What is Kik App? – Everything About Kik App

According to the current mass technology and innovation era, messengers and chat apps have paved their path into the mainstream very proficiently. There is not a single soul out there living their life without using a messaging app, whether it be simple messengers like Whatsapp or dating apps like Kik or Hinge. In this article, I will inform you about the Kik messenger and how you interact with people by using public groups and more! Let’s just firstly clear what Kik is. Kik is not only a dating app, but in general, it is just a messenger where you can interact with people according to your taste and liking. What’s more? Keep on reading to find out!

What is Kik App?

Kik App represents the mobile messaging application for Android and iPhone that young people use for communicating with friends in group chats or direct messages. The Kik app is similar to Viber, and WhatsUpand has 15 million monthly users.  The average age group actively using Kik falls between 13 and 24 years old (70% of users).

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Why Can’t I Join Public Groups on Kik?

One of the best ways to interact with people on Kik is through public groups. If you somehow cannot join public groups, there are several reasons. Here are the reasons.

Bad WiFi connection:
If you cannot join a group, it can be because of your slow or terrible internet connection. Sometimes servers lose connections or are timed out, so make sure you have a stable internet connection before joining a public group on Kik.

Banned from the group:
Besides bad WiFi, you would be unable to join a group on Kik if you were banned from it. Some other members may have reported you, which could have led to your ban on the group. Many users find this amusing, to other people’s dismay.

Reported group:
Another reason for your query could be that the group you are trying to join could be reported thrice by different members, resulting in the group vanishing from not only your sight but other members.

Usually, these 3 cases are not the only reasons you can not access Kik. To learn why you can not join Kik groups read our page.

How to Find Kik Groups?

To find public groups on Kik, follow the steps written below.

Step 1: First, download the Kik app from the Play Store or App Store.
Step 2: Open your Kik messenger app and log into your account by signing in.
Step 3: Click on the plus icon on the right-hand side of your messenger.
Step 4: Select the public groups’ icon, represented by a “#” sign. It enables the user to find other general chat groups.
Step 5: Under the popular heading searches, select an engaging topic. It will bring up a list of numerous public groups that are relevant to you that you can join. Or else, you can type any keyword into the search bar and filter the results by group.
Step 6: Select a group from the menu. It will take you to the chosen group’s page. You may browse the group members, images, and topics here or join the group chat.


How to Find Public Communities on Kik?

The method for finding public communities on Kik is given below in detail.

Finding public groups or communities is easy if you are a usual user of Kik messenger. As the article explained earlier, locating public groups per your preferences is straightforward. All you have to do is log into your Kik account, go to the plus icon, then further click on the public group icon and search for group chats that align with your liking and interest. Select the group you find the most interactive, join it and start engaging!

How to See What Kik Groups Someone is in?

Checking another individual’s Kik groups is not allowed in Kik Messenger as it goes against their guidelines and rules. Additionally, it also violates someone else’s privacy.

Being in a public group while staying anonymous can be the best way to interact. While on a darker note, privacy matters. If you want to spy on someone’s groups and check if they are active or not, you would not be able to do that. Kik is strictly against violating someone’s privacy, and they exactly inform each of their users to respect the community guidelines and stay anonymous. They also instruct its users not to pry on someone else’s account. You cannot see what Kik groups someone is in, but you can detect if the person who is in the same group as you are active or not. You can notice the letter R next to the messages you sent. If the R is there, that specific person is active and can read your messages.

How to Make a Group Chat on Kik?

As Kik is a messaging application for friends and strangers, two options are available for making group chats. Groups in Kik are accessible as either private groups or public groups. You can easily create both types of groups by following the steps enlisted under their respective headings below.

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How to make a private group on Kik:
Step 1: Open the Kik app on your phone, then sign in or log into your account.
Step 2: Click on the plus icon on the chat list on your Kik app’s default screen.
Step 3: Select the option of Start a Group from the options.
Step 4: Enter any name for your private group chat. If you want, you can upload a picture as per your preference.
Step 5: You would be able to see a text bar asking which friends you would like to include in this private group. Select friends from your friend list and have them in your group.
Step 6: From the top bar, click on start, which would initiate your private group.

How to make a public group On Kik:
Step 1: Open your Kik application and log into your account.
Step 2: Click on the plus icon shown on the chat list of your default screen.
Step 3: Upon clicking the icon, you can see options.
Step 4: Proceed to click on Public Groups, shown by a “#” sign.
Step 5: Now select the plus icon on the top bar.
Step 6: Type down a name for your public group and create a hashtag for it. You may upload a picture for your group if you like.
Step 7: Lastly, press the start button, which would initiate your public group.

