How Do I See Hidden Information on Facebook Marketplace?

When we talk about social media, the first name that pops into our mind is Facebook. Sure, there were few social media sites before Facebook, but this platform made everyone aware of what social media exactly is. From teenagers to golden-agers. Everyone found Facebook to be very useful in engaging and socializing with people. 

This platform paved the way for other social media platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram. As a result, Facebook has grown in popularity and has expanded its network by successfully acquiring WhatsApp and Instagram. In addition, Facebook expanded its platform by introducing the Facebook Marketplace in 2015. 

Read this article to find out what Facebook Marketplace is and how you can see the hidden information on this platform. 

Introduction to Facebook Marketplace 

Facebook Marketplace was initially introduced as a retail platform where sellers can list their products to sell them to potential buyers. As brief as it may be at the beginning of the launch, Facebook Marketplace has grown into a merchant selling platform. Unlike other e-commerce platforms, buyers and sellers can interact through Facebook messenger and visit and verify each other’s accounts on Facebook. This interactive feature has made the change of information easy and efficient. 

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As per records, Facebook Marketplace accommodates more than 900 million users. With many Facebook users, they are using it even as social media only allows sellers to engage with more buyers and expand their customer reach.

The Marketplace is evenly convenient for buyers to filter the category of products they want to buy. In addition, they can further narrow their search according to the location, distance, etc. 

How to access Facebook Marketplace?

To access Facebook Marketplace, you need to click the Marketplace icon in your app or click the link in the main menu on the Facebook website. However, if you have less than 18 years, you will not see Facebook Marketplace. Sometimes, you need to reinstall the app if you do not see the Marketplace link.


Benefits of Facebook Marketplace

The following are some of the benefits that Facebook Marketplace offers to its users:

  • It can help a seller gain an extensive customer reach, especially at the beginning of the business. As a new seller, they may not have enough marketing resources, but the mass reach due to Facebook’s popularity will help the seller get a good head start.
  • The buyers can use the filters available on the Marketplace to narrow down their search for a product. The filters that Facebook Marketplace offers are — the category of products, location, and the radius in which the product is available.
  • Buyers can not just look at the products listed on the market but also chat with the sellers to gain more information about the products before purchasing.

How Do I See Hidden Information on Facebook Marketplace?

To see Facebook Marketplace’s hidden information on your desktop computer, you must modify your link. First, you need to remove “www.” from the link and instead add “m.” In that case, Facebook will be your desktop computer seen as a mobile phone, and you will see the seller’s mobile number, which you can use to contact them for buying their products.

The desktop version of Facebook is a little different from its mobile version. There are some activities or features that you can access on the mobile app version, but not on the desktop version. One of these features is the hidden information in the Facebook Marketplace. When you open the Marketplace on your mobile app, it displays the contact details, so you can directly make a call through the mobile app. However, this information is hidden on the desktop site because it does not support it.

The task is straightforward. You have to replace ‘www’ on the website link with ‘m’. This will direct you to the mobile version of the Facebook Marketplace, where you can see hidden information like contact details. 


Facebook has proved to be a prosperous place to connect distant relatives or friends or connect sellers with potential buyers. This versatile platform helps you talk, learn, share, celebrate, and even buy or sell. All these activities that are available on a single platform make it a preference of people worldwide.


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