How to Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers?

With the rapid technological advancement and the introduction of many Bluetooth smart speakers like Google Home and Amazon Echo, Bluetooth devices are abundant in every household. To connect more than one Bluetooth speaker on your device, you can use practical applications like Bose Connect, AmpMe, or offerings from Ultimate Ears or Bluetooth 5, which lets you connect multiple devices simultaneously. Let’s learn how you can do that in detail.

How to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers?

The best way to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers is to use the AMPme application in the following way:

  • First, tap the (+) option on the AMPme application.
  • Next, select the exemplary service, YouTube or Spotify, and tap Connect.
  • Log in to your profile.
  • Create your desired playlist.

AmpMe is a versatile application that is not brand-specific like Bose or Ultimate Ears. These need the company’s device to connect, but through AmpMe, you are at liberty to communicate with any device. AmpMe worlds are based on synchronizing mobile devices with Bluetooth speakers, allowing you to stream audio through SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify, or other media libraries. In addition, you can create parties and sync with innumerable devices on this app.

Your smartphone is only capable of connecting to one speaker. Hence your family and friends can also join to work efficiently.

The party creator is in control of the music being played, and others can send requests through the chat. Additionally, hosts can use the Guest as DJ feature to let others add their favorite songs to the queue. 

Once you download the application, you must sign in by linking through Facebook or Google and check if your party member is already on the app by turning on the location.

How many Bluetooth connections can you create at once?

You can create a maximum of 7 Bluetooth connections at once.

How to connect two Bluetooth speakers to one iPhone?

You can connect two Bluetooth speakers to one iPhone using audio company apps like Bose Connect and Ultimate Ears. Bose joins are suitable for Bose speakers, and you can also use the Party feature to connect two headphones or speakers simultaneously.

  • Open the iPhone/iPad.
  • Go to Settings > Bluetooth.
  • Turn on Both Speakers that you want to connect.
  • Connect the Speakers from Bluetooth settings.
  • Repeat the same steps for any additional speaker.

You can see the list of compatible devices on Google Play and the App Store of the application.

Ultimate Ears also has two applications that you can use to connect to multiple devices. Boom and roll respond to compatible speakers. Such applications also come with PartyUp features that help connect 50 Boom or 2 MegaBoom speakers with your device.

How to connect 2 Bluetooth speakers to Samsung?

Using the Bluetooth Dual Audio feature, you can do the following steps:

Open settings> Go to connections> Select Android Pie and Advanced Opinion. Then, select the earlier Android versions and go to the menu icon in the upper right corner> Switch on the Dual Audio Toggle Switch.

You can use the Bluetooth Dual Audio feature to connect headphones with an S+, Samsung Galaxy S8, or the latest models. Again, you don’t need Bluetooth 5 for this.

To use this feature, connect your phone with two speakers, headphones, or one of each, and audio will be played on both. Adding a third device-compatible speaker will cause the first device to be disconnected.

If you connect the Samsung phone with two headphones, you can use the playback service only on the first device. The speakers might also be out of sync. Hence, placing speakers in the same room works best.

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Connect Bluetooth speakers using HomePod Stereo Pair.

Like Samsung’s Dual Audio feature, Apple has a DualPod Audio feature that helps you play iPhone with Mac with 2 HomePod speakers.

To set up this application, you need an iPhone with iOS 11.4 or a Mac with macOS Mojave. Additionally, it would help if you had HomePod speakers with iOS 11.4.

Setting up the HomePod in the same room as yours, you will see the options to connect the stereo pair via the application. You can utilize the Home application feature for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac. Furthermore, the HomePods should be in the same house to connect them.

To do this,

  • Open the home application.
  • Go to the HomePod option, double-click, and click the settings.
  • Tap to create the Stereo pair.
  • Now, choose the 2nd HomePod. 
  • You will see 2 HomePod icons. Tap on them to align them with your desired channel.
  • Click done and go back.

Can an iPhone be connected to other speakers rather than the HomePod?

Yes, you can do so by using the various third-party applications available. To do that, go to the to look for applications that help connect your iPhone with Bluetooth devices and check the reviews and authenticity. You can also use AirPlay-enabled speakers.

How to connect Google Home to Bluetooth speakers?

Use the Google Home application to connect Google Home to Bluetooth speakers. To do so, choose your device, Go to settings, Select the default music speaker, Follow the directions, and enjoy your music.

How do we sync and improve the sound of speakers?

Use amplifying software applications, such as the speaker booster application, to get a more precise and surround sound experience from your speakers. Also, keep your speakers away from too much clutter in the room.

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