How to Cheat On Candy Crush?

Candy Crush Saga is as sweet and addictive as the sweets it includes. It’s a great way to pass the time when you’re feeling down and out. A simple Bejeweled clone now competes for your attention and money on the internet, Facebook, and on your gadgets. A freemium like Candy Crush Saga may quickly develop into a costly addiction.

Candy Crush

In-app purchases allow King, the game’s creator, to make money from a free-to-play title like this. Using all of the Candy Crush cheats, tips, tricks, and advanced methods accessible to you is crucial if you want to get to the top of the leaderboard without spending a lot of money, and we’ve put them all together right here.

What are some Candy Crush Tips To Win every time?

There are many tips available online that can help you win many levels. These tips include: Start From the bottom, don’t use suggested moves, constantly reshuffle your candles, use fish booster at last.

The Start From bottom tip may seem obvious to most of you, but even the most seasoned Candy Crush gamers sometimes overlook it when rushing to the next level. Always start from the bottom part of the board. It is because breaking the bottom candy leads the candies above to fall, causing a cascading effect. It essentially gives you more free movements and opportunities for strong combinations. So make sure you have a good start by starting from the bottom.

Don’t use suggested moves is a crucial piece of advice that most people are unaware of. If you don’t make a move within a particular length of time while playing a level, the game will propose a move for you to make. The movements they recommend are usually random and aren’t intended to help you make a wise decision. So it’s to your best advantage to ignore the move and find a move that you’d want to make.

Re-arranging the candies on the board without losing a life is a terrific technique. Hit the exit button, so you’re attempting to beat your mobile device at the beginning of a level. It is best utilized when you initially launch the game since you can tell from the location of the candies that this level will be significantly more challenging. It’s a clever strategy that allows you to re-arrange them without sacrificing a life. It isn’t beneficial only when you’re playing a timed level because the game has already begun.

You may always check your progress by pressing the ‘Quit’ button while playing a level. Don’t worry; this doesn’t imply you’ll have to abandon the current level. You’ll be asked whether you’re sure, and once you’ve double-checked your progress, you may press the ‘X’ button rather than leave. It will inform you how many jellies you have left until you finish the level, for example. It can be helpful when you don’t know how much longer you have to travel to fulfill the level’s objective.

Another suggestion can be helpful in various situations yet may appear to be self-evident. However, believe it or not, not everyone is aware of this. So, if the level you’re on requires you to remove particular items to complete it, do that first – always. It implies you should destroy licorice, meringue, or chocolate as fast as possible if they want you to.

Make sure that you should destroy the time bombs primarily. It is usually beneficial to play the fish candy booster last when playing a level, and it is especially true if you’re at a jelly level. Make careful to utilize the fish candies at the very end of the level, as they will go after any lingering jellies. If you have any hard-to-reach jellies remaining, they will seek them out in the hopes of assisting you in completing the level. Sure, it’s applicable on other levels, but try to save them for the jelly levels.

How to Get Free Boosters in Candy Crush?

There aren’t many methods to acquire free boosters in the Candy Crush app besides the daily spin wheel. But if you log in to your Facebook account from your computer and play, then you have a high chance of getting free boosters. Not only do you earn boosters more frequently in the Facebook version of Candy Crush, but the levels also appear to be easier for some reason. It is beneficial if you’ve been stuck on a level for a long time.

Candy Crush now offers a daily spin to aid in the collection of boosters. Over time, you may accumulate these boosters, so be careful to gather them all. On the main map menu, beneath where you view your life count, you’ll discover the daily booster wheel. Candy Crush now offers a daily spin to aid in the collection of boosters.

Over time, you may accumulate these boosters, so be careful to gather them all. On the main map menu, beneath where you view your life count, you’ll discover the daily booster wheel. Of course, using hacks or methods, you may obtain gold bars in various ways. However, the focus of this essay is on the most “legal” process of getting these boosters.

You may get boosters for free in a variety of methods. Completing 10 levels in several games can grant you boosters, which will replenish your life. The +3 moves booster is only accessible when a Facebook or buddy delivers it to you. If you want to acquire eternal lives in Candy Crush Saga, you’ll need boosters.

By altering the date, you may earn unlimited lives in the game. The date you choose can influence whether or not you get a booster in the game. You may buy infinite boosts with in-app purchases in addition to the life option. You can obtain a new boost on level 2022 and get free lives for a limited time if you set the date to 2022.

By moving the date forward in the game, you can get a limitless number of lives. You’ll gain endless boosters, cash, and lives if you do it this way. The additional bonuses might make the game a lot simpler. You can also use the color bomb and jellyfish boosters to assist you in accomplishing the level. You will always be able to enjoy the game in this manner. You can play the level when you have an additional boost and don’t have to worry about how much you’ve spent.

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Can Candy Crush be Hacked?

