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Some consumers are new to the sport, while others are avid skaters who visit the rink often. On the other hand, families and young people businesses are prominent around indoor pools. In the case of an ice arena, you could concentrate on football codes such as soccer and figure dancing. Skater rink operators advise buying your area for about $4,000 per month. Once you’ve located the perfect spot, you don’t need to be in the middle of a busy street.

Starting a skating rink business

Starting a skating rink business mainly depends on finding a cheap skating arena where the neighborhood is full of teenagers. Except for excellent skating rink location, shape, price, and size, you must have enough capital to invest in the right equipment and reconstruction.

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How to start a roller skating rink business?

To start a roller skating rink business, you need to prepare the following things:

  • Create business plan
  • Find a skating arena. Rent for less than $4000 per month to buy from $35 000 up to 7 million dollars.
  • Prepare a budget for the initial expense from $10 000 to $40 000 (reconstruction, floor, equipment, insurance, etc. )

Additional starting costs totaling up to $35,000 for a rolling skate park, including constructing the stadium, installing safety measures, and purchasing water skis and vaults.

How Much is the Skating Rink Cost?

If you want to buy a skating rink or outdoor roller hockey rink, you need to pay at least $35 000 for a small arena,  2 million dollars for a standard-size hall, or up to 7 million dollars for a better location and size. However, if you want to rent a skating rink, you will need around $4000.

Elevator consumables, including such lease knives, are included in this fee. Construction or renovating your ice rink requires city permissions. Company Development & Reconstruction Permits are necessary for Ferndale, Michigan. A checklist of almost all materials will be replaced, and blueprints for the remodeling will be made if you’re rebuilding the area. Use a standard contract to protect your business against the Philippine Institute of Beverage Administration and Community Health Commission lawsuits.

How Much Does it Cost to Build an Ice Rink?

Building an ice rink can be costly, but it is well worth the investment for many organizations and individuals to have their skating facility. The cost of constructing an ice rink depends on several factors, such as size, type, location, and quality of materials. To build an ice rink from scratch can range anywhere from a few thousand dollars to over seven million dollars.

For smaller-scale operations, such as the backyard or public roller hockey rinks, the costs usually start at around $35 000. This cost includes the building material and labor needed to construct the rink and any additional features like guard rails or benches. For more extensive facilities intended for public use, such as figure skating or ice hockey rinks, the costs will range from two to seven million dollars, depending on size and location. The highest-end figure skating rinks may even include amenities like sound systems or media centers that would drive up the cost further.

Several factors need to be considered when considering how much it will cost to build an ice rink. First is size; larger areas will require more material and labor due to their extended perimeter and taller walls for support. Additionally, other factors may affect the construction price, including climate control systems (indoor arenas), flooring options (like concrete vs. artificial turf), and safety measures like guard rails or bleachers for spectators.

Another factor that affects the cost of building an ice rink is type – whether it’s a recreational rink for backyard hockey games or a professional regulation-size arena with all the bells and whistles. Professional outdoor arenas are usually more expensive due to their higher requirements in terms of structural integrity and climate control systems needed to keep temperatures consistent during operation hours.

Finally, location is also essential when it comes to calculating how much it will cost to build an ice rink; certain regions tend to be more expensive in terms of construction supplies and labor costs than others, so research should always be done ahead of time to avoid any unexpected budget overruns down the line.

Overall, building a custom ice rink can bring immense benefits but also comes with its own set of associated costs depending on size, type, and location, starting from just a few thousand dollars up to over 7 million dollars for better places and sizes with added extras like sound systems or media centers included in its construction budget estimate.

How much does the skating rink cost today?

Today skating rink’s average cost is $1.5 million, based on the LoopNet website. Additionally, you can search for various skating rink locationsOpens in a new tab..

