153 Best Needs and Wants Examples

What are some needs and wants in life? What are my needs and wants?

Understanding the concept of needs and wants.  

The concept of needs and wants is related to a human being. Therefore, needs are essential to human existence, and wants are the pure desires humans think of.

There is a vast difference between both needs and wants. If you are unaware of this fact, this article will help you understand the whole concept in-depth.

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What are needs and wants?

Needs vs. wants definition.
A “wants” represents a term that refers to a strong desire to possess or do something. The term “needs” is defined as a lack of the means of subsistence and represents things we must have to survive, such as food, water, and shelter.

difference wants and needs example

Difference between needs and wants with examples

What is the difference between need and want?
The main difference between need and want is that “want” is a desire to possess or do something that is not essential for a person’s life, and needs are critical rather than just desirable. This is because wants and needs are economic terminologies, but your life needs are essential while “wants” are something to wish for.

The difference between needs and wants is that need is necessary for an organism to live a healthy life, and want is a wish or a desire for something. For example, needs are water and food and want a house, material things, goals, and desires.

153 Needs and Wants Examples

Need as necessaryWant as desire
Self-actualization & TranscendenceAbility to Love Unconditionally
Aesthetic NeedsAccess to Nature
Self-actualization & TranscendenceAdventure
Temperate EnvironmentAir Conditioning
AirAir Purifiers
Aesthetic NeedsArt
Belonging & ConnectednessAvoidance of Criticism
Belonging & ConnectednessAwards & Recognition
Play & MovementBicycle
Cognitive NeedsBooks
HydrationBottled Water
Cognitive NeedsCaffeine
Play & MovementCar
AirClean Air
SleepClean Environment
HydrationCold Drinks
Belonging & ConnectednessCommunity
Belonging & ConnectednessComradery
Belonging & ConnectednessConfidence
FoodConvenience Food
Cognitive NeedsConversation
Aesthetic NeedsCoolness
Belonging & ConnectednessCountersignaling
Aesthetic NeedsCreative Expression
Cognitive NeedsCultivating Intelligence
Cognitive NeedsCultivating Talents
Belonging & ConnectednessCulture
Play & MovementCycling Roads
Cognitive NeedsDebate
Belonging & ConnectednessDegrees & Certifications
Cognitive NeedsDevelopment
HydrationDiet Soft Drinks
Cognitive NeedsEducation
Belonging & ConnectednessEmotional Expression
Belonging & ConnectednessEmployment
Belonging & ConnectednessEngagement
Cognitive NeedsEntertainment
AirEnvironmental Regulations
Play & MovementExercise
Play & MovementExercise Equipment
Cognitive NeedsExperimentation
Belonging & ConnectednessFamily
Belonging & ConnectednessFashion
FoodFast Food
FoodFine Food
HydrationFlavored Coffees
Cognitive NeedsFree Expression
Self-actualization & TranscendenceFreedom & Independence
Self-actualization & TranscendenceFreedom of Expression
Play & MovementFreedom of Movement
Self-actualization & TranscendenceFreedom of Speech
Belonging & ConnectednessFriendship
Aesthetic NeedsGardening
Belonging & ConnectednessGrades
Self-actualization & TranscendenceGrowth
Play & MovementGym Membership
Temperate EnvironmentHeating
Belonging & ConnectednessHigh Salary
Belonging & ConnectednessHigh Status Brands
Belonging & ConnectednessHigh Status Friends
Play & MovementHighways
HydrationHot Drinks
AirHouse Far From Pollution Sources
Self-actualization & TranscendenceHumility
Cognitive NeedsInformation
Belonging & ConnectednessInvolvement
Self-actualization & TranscendenceJustice for Others
Belonging & ConnectednessJustice for Yourself
SafetyJustice System
Belonging & ConnectednessKindness
Self-actualization & TranscendenceLife Experience
Belonging & ConnectednessLove
Self-actualization & TranscendenceMastery
Cognitive NeedsMedia
Belonging & ConnectednessMemberships
Cognitive NeedsMentors
Cognitive NeedsMovies
Aesthetic NeedsMusical Instruments
Aesthetic NeedsNight Clubs
Belonging & ConnectednessParticipation
Cognitive NeedsPeer Review
Aesthetic NeedsPerformance Art
Self-actualization & TranscendencePhilosophy
SafetyPolicing Services
Belonging & ConnectednessPopularity
Belonging & ConnectednessProfession
Belonging & ConnectednessPromotions
Play & MovementPublic Space
SleepQuiet Environment
Play & MovementReasonable Work Hours
Play & MovementRecess at School
Play & MovementRecreational Facilities
Self-actualization & TranscendenceRedemption & Forgiveness
Self-actualization & TranscendenceReligion
Cognitive NeedsResearch
Self-actualization & TranscendenceResilience
Play & MovementRight to Play
Self-actualization & TranscendenceRisk Taking
Belonging & ConnectednessSaving Face
Belonging & ConnectednessSchool
SafetySecurity System
Self-actualization & TranscendenceSelf-Awareness
Self-actualization & TranscendenceSelf-Fulfillment
Belonging & ConnectednessShared Experience
Cognitive NeedsShared Meaning
Belonging & ConnectednessSocial Feedback
Belonging & ConnectednessSocial Signaling
Belonging & ConnectednessSocial Status
HydrationSoft Drinks
Self-actualization & TranscendenceSpirituality
Play & MovementSports
Play & MovementSports Equipment
Self-actualization & TranscendenceStoicism
Aesthetic NeedsStreet Fashion
Aesthetic NeedsStyle
Cognitive NeedsTelevision
FoodToaster Oven
Play & MovementToys
Cognitive NeedsTraining
Self-actualization & TranscendenceTravel
Self-actualization & TranscendenceUnaffectedness
Belonging & ConnectednessUnderstanding
Play & MovementVacations
Play & MovementWeekends
Play & MovementWrestling & Play Fighting

