What is the Evil Eye?

We all realize the beauty of glamorous blue eyes, but what is the root of the antique evil eye? A human look that causes trauma or damage to something is known as the evil eye; it is supernatural harm in the form of a tragedy, serious illness, injury, or death.

A famous American folklorist Alan Dandes, in his volume “The Evil Eye: A Casebook,” says that ” the victim’s good look, health or good fortune or insecure comments about them incite an attack by the hypocrites with the evil eye.

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What is the Evil Eye Called?

Evil Eye is called :

  • In Greek culture, Evil Eye is called “Mati.”
  • In Turkish culture, Evil Eye is called “Nazar.”
  • In Italian culture, the Evil eye is called “Malocchio.”
  • The Evil Eye is called “Mal de Ojo” in Spanish culture.


How to Know if You are Cursed?

Suppose you have unluckily become the victim of someone’s evil eye. In that case, you might not feel an appetite or desire for physical activities and pleasure. You become too inactive, which you were never before, fall into a severe illness that is not responsive to treatment, or sometimes the diagnosis of complex malady go in vain. Other symptoms are excessive boredom, fever, vomiting, or hiccough.

The evil eye is not limited to the living things only. It can also attack your invaluable stuff in various ways. If the target attacked is a dairy cow, its milk may dry up and turn into a dry cow. In the same way, a plant or fruit tree victim may abruptly turn dry or perish.

According to Armando R Favazza (John Hopkins University 1996), the evil eye is said to cause several diseases, including fatigue, diarrhea, depression, and insomnia.

In many places globally, people consider the disease a medical and a magical problem, especially when it is unresponsive to the diagnosis or treatment. A person who falls ill with sickness attributes to black magic or an evil eye instead of exposure to pathogens.

A Canadian-born German scholar and folklore, Robert Elsie, said that the evil eye could break down a vehicle or a house cursed may soon be distorted with a leaky roof or an insect invasion. Briefly, anything that goes undesirable is blamed on the consequence of an evil eye.

Who Came Up with the Evil Eye?

The concept of the evil eye is historical. The earliest mapped out up to 5000 years ago originated in ancient Mesopotamia (modern Syria, Iraq, and Turkey) in the form of the terrible look of gods, black magic, and eye-shaped amulets. Whether you explore ancient Greek and Roman texts, ancient literary works like plays of Shakespeare and the Koran, or even religious books, you’ll know how old it is! In the Bible, eating the bread of a selfish and evil-eyed person is strictly prohibited (Proverbs 23:6).

An Islamic perspective, Prophet Muhammad’s remarks-“Evil eye bore by intolerance and bitterness is real and can cause the misfortune,” authenticate the belief of evil eye in Islam.

In 1976, a cross-cultural survey by folklorist John Robert revealed that the evil eye is not globally acknowledged, although it is widespread; however when it comes to belief, 36 percent of cultures had faith in the reality of an evil eye.

What Does the Evil Eye Mean Spiritually?

The evil eye is a particular type of magical curse and stems from magical thoughts and superstition. Superstition is the belief or practice of ghostly influence in the lives of human beings that may lead to bad luck or calamity. Suppose a person experiences a bad fate, unhealthiness, drought, or infectious disease before material science could explain the leading cause of the problems based on observation and experiment. In that case, the spiritually evil eye indulges and blames the non-material evil eye glance full of envoy. Curses, including black magic and evil eye, are the reasons behind bad things happening with the good people.

The eyes, the opening to the personal soul, significantly affect both positive and negative senses. A steady glare may be intimidating or attractive to create personal relations, whether between lovers, haters, or enemies. An intense glow casts a sense of power and authority over another subordinate.

Actors use the eyes to show various human feelings, including love, hate, envy, terror, boredom, and disgust. Jealousy is the main thing that connects the evil eye’s culture with black magic.

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Is Evil Eye Real?

The Evil Eye is not real; it is part of spirituality and superstition. The reality of the evil eye is another dilemma that has divided itself between believers and doubters since thousands of years ago. There is no scientific evidence of the realism of the evil eye, but as we enter the world of spiritual or religious beliefs, we see that most people are followers of this myth globally.

The evil eye, a negative influence from an opposing and hostile person, has a reality. Still, this reality is believed mainly by those who face and experience this tragedy, or their loved ones become victims of someone’s covetous evil eye or magic.