The right amount of economic insurance for the rink is also crucial. Then when you’ve chosen to create your own small company, be it a Roller Ski Slope or not, government funding can help to cover several of your starting expenses. Federal assistance can help protect any of your beginning costs. Various governmental financing sources are available to assist you in starting or expanding your business, purchasing the products and machinery you need, hiring employees, and covering marketing expenditures, among several other things. Also, the smallest stone might derail these extremely tough wheels while they are outdoors. Skater rinks were equipped with a smooth ice surface. Its popularity among college students recovered during the 1990s due to its many athletic activities.

Skating rink franchise business

A Skating rink can be a franchise business where the initial investment will be around $50 000. Usually, for the skating rink franchise business, you will need at least $500 000 if you want to be accepted and to have a fast-growing company.

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How to build a roller skating rink floor?

To build a roller skating rink floor, you must invest in maple hardwood floors.  Maple wood floors will provide much more grip. Usually, this floor is smoother and more durable for up to 50 years. In addition, roller skating maple hardwood floor needs to hold up better in humidity, and it is easy to maintain.

Roller hockey rink vs. Ice hockey rink

The main difference between a roller hockey rink (skaters rink) and an ice hockey rink is that a hockey rink size is 200 ft x 85 ft or 61m x 26m, and a standard roller or skating rink is 197 ft x 98.5 ft 30m x 60m. However, this is a slight difference in size, so the skating arenas can usually be used for skaters and hockey players.

Do ice rinks make money?

Ice rinks can make money annually up to $200 000. If your initial expenses are low and you provide many activities and find many customers, you can expect excellent annual profit.

Ice dancing rinks charge customers to utilize them, and the rinks themselves generate money. Groups and individuals can hire ice time from rinks by paying upfront. You may include skateboards in your list of items. It is a very lucrative sector nowadays, and we might make loads of money. Public skating on a figure skating arena costs approximately $10 per skate, and several rinks charge a premium for surface rent. One ice rink can cost upwards of $100 per hr to operate. Oakland Ice Center, for instance, charges $1 per person daily. Annual revenue from skate rinks can reach hundreds of USD. However, the maintenance expenditures consume most of that revenue. It’s not uncommon for administrations to visit or pay for ice rinks, as many aren’t lucrative before they’re austerity. Ice skating skaters may increase profits by offering discounts, competitions, and seminars.

They may also organize family gatherings and other events. For example, one pushes and glides on roller skates without buzzing saws to move over the ground in roller skating. In addition to enjoyment and fitness, bike riders also use the activity for commute purposes. It is possible to ice skate on spontaneously freezing water bodies (including such waterways) and manufactured glacier surfaces (including iced rivers and streams). If you want to offer food or liquor at your site, consult your state health authority to obtain the proper licenses. Orange County is an excellent example of this.

Musicians should get a “blanket” permission to facilitate music owned by many producers and musicians. ASCAP and BMI, amongst numerous other performing rights activists, can provide such. If you want to improve your business’s success, you may do several new activities. Over time, they should save you dollars, attract new clients, and keep things safe. Maintain the appearance of your company’s business front while offering customers a clean and well-maintained environment. Nonetheless, they regularly do this comprehensive examination of the surface, even if they are intended for youngsters.

Daily, quickly remove the facilities. A thorough and well-balanced set of limitations should be implemented. This will be considered into account. You must include all of these aspects in your marketing strategy in addition to your starting and maintenance expenses. An effective business strategy would have to include alternatives for the greatest and worst situations, along with information about how you’ll manage every element of ownership and managing the firm and how you’ll pay it all off, among other things.
To manage a business, you may not need a lot of cash. But, in reality, you may occasionally start with little or no money. (Yes!) Starting a business without cash may sound far-off, but it doesn’t work.

You’d need additional cash flow to establish and expand any company. In addition, you will probably need partners, investors, and a sound plan to develop your new corporate cash. But you start small when you’re just beginning. Even better: as tiny as you desire, you may create.

You may always start by distributing it to friends/relatives when you aim to create a business where you sell your handcrafted goods. You may build a reputation and receive your first comments. You can then sell these on a website of a third party. You can then proceed to host your website and shop. The concept is yours. If you’re concerned about starting a new business with zero cash, here are a few suggestions to get started.

Ask what you can do and get free.