How to Start a Public Group on Kik?

The exact method to create a public group on Kik is mentioned below in detail.

The details of starting a public group on Kik are given above. Nevertheless, this article would rephrase it quickly for your understatement. To create a public group on Kik messenger, all you have to do is log into your Kik app through your user ID and password, go to the plus icon on the chat list, go to options, and then further click on the hashtag of public groups. Proceed to select the plus icon from the top navigation bar, enter a name for your group and click on start. Ta-da! You just created a public group!

How to Delete a Kik Group?

To delete a group on Kik, go to the group you wish to delete, click on its name, and then proceed to the menu where you will notice an option saying Delete group. Proceed to click on it.

In many cases, users on Kik tend to leave certain groups as they merely grow out of it. If you are one of those people, then deleting groups can be a little tricky. First of all, it is vital to note that you cannot delete a group as a member. You can just leave the chat, but it would remain in your chat list, including the messages. However, deleting a group would be a piece of cake for you if you are the group creator. To delete a group as the creator, firstly open the group chat and then click on its name in the title bar. Upon doing that, go to the menu and select the Delete group option.

How Many Public Groups Can You Join on Kik?

At a time, you can at least join 50 groups on the Kik messenger, whether public or private groups.

If you are an individual with multiple interests, it is guaranteed that you will be joining more than five groups. Now, you may be questioning how many groups you can participate in Kik at a time. To be quite exact, the limit of joining public or private groups on Kik is about 50, which means that you can enter 50 groups on Kik centered around 50 topics and interests. Interesting, right?

Why is My Kik Not Working?

Kik app tends to malfunction and not work in many cases. Here are some possibilities you can try to kick your Kik back to life.

Make sure your WiFi connection is stable:
Whenever there is a bad internet connection, hardly any of the apps work correctly, and as a result, Kik won’t operate. Check to see if your internet connection is steady. If you are not receiving a solid WiFi signal, move to a place with a strong WiFi signal. If the issue is with your router, you could restart it. Unplug your router’s connecting wire for 15 seconds before plugging it back in. Before testing your internet signal, ensure your router’s lights are turned on.

Reopen your Kik application:
You may also try closing and restarting the app if Kik isn’t working. This will shut off your Kik messenger app and the many tabs section. Then launch your app and wait for it to load fully. This will completely reset your app and initiate it from scratch.

Update the Kik app:
If your Kik app continues to crash or is not logging in on your device, you need to update it. You must upgrade your Kik if there is an issue with the app that cannot be resolved by the measures mentioned above. Updating the app will fix any faults or errors you are currently experiencing. Aside from that, if the app requires an upgrade, it will stop supporting the device.

Clear the cache Kik:
Too many caches could be the reason for Kik not functioning correctly. If the app cache is complete, it will stop operating smoothly as it previously did. As a result, deleting the Kik app cache will fix Kik’s problem. However, clearing the Kik cache will delete all your saved data and information from the app. Your complete contact list, chat messages, and login information will be deleted as a result of this action. Hence, you should only use this alternative if all other options fail.

What Happens if the Owner Leaves a Kik Group?

When the group owners leave a Kik group, they immediately lose their title as the admin and go the group to other members. However, they would still be able to join it whenever they prefer.

Sometimes in many cases, group admins become sick of the public groups they created and leave them without short notice. When the admin leaves, their status as the group admins or owners is removed. As they are the ones who initiated the group in the first place, these admins are always allowed to join the group back any time they want.

Did Kik Remove Public Groups?

Yes, in a recent update, Kik seemingly removed the public groups feature on its app. You can now only access such groups through a group code or if a member adds you to the group.

Kik’s public group feature was disabled in a recent version. You would still be able to look for groups on older versions, but this feature will become outdated as users update their app. You would be able to join groups now if you scan a group Kik code, for example, from a friend, on a website, or the street or if any other user adds you to the group.

What Does Crown Mean on Kik?

The crown on Kik usually shows that the user is an admin or a moderator of one or two groups. Such admins and moderators have this green crown pasted next to their user pictures.

The crown next to some user’s profile picture, usually green in color, indicates that the user is either an admin or a moderator. Such users can be admins of groups of any kind. Typical Kik users can consult them about issues or problems on Kik.

