Why Does My Vizio TV Turn On by Itself? – Fixed!

About Vizio TV

Vizio is a well-known and reputable American-based technological company founded in 2002. With integrated technology and faster results, the voice control and overall video performance are remarkably distinctive, rendering flexibility and control to users. In 2021, Vizio planned on upgrading its smart television, allowing users to stream, control, and share the content they enjoy. This update results in a faster video and audio system for an infinite range of entertainment series.

In addition to that, it has also introduced the all-new push-to-talk voice remote, granting users convenience and accessibility through voice input. This remote is linked to Vizio’s innovative feaVizio, which provides a smart home system and an enjoyable entertainment experience. The tech brand has ensured trouble-free access and smooth running of their technological products; however, users may experience hardware or software issues leading to troublesome broadcast concerns. These technical gizmos are programmed to entertain the viewers and undergo specific glitches impeding the normal operations of the TV set and similar devices. Some of the Vizio users have complained about the automatic on and off of the television set. This is a common glitch reported by most users, and it certainly does not mean the TV set is broken or damaged.

Vizio TV turns on by itself.

Why does my Vizio TV turn on by itself?
Vizio TV turns on by itself for the following reasons:

  • Internal CEC or HDMI settings cause problems.
  • The remote’s power buremote’sstuck.
  • Low battery power can cause random signals to be sent to a TV and turn the TV on.
  • VIZIO sleep timer causes a problem.
  • The cord device or any other attached device has malfunctioned.

How do we fix the problem when the Vizio TV turns on itself?

Usually, to fix a Vizio TV that turns on by itself, you need to restart it when you unplug it from the wall for 60 seconds. The next most frequent cause is CEC settings. Just go to Settings/System/CEC and Turn CEC off.


How do you fix a Vizio TV that turns on by itself?

To fix the problem, do the following steps:

  • Check remote batteries and change them.
  • Unplug your TV from the wall for 60 seconds.
  • If the cable box or gaming system sends a ‘Power On’ signal to your ‘V, you can press the menu key on the Vizio remote, choose System, choose CEC, and then turn off CEC settings. Go to  Settings/System/CEC and Turn CEC off.
  • If the streaming device or cord is causing the malfunction, you need to unplug all attached devices.
  • If the Vizio TV randomly turns on and batteries are not the problem, the problem can be a heat issue in either the power supply or the Video Processing Circuitry. Check whether the venting is blocked by dust or other items.


Before returning that brilliant TV set to the Vizio dealership or exchanging it, the problem can be fixed. The solution can be applied to other intelligent television sets of different brands. There might be a chance of the television remote being stuck or damaged. If this happens, the remote will instruct the intelligent television and switch it on or off at uncalled-for times. The best way to settle this predicament is to disassemble the remote and check for internal residues by cleaning it properly. Now and then, the gadgets experience a layering of dust or small particles that accumulate on the surface, disturbing the smooth flow and operation of a device. Even if the television is not showcasing any problem, it might be a good idea to give the remote a good clean and the other types of machinery mounted in the home. If dust accumulation is not the answer, then the remote batteries should be changed occasionally. When the batteries are low, the remote will not exhibit effortless function and randomly signal the television.

Additionally, other streaming devices might be causing the television to malfunction and operate troublesomely. Check for other connected devices, such as a Fire TV stick or Roku player, and unplug them for the whole night to evaluate the problem. If the problem persists, then there might be some expected damage in the device cord or input, asking you to replace it. Try disabling the HDMI CEC on the Vizio for a small interval to eradicate all the possibilities.

Most importantly, the Vizio television system must be updated and fixed for exemplary performance. Most Vizio television users have cleared the system settings, enabling them to overcome their automatic on-and-off problem. This can be performed by selecting the home screen option on the Vizio television settings. Scroll down and select ‘System’ followed by ‘Power Mode.’ If ‘the Power Mo’e is already set to Eco Mode, change it to QuickStart. After modifying the settings, wait a few days and check to see if the video is working smoothly and not turning on itself again. Despite following all the guidelines, if the Vizio TV is still turning on and shutting off again, reset your Vizio television. A factory reset can be an apprehensive move for the smart TV, but it will guarantee optimal results. It will also fix preexisting issues that are creating turbulence. You can reset the television by following the steps.

Go to the menu option from the Vizio remote and select settings, followed by the System. Select reset TV to factory default and type 0000 if asked for a password. Confirm the reset option, hit OK, and give ample time for the television to restart. Once the television has restarted, you must manually configure it again. However, it would be best if you were mentally prepared regarding the complete removal of previous data. Despite resetting the Vizio television, it’s time to ask the manufacturer whether the intelligent TV is still turning on and off without any instructions. Call the toll-free customer service number by text or chat live with the customer representative. They will provide you with troubleshooting instructions or offer you a free replacement.

The issue is mainly resolved by changing the old batteries or cleaning the remote. However, the internal configuration of the intelligent television needs to be modified occasionally for smooth running. A simple solution like unplugging the TV from the wall and turning it off and on again can also trick and tweak the primary setting in the television menu. If you are using a search protector, try to plug it directly into the wall outlet, and if it was already plugged into the wall, try another one. In most of the scenarios, HDMI CEC is the source of the predicament. CEC, the Consumer Electronic Control, connects other devices and controls each other through HDMI. For example, if you switch on your PlayStation, the CEC can automatically detect and turn on the television without using the manual remote. This can be sometimes convenient but at the same time create hassle and inconvenience through misinterpretation signals.

Technological-oriented systems and all-around entertainment structures are exceptionally competitive and asked for in the current times. A sedentary lifestyle has resulted in the mass production and manufacturing of entertainment systems and consoles that include television sets, smartphones, tablets, and soundbars programmed to deliver quality results with exceptional video and audio formats. Vizio is a comparable high-quality trademark that works towards providing entertainment in all kinds of formats.

Consequently, technological gadgets have penetrated the global market deeply through monthly subscriptions. These technological gizmos are rapidly evolving, leading to subjective consumer behavior and expectations linked to the overall purchase of products. Smartphones, tablets, and television sets have saturated the global mainstream market, and with time, this revolution is getting incredibly fast, innovative, and more affordable. These tools have significantly impacted the globalized world’s cultural, societal, and economic aspects. Most well-reputed brands, such as Samsung, Sony, and Vizio, have mass-produced sound, audio systems, soundbars, and bright television sets.

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