How to Remove Dry Erase Marker from Clothes?

Children or maybe adults tend to get marker stains all over themselves, especially their clothes. Washing wet markers from garments is a piece of cake, but removing dry-erase marker stains from clothes is pretty hard. So, without further ado, here are some easy and quick steps you can carry out to remove dry-erase marker stains.

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In this article, we will analyze how to remove stains from clothes.

dry erase marker on clothes

How to Remove Dry Erase Marker from Clothes?

The best way to remove dry-erase markers from clothes is to either rub rubbing alcohol on the stain or treat it with a common stain remover.

  •  First, take some paper towels, place them face down on a table, and ensure no creases.
  • Gently place the stained garment on the spread-out paper towels. The stained side should be placed right on the paper towels, with its unstained back facing you.
  • Carefully rub alcohol near the stained area and not on the area itself. You would see the marked spot from the back, so gently apply alcohol there. You can do so with a sponge.
  • Spread alcohol on the marker-smeared spot carefully and slowly. Ensure you’re applying the liquid from the back of the garment while using a sponge.
  • Carry on dabbing the spot. If the paper towels get too wet, keep changing them. Sometime later, you’ll see the stain disappearing.
  • After the cloth is stained-free, rinse it nicely with clean water and treat the garment as usual.

Following these steps will remove your stained and smeared problem. If these steps seem tiresome or time-consuming, you can also get rid of dry-erase marker stains by treating the cloth with a stain remover and washing it as usual.


Are Dry Erase Markers Washable on Clothes?

Dry-erase markers are not water-washable on your clothes or any furniture. They are permanent markers, and their ink is nonwashable and can be used for any garment. However, you can remove dry-erase markers on clothes using stain removers or rubbinnonwashabler vinegar.

Dry-erase markers, or their stains on our clothes, are nonwashable and nonwashable all over our garments very quickly. These marker stains are inclined to be more troublesome and do not wash off. Still, you can remove the stain if you are miserable with it by following the steps mentioned above. The thing is, dry-erase markers are produced very differently from wet ones.

First and foremost, dry-erase markers are not water-soluble, meaning that the underwater marker stain cannot be dissolved, hence not getting removed or cleaned. These dry-erase markers are intended to be used anywhere but in clothes. They’re handy on non-porous surfaces or materials, such as glass, plastic, coated or non-coated metals, or even polished or varnished wood. Because these dry-erase markers are used on the discussed materials, they’re meant to be made, not washable. Their inks have release agents, or mold release agents, which tend to prevent them from bonding to other materials, or their inks might contain, and they indeed do these water-insoluble pigments. When these mold-release agents and pigments come together on a cloth, their particles get fixed together and trapped on the fiber, resulting in a water-insoluble, unpleasant-looking, smeared stain on your garment. Even if these stains are not washable, they can be removed using the abovementioned steps.

What Dissolves Dry Erase Marker?

Various liquids dissolve dry-erase marker ink. These include householy, nail polish removers, alcohol, vinegar, and more.

Although dry erase markers are insoluble in water, meaning they do not dissolve in water, these markers and their stains can be dissolved by other naturally found or artificial liquids. Dry-erase markers, such as permanent or liquid chalk markers, are known for staying “permanently” where you apply them. This is partially true, as water cannot remove them, which you’ve seen or probably tried out by now. But these markers and their splotches can be detached from your surfaces, furniture, skin, clothes, or materials by selective liquids, including everyday household products you can quickly access. These removers include the following:

  • Hand sanitizers contain faint amounts of alcohol to help you swipe the stains out quickly from your affected material or object.
  • Nail polish removers are known as non-acetone liquids by nature and can easily prevent and clean dry-erase marker stains from your desired surface.
  • Even if you simply rub alcohol on the splotched surface, it will effortlessly remove the dry-erase marker stain from your garment or any other object you’re trying to wipe clean.
  •  Peroxides are also helpful, as they naturally contain and are usually used for stain removal. Products like bleaching liquid or powder, hair dyes, mouthwash, or toothpaste can help.
  •  Vinegar, which is typically found in your kitchen, can be used to remove stains and cook. However, vinegar has proven quite challenging regarding marker stain removal, especially dry-erase ones.
  • Hair sprays can also remove dry-erase stains more quickly than expected.

The dry-erase marker blemish cleaners above are mostly household products you can find lying around in your house. If you’re short of them, most of the mentioned products come cheaply. Nonetheless, you could clean off dry-erase marker imperfections even if they are water-repellent.

How Do You Get Dry Erase Marker Out of Clothes without Rubbing Alcohol?

If you do not want to use alcohol on your clothes to remove the dry-erase marker blotch, you can use oil soaps, vinegar, or milk to remove the stain.

As mentioned under the headline above, you can clean your dry-erase marker-stained garment without rubbing at orbit in many ways. You can do so by applying oil soaps to your clothes. Oil soaps contain unsaturated fatty acids, which remove permanent marker stains, whether on your shirts, jackets, socks, or even pants. If oil soap does not help, then try using milk. It may sound humorous, but using milk can make the unpleasant stain from your clothes disappear. Other usual family or household products like hairsprays, nail polish remover, vinegar, non-acetone liquids or powders, and even hand sanitizers can lead to an unstained, pretty-looking garment that you had before getting its dry-erase marker stained. Gently applying any of the mentioned products would quickly solve your everyday problem.

To conclude, dry-erase markers are burdensome and impossible to remove with water, as they are naturally not soluble in water. This fact can be noted, and you can remove dry-erase markers from your clothes in many other ways without the use of water, such as applying alcohol, using hand sanitizers, or vinegar, whichever you prefer. Dry-erase markers, like permanent markers, can come in handy but can cause a mess if not handled with care.

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