What Does 3 Dots Mean on Kik?

Whenever your server is not connected to the device or if the internet signals are interrupted, Kik messenger will show you three dots.

Kik messenger is mostly an issue-free app, but it is open to any minor or major issues occurring at any given moment. Likewise, if you are experiencing a problem with your WiFi connection, then. As a result, your Kik app would be showing your three dots. Those three dots signify that your server is trying to connect with the internet or your device is not connecting to the app. This problem usually occurs with Kik users. Just as your connection is established again, a letter S would appear in place of those three dots.

Is Kik a Dating App?

Kik is not necessarily a dating app. It is just a simple messenger for strangers to interact on one single interest. People can find partners and dates on Kik if they want to.

As mentioned in the reading, Kik is simply a messaging app whose features include chatting with strangers or friends in public or private groups and accessibility to sending pictures, GIFs, stickers, and memes. Although Kik is a messenger, it is also widely utilized as a dating app, which can be quite concerning for parents as a young teenager is using it. Many people use Kik to find dating partners or just fun pals. It depends on how you intend to use it.

Is Kik Dead?

According to the CEO of Kik, the company has now left its messaging service behind and is now focused on producing crypto. Although the messenger is still not yet dead, you would be able to use it until it lasts.

It is sad but true; Kik is dead, but not yet! Kik messenger may no longer be the dynamo it once was, leading the company’s CEO to declare the app’s end. Legal issues and lawsuits have doubtlessly fueled Kik’s downfall. The creators of the messaging service are now working on its cryptocurrency, Kin. If you’re not interested in cryptocurrencies, you would probably be uninterested in what the firm does next. You can still use Kik Messenger as of today, so you still have a chance to leap before the app meets its end.

Is Kik a Cheating App?

No. Kik is not a cheating app. However, it can be used as a source for cheating on partners as many users utilize the app in the stated sense.

Just as Kik is used for dating, it can also be used as a cheating app. Many occurrences led to people cheating on their partners using the Kik app. To clarify this statement, it is not necessary that people solely use Kik just to cheat. As stated earlier, Kik is just a texting app, so if your partner is cheating on you, just remember that they can use any other software like Kik to cheat, not necessarily the Kik app. According to the reports, many people have abandoned Kik for the rumors of a cheating app, but in reality, it depends on the user if they cheat on their partners.

How Do You Scan the Code To Chat in Kik Room?

Kik needed to scan the group code before joining to join a group. Here is how you scan the code to chat in a Kik group.

Step 1: Open your Kik app and log into your account.
Step 2: Click on the plus icon from your main chat list.
Step 3: Tap on the button of Scan a Kik code.
Step 4: Direct your device’s camera on the Kik code to scan it. Upon doing so, you could join the group and chat with your fellow members.

How Do I Transfer Ownership Of a Kik Room?

Some occurrences lead to the transfer of group ownership to another Kik user. Follow the steps written below to do so.

Step 1: Open your Kik app and log into your account.
Step 2: Upon doing so, the chat menu will instantly pop up. Click on the group you want to transfer your ownership to somebody else.
Step 3: Next, click on the group’s name, which will take you to all the current members of the group.
Step 4: Tap on the user to which you want to transfer your group ownership.
Step 5: A menu with information will appear. Click on the option that says Promote to Admin.
Step 6: Confirm the promotion, which will transfer the ownership to that user.

Can You Be Tracked on Kik?

You cannot be tracked on Kik as it is against the messenger’s guidelines. While using the app, it is most preferred not to share personal information with any user unless they know you personally.

Kik Messenger messages are primarily untraceable. Kik has no access to content sent through the app, and any remaining data from messages so far have been deleted soon after they are delivered. Nevertheless, if a person’s actual user name is known, Kik can track some specific aspects of their Kik activity. A Kik Messenger user’s user name can be used to track their first and last names, birth date, profile photo, email address, smartphone data (such as brand and model number), and geographic location whenever they were logged into Kik Messenger, through IP addresses. If law enforcement requests it, Kik can keep this information for up to three months.

How Do You Find Private Groups on Kik?

To find a public group on Kik, simply click on the hashtag and find a private group of your choice. However, you can only be allowed to join after scanning the code for the private group.