Examples of Needs

  •  Physiological Needs: Food, water, shelter, sleep, etc.
  • Safety Needs: A sense of security of the self, job security, health security, safe environment, etc.
  •  Belongingness and Love Need Strong bonds and love relationships.
  •  Esteem Needs: Self-confidence, respect, good reputation, etc.
  •  Self Actualisation: Morality, spontaneity, and acceptance.

what are needs

Then comes the secondary needs of a human being. They can be anything necessary according to one’s health or physical requirement. For example, if you have obese, then exercising regularly is your need. Without it, you might not survive longer. If you are an asthmatic patient, then an inhaler is your need. So in this way, needs are defined on the grounds of the physical requirement of one’s health.

If we talk about which comes first, needs or wants, the needs are the person’s priority.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs represents a theory that states that five categories of human needs dictate an individual’s behavior: safety, physiological, love and belonging, esteem, and self-actualization.

Maslow needs hierarchy

Examples of Wants

The wants are something that is purely your desire. It can be something abstract or concrete as well. The wishes are not necessarily part of your daily routines. And you can live without them easily. Needs and wants cannot be the same for everyone. It varies from person to person. For example, wants are what you like or desire; maybe you like to travel a lot, which is unnecessary. If you don’t travel, you cannot feel any difference and manage without it.

Maybe you like to eat ice cream or sweets, or perhaps you want spicy junk food. But if you stop eating them, you can survive. And this will not affect you.


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  • Identify your basic needs.
  • Examine your wants from time to time because it varies with time.
  • List the things according to the most important, meaningful, and least important.
  • Track down the expenses of your needs and wants.
  • Create your budget for a month.
  • Spend as per your needs and wants.

The link between needs and wants

There is a link between needs and wants. The needs are in place, but wants can be linked to needs. You can choose how your needs could be. For example, if exercising is your need, exercising can be selected according to your likeness.

For example, maybe you like to jog, or perhaps you like to walk, or perhaps you like to go to the gym. How you fulfill your needs can be altered according to what you want. You must be in a mess if you don’t know about your life’s different needs and wants. The difference can lead you towards a decent lifestyle, whereas you are wasting your time and money regularly if you don’t know the difference.

Needs versus wants for kids.

Needs for every kid represent all essential things they must have to survive or develop as a person, such as a shelter, food, love, water, home, understanding, and education. However, “wants” represent their desire to have something more in their life, such as ice cream, dolls, sweets, sneakers, etc.

