How Can I See Who Shared My Post on Facebook?

With the newly launched approaches of collective websites and platforms, distinctive and similar communities have merged, making this world a globalized place. Consequently, the rendezvous of individuals and societies worldwide has cultivated a remarkable yet unbelievable transformation in communication channels through interaction, content sharing techniques, and collaborative inputs.


You need to log in and sign up through your credentials to create a Facebook account. Once you have created a new profile, you can communicate, interact, collaborate, post photos or videos, and share them amongst your friends.

How can I see who shared my post on Facebook?

The quickest way to see who shared your post on Facebook is to check your notifications in the top right corner and see the latest info. Additionally, you can visit your Facebook post and review the post number of shares below. When you click on “Shares,” you will see people who shared this”. However, for old posts, you need first to search for your post (article-related query) and then to check the share number and persons who shared the post. 

facebook share number

When you click “agree,” you will see:

people who shared post on Facebook

How to see who shared your post on Instagram?

To see who shared your post on Instagram, you need to look for reshares number. First, you need to find the wished position at your profile, choose “View insights,” and press three dots in the upper right-hand corner of your article. When you click “View story Reshared” you will get “Current Public Reshares,” representing your post share number.


How to see if someone shared your photo on Facebook?

To see who shared your photo, the best way is to go below your image and look for “Sahres”. Then, if you click on the number of shares, you will see a page ” people who shared this.”

Facebook allows users to post statuses, current updates, photos, and videos, which can be reshared by anyone in yo-friendslist ist or any user-provided the settings are public. There are different ways to identify the number of reposts of your post. However, users may need to be mindful about the particulars of this process they are using for Facebook.

To sum up :

Check notifications

One of the easiest ways to keep track of any Facebook activity is through notifications. The app will instantly provide you with an alert if any activity has been conducted on your account. So if you have recently posted or shared something and it has been reshared, your notification tap will alert you. Similarly, the notifications will let you know about the exact timings and the person’s name along with his profile. To view your notifications, tap on the alarm belt, which is present on the top corner of the page. Depending on your Facebook settings, you will receive these notifications via email.

Go to the original post.

You can also click on the photo or post that you have shared to view the exact number of the posts. For this, you need to visit your profile and click on the original post by scrolling down on your profile. Just underneath the original post, you will come across the exact number of shares. Then, you can click on the number of shares and retrieve more information about the total likes, comments, and even the names of profiles on which the post have been shared. However, depending on the profile’s privacy settings, you may not see the users’ terms.

Find through old posts.

If you are interested in finding out in-depth details of the post that happened a long time ago, it may require extra effort from your side.

For this, you need to go to the search box and type in any keywords or names linked to that old post. Then, on the left-hand side of the page, you will come across a category seeing posts by you. This will generate a list of your old posts and reveal the exact number of shares on them. In this way, you can also visit your friend’s profile and check out their status or updates regarding the same keyword or phrase mentioned in the search box.

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The guidelines mentioned above were to identify the number of shares on your profile; however, you can also assess and check your friend’s claim through a public post or photo. For this, you need to select the post on any Facebook page or your friend’s profile. Then, like share and view the entire list of profiles that have shared that post. Once again, Facebook is highly respectful of an individual’s privacy, so if you cannot view the total number of shares on a public post, that is probably because of strict and rigid personal privacy settings.

Reinforcing security on Facebook

It is always advised to strengthen social media accounts to prevent hackers and online fraud exposure. Protect your information and content by creating a login approval. This will make logging in from a new browser or device extremely difficult and next to impossible. You can also add trusted contact selected through Facebook friends giving them the authority to gain access.

Unique features of Facebook

Facebook users have enjoyed an extensive friendliest and enjoyable social life. With unique and innovative features, users can socialize virtually and be a part of any virtual event. Facebook is famous for the following:

  • Timeline
  • Embed posts
  • Social plug-ins
  • Events
  • Birthdays
  • Newsfeed
  • Like button
  • Facebook posts
  • Messenger
  • Photos

Apart from these features, Facebook is constantly revamping its features, applications, and website. Consequently, Facebook has remained at the top of the list compared to other social media players. As a result, Facebook is the progressive and up-to-date social media tool competing globally.

Facebook can be used to perform other incentives and functions which are less evident. From Facebook Livestream to the hidden messenger, you can choose a successor for your Facebook account after your death. In addition, users can add extra features to boost their account security and tighten it further to secure themselves against hackers. Lately, Facebook has asked you to create an interest list including posts from multiple sources of platforms, websites, companies to generate a streamlined feed that can be accessed by scrolling down and clicking to interest s. Facebook can also be used to send money. As long as the debit card of the sender and receiver is active and operational, payment can be made to buy products through Facebook.

Despite their popularity, Facebook and other social media platforms are also associated with drawbacks. Stalking, fear of missing out, addiction, and privacy invasion are some of the common problems that are linked with increased and unregulated usage of Facebook or any other social media outlet, for that matter. Therefore the consumption of these websites should be appropriately managed and monitored to promise healthy usage for users.

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