This article mentioned that private groups are not as easily accessible as public groups. There is a specific Kik code that the users have to scan to join a private group. Before joining, you have to search for it, right?? The easiest way to search any private and public groups is by clicking on the group hashtag on your Kik messenger. That will show you all the possible options trending at the moment. Besides trending groups, you can also search a keyword for the group you would like to join based on your interest and likings. For instance, your search for “rock music.” Kik would display all the private or public groups which circle the rock music, ranging from Hendrix to Green Day. Select any group you want. Just note that to join a private group, you need to scan a Kik code supplied by the group admin or any member.

Can Police Track Kik?

Police would be able to track Kik messages if the case is severe and is considered a crime now. If any blackmailing or threats are involved, police will hack the Kik messages through their method of investigation.

If in some cases, the situation becomes too exploitive that it turns into a criminal case, law enforcement and police can easily track the accused Kik messages and texts relevant to the case. Per the policy published by Kik itself, police can track any threatening or blackmailing texts sent by predators to young teenagers or kids. Police and law enforcement have hacking abilities to access such texts and messages. They do not go around Kik users asking for accessibility to the messages involved in the case.

How Do You Get Unbanned From a Kik Group?

You would need to wait for the time limit of your ban to get unbanned from Kik. Of course, it is only possible when your ban warning comes with a time duration. But if you cannot unban yourself from Kik in some other, the user who banned you has the power to unban you.

To ensure a fun and safe atmosphere, social networks have specific community rules that members must obey when using the platform. Users who act in ways that violate these guidelines are frequently banned or suspended, however, on rare occasions, a user may be suspended without any purpose. If your suspension notice states a time limit, the only method to get your account back is to wait for it to expire. Now, what about lengthy bans? Unfortunately, there is no official way to appeal against your ban or suspension on Kik.

What Does Kik Stand For?

The term Kik is not an acronym. It does not stand for anything, but in reality, it was derived from the verb kick, where the developers thought of abandoning the third letter, making it excellent as a name for a messenger.

As you go through this article, you must now wonder, what does Kik even mean? According to the messenger’s creator, Kik does not stand for anything as it is not an acronym. They just came up with the term when thinking about cool names for moving things around. Furthermore, the developers mentioned that Kik was derived from the kick, and losing the letter c seemed extraordinary for a young generation.

Are Kik Groups Real?

Yes, Kik groups are real. These groups are divided into two types, which are namely private and public groups.

Kik is a messenger app where thousands of users interact, whether private or public, through Kik groups. These groups are indeed authentic as they consist of real people living all across the world. Kik allows you to interact with strangers living on the other side of the world. The innovation and technology have developed so much that it will enable you to chat with strangers you don’t even know, which is why Kik and its groups are confirmed.

Can You Video Call on Kik 2021?

Kik recently brought a new feature of video calls in the recent upgrade. You can now make video calls with up to five people in a group, six in total, including you.

Thanks to an upgrade, users of the messaging service Kik may now make video calls with up to six people. According to the developers, video chat was the most requested feature on Kik. Kik possesses almost 300 million active followers and claims to be used by 40% of American teenagers. Making video calls with a video that is no larger than a profile icon is possible. You can send GIFs, stickers, images, and text messages during video calls. According to the creator, the new tool accurately reflects how kids interact in real life today and builds on the app’s existing texting and group chat features.

What is Kik Mostly Used For?

Kik is most used for fun messaging with strangers in groups. You can join Kik groups related to your interests and chat with people who share this interest with you, whether it be about any kind of music, book, activity, or TV show.

Kik is a platform app that allows users to communicate with their relatives and pals in group chats or through direct messaging. Kik appears like any other instant messaging service at first glance. You can sign up with just an email address and a password, so there’s no need to provide a phone number. It’s free for iPhone and Android users who want to get their hands dirty. One of Kik’s advantages is its most alarming feature: it allows you to chat with strangers. You may find public chats to discuss any of your interests using the search option. You’ll get a notice from the Kik Team when you first sign in, followed by the opportunity to “Explore Public Groups.” These usually work with hashtags, but it does not matter if you are seeking people with similar interests or simply bored and want to meet someone new. Overall, Kik is a harmless app that allows you to converse with strangers from across the globe on different topics.

What Is Kik Tinder?

Whenever you receive invite messages from your friends on Kik, these texts would appear on Tinder with the phrases such as “Kik?” or even “Kik me.” This is called Kik Tinder.

Often when you receive messages from some user on Kik, they appear on social platforms like Tinder, Snapchat, or Instagram. These messages are mostly “Kik?” or “Kik me.” Whenever you receive such a message from Tinder, it would be then called Kik Tinder. On a side note, Tinder is also a messaging app like Kik, so whenever you receive “Kik me” messages, it is just an invitation for you from a friend to join Kik.