You cant hack the game entirely. If you’re playing Candy Crush Saga on Android or iOS, you can cheat a little and trick the game into believing time has passed when it hasn’t. You will need to change the time on your phone. But you can’t cheat the game by using a root, jailbreak, or installing anything.

As much as it may be tempting, services and programs claiming to hack your Candy Crush account or offer in-game items like extra lives, boosters and money are almost always a ruse. It doesn’t matter if it promises you free lives or the ability to skip Candy Crush levels if you don’t trust the source. You may lose all your hard work even if one of these services succeeds. If King finds out you’re using it, your account will be suspended.

How Can I Hack Candy Crush Lives?

Candy Crush, Two Dots, and other games with a ‘wait or pay’ feature make it easy to get a free additional life. In reality, by employing this easy time-changing hack, you can get many candy crush lives.

Candy crush hack steps are:

  1. Play Candy Crush until you’ve used up all of your lives.
  1. Click on The Home Button and select Settings from the drop-down menu.
  2. Select General > Date & Time from the drop-down menu.
  3. Turn off the Set Automatically button.
  4. To access the Date & Time Picker, tap the Date and Time below.
  5. To advance the time, use the Picker’s wheels. Moving the day wheel (on the left) to tomorrow is typically the best option.
  6. Press the Home button and then hit the Candy Crush symbol to start the game. Check whether you have an additional life. If not, you’ll have to move the time ahead.
  7. Set Automatically back to On by going to Home > Settings > General > Date & Time.

Candy Crush and similar iOS apps usually offer you a few lives per day and then have you wait for hours for more. You may also purchase more lives for a fee. But since you don’t want to do that, waiting for extra lives in Candy Crush might be aggravating, especially when you want to play. By altering the clock on your iPhone, you can avoid waiting for extra lives in Candy Crush.

How Do You Get Unlimited Lives on Candy Crush Without Changing the Time?

There are not many ways to get unlimited lives in candy crush. But opening candy crush in one tab and candy crush saga in another can help.

Play until you’re down to one life. Ensure you’re paying attention since this method will only work if you’re down to your final life! Because everything is run on a central server, gaining un-limited lives in the Facebook version is not feasible. Any website that claims to offer unlimited life is a ruse. Create a new tab in your browser—open Candy Crush on a new tab in your browser when you’re down to your last life. In a new tab, open Candy Crush Saga. Go to Facebook and tap “Candy Crush Saga” in the left-hand sidebar in the other tab. Do not begin to play the level.

In the first tab, play the game. If you lose your final life on the first tab, move to the second tab for a second chance. If you lose your final life before the battle is over, exit the tab and play Candy Crush Saga on Facebook in a new window. You may do this indefinitely as long as you start a new tab and close the previous one before the life counter reaches zero.

Waiting 30 minutes for further life in Candy Crush might be aggravating. Fortunately, there are a few options for getting over the time restriction without paying for additional features. On Android, iPhone, or iPad, this explains how to gain infinite lives. You can also obtain one free additional life if you have access to a computer with Facebook.

How Can I Skip a Level in Candy Crush?

You can skip a level in candy crush by visiting various online cheating websites like The website doesn’t guarantee a 100% success rate, but you can try it once.

If you’ve paid additional lives and boosters to get through a level, you’re a Candy Crush junkie. We Candy Crush gamers should try to exercise moderation, but a frustrating level can quickly get the best of us. We want to reveal a simple method that can provide gamers limitless lives, tickets, and more at the risk of being facilitators for Candy Crush junkies. You won’t have to send a bombardment of friend requests that no longer serve as a cry for assistance!

Leave the Candy Crush app open after a challenging level has spent your life, and close the app by hitting the home button. Go to your device’s settings and change the time/date to deceive the app. You will restore the number of lives remaining in Candy Crush if the date is advanced by one day. When you return to your Candy Crush app and find that all of your lives have been restored, go back to settings and correct the time and date on your clock. Players are free to take advantage of this little trick as many times as they choose.

Another excellent Candy Crush method is a time-saving hack that allows you to swiftly bypass all of the difficult levels. Imagine going from level one to level 200+ in a single day! The cheat begins in the same way as the endless life trick: minimize the Candy Crush app by pressing the home button. The following section is all new: go to  on your smartphone or tablet’s browser. You will enable the “Click To Skip Current Level” option, and the website will detect and intervene if your app is running. A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm using the Candy Crush Saga Cheats software.


Overall, candy crush is a beautiful and fun playing game. Candy Crush Saga isn’t like other match-3 games, and it’s a game for people who like to think. While the game’s purpose is similar to those of other gem-matching games, it forces players to consider before killing tasty candy. The goals differ from one level to the next.

Some levels demand players to score X points in 20 to 30 moves, while You must finish others by eliminating jellies from blank spots. Matching the proper candies to accomplish tasks, gaining points, and ranking in the online leaderboard are all part of the game. The first few levels are simple to complete, but levels 35 and beyond can be challenging. Happy Playing!!!!

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