How to Remove a PopSocket?

Practical mobile gadgets and their captivating accessories are a relatively new trend among teenagers and youngsters. Since smartphones are considered high-priced possessions, there are accessories through which users can make them more valuable and cherished assets. The mobile phone accessories consist of any hardware that is not directly imperative for the proper operation of smartphones.

They are not intended to be legally stipulated by the manufacturer. Typically, mobile phone accessories are used to assist by attaching and supporting tablets, smartphones, or other gadgets. These accessories depend on the model type, the make, and the exterior design of the smartphones, including their external support. Ranging from different interests, there are a variety of vouchers and sleeves available in various formats, colors, and shapes. Furthermore, skins, bumpers, personalized covers, fitted cases, protectors, screen protectors, body covers, and films are used to make smartphones look more appealing. They are further covered and adorned using leather cases sold by personalizing depending on individual preferences and likings. In addition, there are certain battery cases and indicated kickstands with pouch cases extensively available in the market. Spin pops are another catchy yet exciting feature mainly seen on the back of teenagers’ smartphones.

pop socket for mobile phone

What is a PopSocket?

A PopSocket represents a plastic circle accessory that you can attach to a flat phone (or any device) with a sticky adhesive. The primary purpose of the PopSocket is to give you more to hold onto while you use your phone, reducing the screen smash risk. Additionally, it sticks to the back of your tablet or phone and takes the stress off your fingers when you use the device.

How to remove the PopSocket?

To remove the PopSocket, please do the following steps:

  • First, sit on your bed and do all stages on the bed’s soft surface.
  • Next, take out a PopSocket to lie flat against the device (the phone screen lies on the bed).
  • Next, get underneath the base of the PopSocket and try to use your nails, spudger, or dental floss.
  • Once you have pulled the clip, lift the PopSocket in the opposite direction once it comes off.


How to remove the sticky PopSocket?

To remove the very sticky PopSocket, you can use dental floss. If you run the dental floss underneath the PopSocket, you will remove it from the phone case.

The PopSockets are generally considered beneficial to acquire a stronghold of the smartphone in one hand, simultaneously allowing you to text with the other. Still, it may require an upgrade based on the current phone model. iPhone case was equipped with a magnetic back panel on which PopSockets were less compatible and sticky with QI inductive chargers. If you wish to remove them, you would be required to clean the sticky adhesive gel that is usually used to stick the spin pop to the phone. This gel is efficient as it leaves no residue.

Can you reuse a PopSocket?

Yes, you can reuse a PopSocket and try sticky gel that doesn’t dry out. If your sticky gel dries out or you need to clean the phone surface, you can always add more gel.

How to make a PopSocket sticky again?

To make a PopSocket sticky again, you need to buy sticky gel such as 3M Sticky Adhesive. However, sometimes it is enough to clean dirt from the device, rinse with water, and dry for a few minutes.


Remove MagSafe PopSocket.

The innovative PopSocket directly attaches itself to the ring of magnets present on the backside of the iPhone 12. This PopSocket allows users to use the phone hassle-free as it does not create obstacles with wireless chargers. However, if you wish to remove them, the process is more straightforward than clearing out the PopSocket with adhesive Jules. Since MagSafe PopSocket sticky attaches to the magnet, they can be quickly removed and replaced with hardly any effort. However, the only limitation is that the magnetic back panel is not robust compared to the adhesive gel.


Now let us see exciting facts about PopSockets:


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Who invented the PopSocket?

Former philosophy professor David Barnett invites a PopSocket, and it was first launched in 2014. After that, a PopSocket was sold over 230 million pieces in 75 countries.

Let us see how the PopSocket was invented:

David Barnett had a problem with his iPhone earbuds that kept on tangling. So he solved that problem by sticking buttons to his phone case. After that, he invented a PopSocket and launched the company in 2014.

Where to place the PopSocket?

The best place to put a PopSocket is at the center of your device (tablet or phone). However, you can set whenever you like, but please be aware that if you put PopSocket too high on your device, you will not type the text correctly.

Do PopSockets stick to silicone cases?

No, PopSockets can not stick well on silicone cases because soft cases or cases with many textures and silicone material are not suitable adhesive surfaces.


Other accessories for smartphones

If you wish to make your smartphone fancier, you can add phone charms, along with a selfie stick and tailored cover to make them fancier.

Holsters can also protect smartphones and other devices through rubber padding. The corners are made of plastic with fewer sharp corners to shield the devices. Furthermore, robust phone cases are specially designed to protect the devices from scratches and heightened falls.

The different varieties of standing kickstands make the devices stand upright. They are usually present with clasps and can grab the smartphone at flat or steep angles. The flat angle is generally referred to prevent the device from tipping over. The vertical trajectory is preferred to view content on the device.

Anti-lost devices

Nowadays, anti-lost devices are available in the market that can recognize and identify any smartphone with the help of GPS and Bluetooth. If the user is within the phone’s Bluetooth range, the anti-lost device and the smartphone will notify the user. These devices are also used to take photographs through Bluetooth.

Phone Charms

Teenage girls use these charms to decorate their smartphones and tablets. They are straightforward to use as they can directly be attached to a strap or direct insertion into the jack plug.

Selfie sticks
If you are a selfie lover, then you can purchase the handheld elongated selfie sticks that can be used to take photographs at a more extended range. These sticks are used when human arms are inaccessible to reach a distance. Therefore, sticks can be used to take pictures at unavailable angles.

Smartphone tripods.

Tripods are used to hold the iPhone in one place without the presence of any vibration or movement. The smartphones can be easily fixed on a constant location on the ground allowed to use this to capture photos and make videos without any disturbance.

Other common mobile accessories

Cases, protectors, cars, cables, chargers, Mobile holders, VR headsets

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