital content. The DStv easy view is the most affordable as the premium package is the highest in charge. The DStv Indian package includes multiple channels and additions, primarily southern and northern Indian entertainment. The monthly subscription is available at an affordable fee.

DStv family package

Subscribers can easily access the Universal channel, CBS reality, Discovery Family, TLC Entertainment, and Magic Epic with the family package.

Similarly, suppose you are a sports enthusiast and fanatic. In that case, you can subscribe to the DStv guide supersport, offering a wide range of live and recorded sports coverage, results, highlights, scores, upcoming matches, and current news.

Overall there has been a slight search in DStv packages price, especially for the premium, compact plus, and compact packages incurring a slight increase in the monthly subscription.

The price of DStv increased from April 2021, significantly when African countries such as Kenya, Zambia, Ghana, and Uganda reduced decoder prices and overall subscription fees.

You can acquire 135 television and audio channels available on DStv with a minimal price range of about US$25 per month. In addition, you can also get unlimited access to the blockbuster cinema with a vast selection of regional, local, and international entertainment channels and programs, documentaries, music, and news.

In conclusion, while it may be possible for someone with enough technical knowledge and skill to purchase just a DStv Smart Card separately, most people will likely find more success by utilizing one of the other available options, such as FTA or websites offering streaming services at competitive prices.

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