Can You Unsend Pictures on Kik?

On Kik, you can delete or Unsend a message containing a picture or anything else by pressing and holding the letter and tapping on delete.

You can Unsend or delete pictures, GIFs, stickers, or even simple texts on Kik before the user on the other end reads or sees them. Now the problem arises, how in the world do you Unsend a Kik message? To simply Unsend or delete a message, you have to click and hold on to the message you desire to Unsend, after which two options will pop up, paste or delete. Simply further click on delete to Unsend the message from both ends.

What is Blue Kik Chat Wiper?

Blue Kik Chat Wiper is an app that deletes all your messages on Kik instantly with just a click. It is a mod version of the original software.

Blue Kik Chat Wiper is a whole other story. First off, let’s discuss what even Blue Kik is. Blue Kik is a modified version of Kik, available to download across the web. It is an illegal version of the original app, but at the same time, the mod version does not dwell on criminal boundaries. On the other hand, a Blue Kik Chat Wiper is an app used to wipe chats completely in Kik or even in Blue Kik. The messages would be deleted instantly after you use the app, but remember that Blue Kik Chat Wiper is also an illegal, modified version of the original app.

How Long Do Messages Stay On Kik?

Messages on Kik tend to stay as long as two days on your chat history. You can only view a limited amount of texts on your Apple or Android phone.

Kik immediately deletes outdated messages. It does not store all your conversation histories and will erase old messages once you have reached the limit of how many messages you can keep on Kik. In the recent chats section of Kik for iPhone, you can only see the previous 1000 messages. Only the last 500 messages are visible in chats that have been open for more than two days. You can view the previous 600 messages in the conversations you had within the last two days on Kik for Android.

Does Kik Delete Inactive Accounts?

No, Kik does not delete inactive accounts. If you made a Kik account, it would stay there permanently. Your account would just be deactivated, not deleted.

As stated previously, Kik is a messenger where people around the globe interact anonymously. Kik can’t delete your account if you decide to log out and deactivate your account. If you were once a member of Kik, then your account will stay there forever. You can activate it again as per your preference or whenever you want.

Why Do Pictures Disappear On Kik?

Your photos on Kik will likely disappear if they are sent through the photobomb feature, which allows you to view the image only once before disappearing. Otherwise, issues such as a too big image or corrupted file can cause your photo to be deleted.

Many users complain that photos on Kik tend to disappear whenever they are sent. For one case, your pictures would disappear if they were sent through the photobomb feature. This feature includes viewing the photo only once, after which it will disappear. Secondly, the reason could be that the uploaded picture would be either too huge to fit in your device or has been corrupted in such a way that Kik’s software is confusing. On their side of the chat, the sender may have removed the picture, thus restricting Kik from displaying it to you. If you deactivate the Kik app or log out of your Kik account, your Kik pictures will instantly disappear.

Does Kik Notify When You Screenshot?

Kik has no feature that informs its users whenever a screenshot is taken, whether a text message or a picture. It is quite an alarming thing because you would not be able to know when somebody is screenshotting or saving your photos.

Regarding the concerns, Kik does not offer the feature of notifying its users when people on the other end screenshot your photo or text. As a result, someone giving you an image won’t be able to know if you saved or took screenshots of pictures. They will only see when you have received and read the text.

How Do You Recover Conversations On Kik?

Recovering old conversations and chats with pals on Kik is now very easy to do so by your phone’s cloud backup. Here are the steps for your guide. Check them out.

Step 1: Switch on your phone and go to the settings.
Step 2: Tap in your account username and password and log in.
Step 3: Click on Backup and Restore. Upon doing that, tap on Backup.
Step 4: Select Restore, and as a result, your Kik messages, including pictures and GIFs, will recover in your chats.

Can You Be Signed Into Kik On Two Devices?

You cannot be signed into Kik simultaneously on two devices as Google allows it. According to Kik, it is a safety precaution, and a user would be automatically logged out of one device if logged into another.

Per the Kik homepage, users can only have one Kik account open on their smartphones at any time, which is a safety measure. Whenever you want to log into your account on a different device, your app will log you out of the original and wipe your chat history to preserve your privacy. You will have to force a log out to switch phones. If you log out of Kik, your chat history will be erased, so be sure you don’t have any unanswered messages first!