You can quickly identify a list of barriers that stand in your way and start your enterprise. Unfortunately, identifying a list of possibilities in front of you is frequently challenging. If you’re afraid about beginning a company without money, pause and think about what you can do without. Going to the skate skating rink is a famous pass for Americans of all ages for roller skating or ice skating. While there are over 1000 skate rides and around 2 800 skate rings in the U.S., there is plenty of space for additional skate rides in the country’s locations.

For future skating rink owners, logistical demands, starting and running expenses of a skating rink, and the value-added when building new skating rinks should be sifted through.

What is essential for your company? For example, if you have three goods developed for your new business, require an elegant, tailored webpage? Can you instead create a Facebook page to advertise your company locally? Or would your posting on a site like Etsy make more sense? Or. Would the creation of your marketing content on Canva make more sense? Can you trade in and deal with another person rather than money for your skills/products/resources?


There is a range of clients in the skater rink business, from never skating people to skating people. However, skateboards are generally a business for families and young people. When creating an ice skating rink, you can focus on sporting league titles, such as hockey and figure skating. Roller skating rinks are less sporting and more focused on leisure skaters.

Opening cost for a skateboard

The running expense of a roller-skating rink and an ice rink are significant disparities. Look for an emplacement at least two times larger than the building space and is readily viewed from the road when creating a roller skate rink. Successful sports skating rink operators advise you to invest about $4,000 a month. Install a cement surface to minimize costs if you have a vast space. Consider polyurethane hardwood floors if your area is tiny.

When you discover a proper location, extra start-up expenditures of around $30,000 include a roller-coaster, additional safety measures, and equipment for buying lockers, seats, and roller-coaster skates. Since it is typically an intended event to go to an ice skating rink, it is not necessary to be in a high-traffic place. Ice skating rinks usually save money by purchasing or renting a room in a commercial property area. The cost of a single ground outdoor ice area is from $2 million to $4 million, with a thin layer ice rink area around $5 million and $7 million.

Licensing and legal obligations

You must get the appropriate permission from your town to build or renovate your skating rink. For example, you get a Business Building & Remodeling Permit at Redford, Michigan. If you remodel the area, you detail all the items removed and added from the room and give floor plans for refurbishment. You will acquire the necessary permit from your local health authority to serve food or alcohol on your premises. For example, you will get a restaurant (food facilities) license from the Los Angeles Public Health Department County and a liquor permit from the California Alcoholic B Department in Los Angeles County.

Look for a “blanket” license to play music from a broad range of studios and artists if you want to play music. You may buy them from organizations like ASCAP and BMI for your performance rights. To avoid responsibility and litigation, your clients must sign an exemption from obligation before skating in your field. An adequate quantity of insurance protection must also be purchased for the rink. And it is always better than having too little health insurance and finding your hook for losses after a catastrophe.

Enhanced profitability of your skating rink

You limit your profit margin if you provide skating at your rink. Please consider becoming a leisure center. Can you:

  • Sell meals and drink
  • Vend skateboarding
  • Offer instruction on skating
  • Provide training classes which include skating
  • Vents Host Roller Derby
  • Have games in the arcade
  • Objective sports teams like hockey teams

Market your rink to maximize your profits towards a specific public. For example, an ice skating rink is available for leisure hockey leagues and local school teams. A roller shop is open for children and families seeking birthday parties and enjoying enjoyable days or for people yearning for nostalgia. Instead of making your skate rink fit for every consumer, concentrate on making it great for a particular population.



In conclusion, it can be said that building an ice rink is a significant financial investment. Making an ice rink will vary depending on the size and location. Still, it will generally cost at least $35 000 for a small arena, 2 million dollars for a standard-size hall, or up to 7 million dollars for a better location and size. However, it is also possible to rent an existing skating rink for around $4000. On average, a skating rink costs around $1.5 million, based on the LoopNet website. Costs may also vary depending on additional factors such as the materials used for construction, installation fees, running and maintenance costs, and other associated expenses. Therefore it is essential to research before investing in building an ice rink.

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