Why Can’t I join Any Kik Groups?

Kik is a free messaging app available for both Apple and Android devices. The app allows users to send messages, photos, videos, and files to one another. Kik does not require registering your email address or phone number to use the service; instead, it uses your device’s unique ID number (also known as its MAC address) to recognize your device and allow things like group chats.

However, there are times wherein you can’t join any Kik groups, and that is undoubtedly super frustrating. But first of all, let’s know more about what Kik is.

kik app example - can not join to group because you are banned. Two hours banned

Why Can’t I join Any Kik groups?

You can not join any Kik groups because one of the following reasons:

  • You are banned because of your behavior in previous Kik groups.
  • You were temporarily banned (“cooldown”) because of your behavior in the last Kik groups. Usually, the Kik ban duration is 30 days.
  • Groups, where you try to join are banned or temporarily blocked from receiving new members because that Public group didn’t comply with Kik’s Community Standards.
  • You created multiple accounts. In that case, your account will be removed or banned from accessing public groups.
  • Your app doesn’t work correctly. You need to reinstall your app so you can join Kik groups.
  • Kik’s group is no public group, so you can not join.

How to fix problems when you can’t join public groups on Kik?

Sometimes, if you join several Kik’s public groups (for example 3 groups in a short period), Kik will mark you as a bot. It is the main reason why you will be temporarily banned. Sometimes you will not be able to join groups for a longer period of time.

If you try to access the public group on Kik and you are getting the message “Oops Something Went Wrong to Give It Another Whirl ” you can do the following steps:

  •  Open the Kik account deletion portal and delete your Kik account.
  • Open a new account where you will get a new JID.
  • Join 1-2 groups at most per week.
  • If you join a lot of Kik’s public groups – you will be banned again.

How to fix the problem with Kik when you delete the app?

  • Go to Settings on your phone

go to settings at Kik find app

  • Go to the Kik app :

find Kik app

  • Choose storage of the Kik app

Kik app storage to delete to be able to join Kik app groups

  • Delete Kik app storage

Delete Kik app storage

Why can so many people job with any Kik groups?

Kik is a top-rated app among teenagers that allows you to send and receive messages, photos, videos, and files. Kik users can also create groups to chat with specific friends on the app. The security of Kik is good because it doesn’t show your phone number or any personal information unless you choose to share it. The privacy settings are also great because they allow you to set your profile so only people who have given their consent can see your profile picture, bio, and other information included on your profile page (like age).

Kik Messenger is a free app that does not contain ads. It does not require you to pay for any in-app purchases. To use Kik, you must download it on your device and sign up with an email address or phone number.

Because of so many people and inappropriate behavior on the Kik app, moderators restrict some users. Sometimes, you can be banned by mistake.

Kik’s app options for privacy!

You can:

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  • Block specific people and delete messages from them. If you don’t want someone to be able to contact you, blocking them means they will no longer be able to send messages or pictures (like photos sent from the camera).
  • You can also report harassment and block numbers, not on your contact list.
  • Block and report harassing users.
  • Turn off read receipts, so people don’t know when you’ve read their message.
  • The app does not require sharing your phone number with strangers

Now, that should give sufficient knowledge of what Kik is, so let’s dive into the issue of not joining any Kik groups you might have experienced.

Rare situations where you can not join Kik groups:

Refer to the following reasons as to why you can’t join a Kik group at all, even how much you try:

  1. You might not be a Kik user. If you’re not and want to join the group, you’ll need to download the app and create an account (this is very obvious, but some users aren’t aware of this).
  2. The group’s owner might have blocked your account. If this is the case, it’s probably for one of two reasons: your account was created by someone who is not you (this often happens when people are hacked), or the owner doesn’t want you in the group. In either case, you can do nothing about it but wait until their ban lifts or ask them why they blocked your account in the first place.
  3. You might not have enough friends on Kik yet to be allowed into groups. When creating an account on Kik, users must verify their identity by adding a phone number or email address to their profile. When this is done correctly, users are given one “friend” credit per friend they add—and those friends can then add more friends in turn, which leads to an overall increase in the number of friends on each user’s list (up to ten). Users with less than ten friends cannot create groups.

You need to know the group’s name before you can join it.

You need to know the name of the group or have its code to join it. If you don’t have either of these, try using Kik’s Group Finder feature. You can also search by keyword if one is provided in the description box for a user—look for something like “DNK” (for Down North Krew) or “LPK” (for Local Pinoy Kik).

However, many users will not provide this information because they want their groups to be private and exclusive, so there are likely several groups you don’t know about! Check out their bios page; if they’ve posted anything there, they’ve probably given away some clues as to what kind of activities they enjoy doing together as a group.

The group must be public, or you won’t be able to join it and see the messages.

If you can’t join a group, it’s possible that the group is private and has not been made public. To join a private group, you must be invited by the group’s owner. If no messages are visible in your stream for this particular group, this is most likely due to it being a private one.

Private groups will have either a padlock icon or globe icon next to them (or both), depending on their settings. Public groups will only show an open lock icon next to them–they’re available for anyone who wants in!

Also, you may have to be 13 years or older to join some groups, so check the minimum age requirement before joining a Kik group. If you’re younger than 13, you can still use Kik for texting and sharing photos with friends, but you won’t be able to join public groups.

Check the privacy settings and the minimum age requirement.

  • Check the privacy settings of the group you are trying to join. If it is private, you will not be able to gain access.
  • Check if there is a minimum age requirement for joining the group (usually under 18). If so, then this may be why you cannot join


Kik groups are chat rooms where users can post memes or share opinions. It’s similar to Facebook groups in that it’s an online community where people can share similar interests or talk about life experiences. Joining Kik groups can also be challenging, so hopefully, this article helped you in a way!

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