Let us see this:

Is a car a need or a want?

The car represents a want because it is not crucial for humans to survive. You can develop as a person without a car, and you can eat, drink and live without a car. However, the vehicle is achievable for ordinary people in the 21st century.

car is need not want

Choose between your wants and needs.

Wisely, choose what your wants are and what your needs are. Where you have to spend money and where you have to make compromises.

Most people think that only having a car, a shelter (home), and water and food are the only needs of life. But, of course, that can be easily fulfilled. But they don’t know the importance of the time and money spent on their wants (desires).

Always love what you have.

Always try to appreciate what you have and love them as long it belongs to you. It could be anything. When you want to buy those things you cannot afford, it becomes pretty easy to appreciate those you already have.

Are our needs and wants opposite to each other?

Not necessarily!

It differs and depends on every person’s mood and taste. It is typically unnecessary that needs are opposite to your desires or wants, but it’s in your hands. If you want, you can make your needs be your wants. You cant choose your needs, but you can change your heart to want your needs.

Budgeting your needs and wants.

One of the prime challenges of economic development is the consciousness of actual characteristics between want and need and picking up the check on them appropriately.

When you know about your needs and wants, you can make a clear image of managing your budget plan accordingly. This is essential in spending a decent life and saving money.

For example, those in middle age, students earning part-time, keep complaining that they don’t have enough money or savings. This is the scenario or result of lacking in keeping track and record of your expenses.

However, you will hear on the street very often sentences such as, “I want money, and I need it now,” “I want to sell my house, but it needs work,” or “I want to buy a business and need a loan,” “I don’t want braces, but I need them,” etc.

The solution is easy:

You need to commit to your long-term goals and build the life you want!

Your wants – someone else’s needs.

It would help if you remembered that even what you might have in your life as your desires or wants could be someone else’s needs. For example, it could be that you want to have a meal at any time, but maybe it is the need for homeless people. Who need it badly but cannot afford to eat it.

Your kids have proper essential meals, including seafood and milk, and proteins, but some kids might not have these meals; although it’s their needs, they cannot afford to have them.

Routine desires or wants

Daily wants aren’t essential or needed; nevertheless, we are so entrenched in our regular life that we do not want to think about life without them. In their homes, they use desktop computers or iMacs for typing purposes. It serves them with a larger screen and clear view with its setup at a contented counter. And use laptops when they are away from home.

This might have become their daily wants that they must have been addicted to. Sometimes, you can not leave your daily routine wants in different scenarios even if you’re going to.

If someone uses a smartphone, which has become everyone’s need, people thought it was only a desire and a waste of money for a decade. However, things develop from time to time, and people adapt them to their needs…. which eventually become their habits, and habits turn into needs—for example, smartphones.

Just think for a moment! When can you use the smartphone that you are using right now? Can you use it for one upcoming year or the next four?

When technology upgrades with innovation, the old technologies are dumped because they are useless; they can not upgrade to new smart software. This compromise ends up with the smart machine you are using right away. You can not easily downgrade or eliminate this from your life, even if you do not want to; you must be a part of this society. Plan with your life, lifestyle,e and work-life; you will define your needs and daily wants.

What are my needs and wants?

Needs in life!

There are possibly uncountable wants in my life, but specifically, I require some basic needs to spend a life, and without them, I could not survive. So here are the following things.

Why is it necessary to know your needs and wants?

It is crucial in your life to know what is right and what is wrong so similarly. It is also significant to understand the pivotal role of the knowledge of needs and wants.

It will help you to adjust your monthly plans and feed your savings account more actively. Many things in your use are merely your wants. Some things are of high importance in needs, and some are of low needs. And the same goes for the wants; many things are only your least essential and least valuable wants. It can be more convenient to follow up with the same method for choosing your needs if you ignore them.

For example, having a car is your need but updating your vehicle to Benz is a lame need (unnecessary). As discussed, needs vary from person to person; it could be excessive for an ordinary citizen.

Some extraordinary people in their lives, like Hollywood stars or singers or famous personalities, are expected to have such kinds of things. This could be their needs, not wants.

What is the difference between economic needs and wants?