Can You Recover A Deleted Kik Account?

It depends on the Kik user service if they can recover your deleted Kik account back or not. It could be possible if you have the affiliated email address and phone number to the account, but the chances are mostly as thin as the air.

Yes, you may be able to retrieve a Kik account that has been deleted. However, not all of the user’s account information will likely be recovered. If you have access to the account’s connected email address or mobile number, you can then be able to contact Kik support and ask them to assist you in recovering your account.

What Are The Dangers Of Using Kik?

The dangers of Kik include child abuse, blackmailing, underages forced to view explicit content, threats, and violation of privacy. Often such problems lead to kidnapping, rape, or murder.

Even though Kik is a harmless communication app, it can become dangerous and vile if handed to the wrong hands. Many Kik users are predators, leading to exploitive cases where teenagers are mostly the victims. Primarily used in America and Europe, this platform is widely used as a source of child abuse. On Kik, most users have complained about users sending explicit images to underage children, even going to the extent of blackmailing and kidnapping threats. The next issue with Kik is that law enforcement agencies can only receive limited information from users, making it incredibly difficult for law enforcement to hunt down the criminal if a youngster is proven to have been exploited on the platform.

Can You Be Anonymous On Kik?

One of the most critical Kik priorities is keeping its users anonymous, which gives an equal and fun experience for strangers to chat.

As mentioned previously, Kik is a messenger that allows teens or younger adults to chat anonymously with random strangers. That is, their names and vital credentials are not exposed. Staying anonymous on Kik is a safety factor, but sometimes, it also gives the predators an unfair advantage to remain anonymous and spy on young children.

Can People See Your Location Kik?

Yes, people you chat with on Kik can see your geographical location as the app allows.

Kik never allows users to share their personal information on Kik. However, the platform openly views its users’ locations, thus making other people see your location without any trouble.

What Do The S And Check Mark Mean On Kik?

The letter S with a check mark on Kik usually means that the user it appears next to has blocked you or they are currently offline.

Occasionally, a single letter S next to some messages means that the text has been sent, but in some other cases where there is a checkmark next to the letter S, it means that the user is either offline or has blocked you. Nevertheless, you can check if that is true by adding the user to a group. If you are unable to do so, this means that they have indeed blocked you.

How Do You Unfriend Someone On Kik?

Here is how you remove or unfriend any user on Kik.

Step 1: Open the Kik messenger and log into your account.
Step 2: Your chat list would pop up. Choose the user you wish to unfriend.
Step 3: Long tap on that user and then select delete.

How Do You Know If Someone Deleted Kik?

If a Kik user deletes their account, you would eventually know as their contact will not be available to add in groups, and you cannot chat with them.

It’s reasonable that a user might wish to delete their Kik Messenger account because it’s a private messaging service. However, there are situations when you are unsure whether or not someone has deleted their Kik account. If a user deletes their Kik account, they will no longer be able to be added as a contact. If you have been deleted from someone’s contact list, that person will appear in your “People you’ve chatted to” list.

How Do You Temporarily Deactivate Kik?

The method to temporarily deactivate your Kik account is given in brief below.

If you’re still hesitant about ditching Kik entirely but want to give yourself some time to think about it, you can temporarily disable it. To deactivate your account, go to the Kik app’s deactivation website and log in with your username and password. Next, tap the ‘Deactivate’ link and enter your registered email address. It would send an email to your verified address automatically. You must open that email and follow the instructions to disable your Kik account temporarily. You can reactivate your account by simply logging in again. However, you should know that even a temporary deletion keeps your username available to others.

Can I Read A Kik Message Without The Other Person Knowing?

You can read a text on Kik without letting the sender know you did so by turning off your internet connection. By doing so, you can view their message, but the sender cannot see this.

If you want to view messages without letting the sender know you read them, you can easily do so with a little clever thinking. You can view the Kik user’s messages by turning off your WiFi or switching your phone’s airplane mode.

In conclusion to this article, Kik is a unique and creative app for getting to know strangers from different parts of the world. It is easy to take to your Jamaican friend or pal living in Alaska. Besides the off-turns of the messenger, it is altogether an interactive app. Chat with your online friends through public and private groups, send GIFs and stickers, and more! While having fun, ensure you are not slipping into something vile and dangerous. Download the app yourself if you want to know how it works and why it’s so popular. You can simply deactivate or cancel your Kik account if you don’t like it! Have fun communicating!

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