If you live a happier life without health or financial issues, the evil eye could be just a psychological disorder. Still, if you have a person around you who has been destroyed in terms of health and wealth, has a complex disease, and is non-responsive to the diagnosis or treatment, you would listen to him blaming evil eye or black magic.

We met a 24 years old person, a science graduate, and a beautiful but diseased teacher and financially collapsed at a very young age. He shared his story and told us that he was attractive and economically stable before reaching the age of 20 and had been the desire of many girls during academic life and never fell ill. Still, four years ago (at the age of 20), he became the victim of mysterious power at someone’s marriage (not sure whether it was an evil eye or black magic), and since then, he has been suffering from solid dysphagia and lives on liquid food. He explained that he was a non-believer of spiritual happenings based on evil eye or magic, and even for a year or more after being attacked, he remained a non-believer and met more than 20 doctors. Still, there was no sickness diagnosis, and treatment went in vain with losing much money.

When we asked, Do you think an evil eye is natural?

He said that, yes definitely; the zero recoveries in suddenly arose disease made me believe in the evil eye. He finally tried to end the interview with wet eyes, saying that he feels something is pulling the walls of his esophagus and trachea forcefully and rushing to capture the food he tries to eat. Food also keeps on rotating in the throat.

We finally asked if the evil eye of human beings or supernatural things decide fate; he said the evil eye of both are powerful, but he thinks mysterious power is more forceful in damaging a person’s charming look and health.

The above discussion with a victim reveals the reality of the evil eye, but as we said, we reiterate that only victims and their loved ones believe in this reality.

Who is Vulnerable to Evil Eye?

Based on myth, the evil eye is more threatening to babies and children. In many countries, including India, Romania, and Greece, admiring a child in public is considered ominous since compliments invite the evil eye. Adults with charming personalities and lavish lifestyles may become the victim of the evil eye of envy or supernatural forces.

Anthony H Galt says that abiding pinned inside the children’s dress protects them from the evil eye, which on Pantelleria contains the little bags of red clothing, usually heart-shaped. It seems like pincushions and consists of a saint card, crab law, a little red cloth, a piece of iron, and a smaller gold horn.

How to Protect from Evil Eye?

Does the question arise how to identify a person with an evil eye for protection? The answer to this question is a hidden fact. You or your friends may have an evil eye even without having lousy intent. People can cast an evil eye unknowingly. In a family with a wrong-eyed person, the others members of the family remain doubtful, and children are supposed to be cursed as well.

The protection method varies by culture, demography, and religion. In Cuba, a good luck charm known as azabache is given to newborn babies to keep them safe from an evil eye. The belief in the evil eye and protection is widespread in Latin America and India. In Islam, the verses of the Quran are read for protection or nullifying the effects of the evil eye. The use of kohl is every day for protection from evil eyes in India and neighboring countries.

If you are looking for an excellent way to handle the evil eye, Avoid it and move on. But, if you consider yourself a victim and want to be cured, wearing amulets is the suggestion. The charms of different colors and designs are worn to deal with the evil eye. Some people treat the evil eye with garlic and believe that just saying garlic’s name ensures protection from the evil eye.

To get rid of the consequences of the evil eye, those who believe that the evil eye has damaged them seek religious practice shaman for spiritual healing or get a pardon from the supernatural things.

Mary Caroline Montaño (University of New Mexico Press, 2001) says that Mexican use raw eggs that are considered the sign of purity and birth. It absorbs evil powers and purifies the sufferer as it passes through the victim’s body. The egg is then broken over the water dish, and resulting shapes are noted. The development of oval or eye shape in the yolk or whites confirms that the evil eye’s power has been successfully kicked out of the victim.

Let’s see what the purposes and meaning of amulets of different colored evil eyes are:

What Does the Red Evil Eye Mean?

The red evil eye amulets or bracelets protect you from evil eyes, fright, and worry. It is the symbol of spirit and energy to develop courage.

What Does the Blue Evil Eye Mean?

The blue-colored evil eye represents heaven or godliness. The amulets or bracelets with blue-colored evil eyes protect your fate actions, bring calmness in your life, and vanish turmoil and chaos.


The evil eye is part of the myth and superstition. In this article, we write some stories related to this topic.

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