Viber Won’t Open in Windows! – Problem Solved!

The Viber Desktop application is an excellent tool for communication. You can type quickly, communicate with people, and simultaneously be in several Viber groups.

However, in the last several months, many users had problems with Windows 10 and 11. If your Viber does not work on Windows 10, or Windows 11, in this article, I will show you the solution how to fix Viber when it does not respond.

Problem – Viber opens and closes immediately

My problem with the Viber desktop was frustrating. Several times I installed the Viber desktop app, and I had a problem every time because Viber couldn’t not open in Windows even after a new installation. Sometimes, Viber can open after installation, but Viber opens and closes the next day immediately. So how to fix the problem?

How to fix the problem when Viber doesn’t open in Windows?

Suppose your Viber won’t open on the desktop. In that case, the problem is in the Windows registry files because Viber is running but not opening because of a low-level settings glitch in the Microsoft Windows operating system.

To solve the problem, you need to do the following steps:

  • Run the Desktop Viber app as Administrator (right mouse click and choose the “Run as administrator” option).
  • Viber opens and closes immediately. Problem exists.
  • Press CTRL-ALT-Delete, choose Task Manager and check if the Viber process exists. If a process exists, that means Viber is running but not opening.
  • Close the Viber process in Task manager (right mouse click and press “End Task”).
  • Go to Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features and Uninstall the Viber application from Desktop Computer.
  • In the search box on the taskbar, type Regedit, then select “Registry Editor” (Desktop app) from the results.
  • Go to the Edit menu and choose Find (or CTRL F).
  • Type Viber and press the “Find next” button.
  • Delete each key, value, and data one by one.
  • Press F3 to find the following key, value, or data and delete it.
  • The job is done when you search in Registry Editor and do not find any Viber-related key or data.
  • Install the new Viber Dekstop application.

Let us show the solution using images:

Fix Viber Desktop App – Steps and Screenshots

Step 1: Run the Desktop Viber app as an Administrator

run viber as administrator

Step 2: Check in the task manager for any Viber processes. If there is a stop Viber process (“End Task” ):

end Viber process in Task Manager

Step 3: Uninstall Viber:

uninstall viber from desktop

Step 4: Open Registry Editor:

open registry editor in windows to fix Viber Desktop


Step 5: Delete keys values and data in the registry Editor related to Viber:

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registry editor delete Viber keys values and data

Step 6: Delete keys and folders (after you delete, press F3 and delete the next one related to Viber). You will have around 20 keys to delete and one folder:

delete viber keys and data in registry editor 1

delete viber keys and data in registry editor 2

delete viber keys and data in registry editor 3

Step 7: When you manually delete all Viber keys and data, install a new Viber App.


The whole process of fixing Viber will take 10 to 15 minutes. Manually deleting is slow but effective. You will not have any problem with Viber Desktop anymore.


If you still have a problem, please read the rest of this article.

Fix Common Dekstop Viber problems

When you have a problem with Viber, one possible solution is to turn off any firewall or antivirus software that might be getting in the way of the app. Windows Troubleshooter can also use to find and fix the problem’s causes.


1. Exposed the Troubleshooter for Windows Store Apps.

  1. Hit the Windows key plus S.
  2. Type “troubleshoot” into the search field, and then get on “Troubleshoot settings.”
  3. Go to More ways to solve problems.
  4. Get on the Run the troubleshooter push button next to the Windows Store Apps troubleshooter you want to use.

When Viber is installed but won’t launch, you can use the troubleshooter to identify and address the underlying cause(s). An alternative is to use software designed specifically for this purpose. Restore is a comprehensive and easy-to-use program that will search your computer for broken or corrupted registry and system files and then restore them.

2. Please reset your Viber

  • To access apps and features, hit the Windows key + X.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose Viber and then go to Settings > Advanced.
  • To start over, select the corresponding button.
  • Again, click the Reset button for confirmation.

3. Do not run Viber as a regular user.

  • Initiate a start-up by clicking the “Start” button.
  • Find the Viber software.
  • To Run Viber as Administrator, right-click on it and select the appropriate option.

If you do not have administrative access to your computer, Viber may frequently crash. Try running it as an administrator if it doesn’t work.

Clear the Microsoft Online Store’s temporary files

  • To open the run dialogue, use the Windows key plus R.
  • Type reset to do a factory reset.
  • To proceed with the sentence, press the Enter key.
  • To clear the Microsoft Store’s cache, a command prompt will pop up for a second.
  • The next step is to reboot Windows.

6. Re-download and re-install Viber.

  • Press the Windows key plus X to access the Apps and Features menu.
  • It’s time to uninstall Viber, so choose it and hit the button.
  • To finish the procedure, follow the on-screen prompts.
  • After uninstalling the program, reinstall it.


The Windows program uninstaller may leave behind traces of Viber. To have a clean reinstallation without any errors, we recommend using CCleaner to locate and eradicate them.

Try to disable Windows Defender Firewall.

  • To access the Firewall settings, hit the Windows key + S. Pick Windows Firewall with Advanced Security.
  • To activate or deactivate Windows Defender Firewall, click the corresponding button.
  • Next, uncheck the box to Use Windows Defender Firewall and click OK.

Update the host’s file.

  • Type notepad into the Windows search box (Win+S). Launch Notepad in administrative mode by right-clicking the program and selecting Run as administrator.
  • Then select Open from the File menu.
  • Then, open C: \Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\
  • Select hosts, and then switch Text Documents to All files.
  • Then, modify the host’s file by appending to the final line.

Disable Firewall for the Viber app

Verify that Viber starts up and shuts down instantly on your Windows 10 device. Your firewall may be blocking the program if the problem has stopped occurring. You should turn on the firewall and configure it to your needs.

If you are using an external antivirus tool that also serves as a firewall, disable it. Clicking the right mouse button on the antivirus program’s tray icon will bring up a menu where you can switch off the program. Alternatively, you may enter the app’s main window and find a toggle or deactivate option.


If I uninstall Viber and reinstall it, what will happen?

There are no serious repercussions for using Viber. The same credentials that let you into the system will get you back in. Your contacts will also be safe. It would help if you backed up your conversations before uninstalling the program to avoid losing them.

They are possibly reviving Viber with the changes described above. If you find that additional UWP apps cannot launch, you may find that the remedies provided also apply to them. If the issue persists, please refer to our can’t launch Universal applications on Windows tutorial for further instructions on resolving this.

My Viber app won’t launch on Windows 11. What should I do?

The fixes above are all designed for Windows 10, but they should also function on the most recent version. Since the two systems are so comparable in terms of software, you can apply the strategies shown here to either. Remember that this isn’t only a Windows problem; several people have complained that Viber won’t launch on a Mac.

The registry file needs to be deleted before the new Viber app is installed!


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