Economic needs represent all processes and things necessary for survival, such as transportation, agriculture food. On the other hand, monetary wants mean something a person would like to have but is unnecessary.
Economic needs and economic wants sometimes can be challenging to understand. For example, transportation, food, and the internet are needs in the modern world, but many years ago, the internet and transportation were only desires (wants).

Role of needs wants, and demands in marketing management

Needs wants, and demands have applications in marketing because they help marketers decide the products they need to offer in the market. In marketing, people identify needs, wants, and demands and then provide products to satisfy customer needs, wants, or demands.

Consumer needs and wants in marketing represent a desire to get functional utility out of an offering.

Do you have to cut off all your wants?

This is unlike almost removing the whole thing “fun” from your life. It is about mining through the highland of those things in our lives, but we don’t need them as we thought when we wanted to buy them. Many décor stuff, etc. We have taken them for granted and now profoundly realize that they never add the value we once thought.

It’s not about leaving your wants altogether and compromising to the extreme that you don’t feel good about it but making it less so you can afford a simple yet elegant life. What will happen if you demand that somebody stop using their cell phones? They might be able to adjust to society. But, on the other hand, it might end up in a colossal blunder.


Your primary goal should be your priorities. Those things you value most in your life should spare some money from your wallet to reach the desired items. Those desired things can be your needs, daily wants, or fun things.

1- Donations

Many people are wasting their money on unnecessary wants. Still, if we can conclude why we should identify our needs and wants, we can save enough money to serve others without getting anything as a reward but just for humanity.

We can donate to those suffering, maybe because of civil war or perhaps they are refugees. We can send our small amount of money and big love to those African kids who need a meal for the day to eat or their survival.

We can save a lot of money that we spend on lame desires. Maybe it would be a small amount for one person, but we all think we can save up to a considerable amount to help many people.

It is not essential to whom you are donating, black or white, Muslim or Christian, men or women….. as long as you are helping them, the sense of humanity bound us to be there for each other. We can not and should not ignore other humans who require our help.

One day this society will be a place to live here with the dignity of a human. Maybe one day where we live gets chaos; you can not be sure of anything in this world. Anytime anything could happen. Those who have taken the donations initiative to help others will return to that society.  This could be a society, a state, or an individual who can start and think like this to use the small amount of their savings or expenses, which they tend to spend on their wants. And spend that money to help those who are suffering.

2- Savings

People can save a lot of money for themselves when they need any, whether small or large; they can use their savings first in an emergency.

And the money they are saving from not spending on such lame things which are their wants only can add up to the help of their selves. Moreover, they don’t have to ask others for money in an emergency time by doing this.

3- You can break the wheel.

When you save money to buy an expensive Rado, you turn your enemy into the most robust beast. Like this, you feed the brand mafia when you spend on brand stuff, buy them just for fun, and use them to show off. However, you can break this wheel when you stop purchasing costly things just because of your want and desire.

Stop wasting your money on these things that are offered under the name of an expensive brand, rather than that you can buy simple items from your country’s local market at the best affordable rates. This will add the money into your account, not to those brands’ accounts; those businesses flourish on your money because of your interest and attraction to their brand’s name.

You can save all of your money by choosing wisely where to spend. It will directly lead you towards the whole story from the start to know your wants and needs. After that, you can decide easily.

Difference between want and needs

The difference between want and needs is that needs represent good filing, joy, and fulfillment when we doing or having something, while want represents our desire and predictions that we will like some things when we get them or experience them. So, “wants” are based on desire and guessing, while “likes” are based on joyful experiences.

Difference between wants and needs in a relationship

In a relationship, the only “needs” that you have are the need for a love relationship, the need for creating a family, or the need for strong bonds. Anything else represents “wants,” such as “I want you to be rich,” “I want you to be like this,” “I want you to be smart,” “I want to make progress together with you,” etc.

Physical needs and wants are the same things. While the human physical need is a requirement for human existence, human want is a thing that is humanly desired. Except for love relationships and primary physical contact, everything else is “wants.”

As we said in the beginning, the article “wants” represents a term that refers to a strong desire to possess or do something, and in the relationship, we can see a lot of “wants.” However, essential “needs” are just a few examples, and all of those must be important for you to survive, to be you!


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