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Are you a chubby, husky, and straight-up guy? Then here is some good news for you. For your information, multiple studies have supported that girls tend to lust for men who are close to or already overweight. This is not just a myth backed by various scientific facts. Although some girls say that chubby guys are funnier and cuter than slim guys, the truth is that there are scientific reasons why girls generally tend to lust for chubby guys. Indeed, several motives make girls adore fat guys, and fortunately, these motives have a scientific backup. For instance, girls tend to assume that fat guys have increased sexual stamina, thanks to their extra pounds.

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Do Girls Like Chubby Guys?

Yes, based on the latest study in Nature Journal, girls like chubby guys. Women regularly exposed to men of heavier bodyweight reported a more significant attraction toward overweight men. Additionally, exposure to obesity altered female visual perceptions of healthy body weights and showed more substantial interest toward a chubby man.

After exposure to obesity, females in an online dating study were more likely to date an overweight man ahead of a healthy weight man.Opens in a new tab.

Although there are several health risks associated with being overweight such as but not limited to erectile dysfunction heart diseases but fat chubby guys don’t have to struggle to lose their weight to find love and a mate. Indeed, multiple scientific studies have shown that husky men work less than slim men to make and maintain relationships. But you might want to know the scientific reasons behind why girls lust after chubby guys. So here are scientific proofs of why do girls like chubby guys.

In this Robinson and Christiansen studyOpens in a new tab., Study 4 answered one important question:

Who are women Who Love Big Men?

According to Study 4, females in an online dating study were more likely to choose to date an overweight man, after having been exposed to obesity. Women who like big men are females who know how to be obese.


Chubby guys are assumed to be funnier.

Indeed, a wide range of scientific evidence has shown that girls tend to fall in love quickly with guys who can make them laugh. Note that the reverse of this isn’t true, i.e., men don’t necessarily get attracted to girls who can make them laugh. Although we can’t conclude that all chubby guts are undoubtedly funny, based on pop culture, fat guys have been socialized as funny and enchanting people unless otherwise proven. So, if the extra pound translates to a more sense of humor, then women are more likely to adopt the concept that chubby guys are funny.

Chubby guys can handle not only hotter but also longer lovemaking sessions.

If you’re talking about lasting longer in bed, chubby guys are exceptional. According to a British survey involving 2,544 women, about 38% of participants reported that guys with extra pounds, i.e., plus-size or overweight, were better lovers.

Although it is unclear why the extra pounds enhance the push-in, several researchers advocate that plus-size guys have more stamina, which plays a role in their performance. Moreover, a 2010 study by an international journal of impotence research reviewed that men with higher BMIs and belly fat last 7.3 minutes longer than lean men when making love.

Girls tend to consider chubby guys to be more trustworthy.

Have you ever heard someone say, a skinny chef can’t be trusted! Maybe, it has nothing to do with the food they prepare. According to a study by the University of Missouri, skinny politicians are less truthful than their chubby counterparts. Indeed, these findings indicate why Democratic presidential candidates eat more carbs. Indeed, this could be the reason why girls adore fat guys. Remember, trustworthiness has nothing to do with a guy’s attractiveness, but it is also a critical relationship ingredient.

Cute chubby guys are as a result of Evolution.

According to Garabed Eknoyan’s 2006 paper, The Baylor College of Medicine MD, people who could easily store fat had a more significant evolutionary advantage, especially when hunting and gathering in an unfriendly environment. Indeed, accumulating more fat even after consuming less food may have brought the difference between the survivors and those who died. Indeed, being chubby in ancient human history was considered a fundamental trait and a status symbol. Being overweight means having enough resources to live longer, even with less food intake. This extra pound could be shared with a spouse. Being fat is an indication the person is well off from the word go. Although most modern girls will get attracted to money over a fat guy, we can’t rule out entirely that girls will opt for money over a fat guy.

Even medium men look thin when standing next to a chubby guy.

Most studies that portray men as chubby are judged for their enormous bodies since some girls are cheerful on those bodies. Indeed, when girls associate with a huskier guy who’s not obsessed with their huskier bodies makes her feel more secure. Besides, chubby guts offer a much cozier bond during a lovemaking session. Indeed, there is more and more love for fat guys. Indeed, it is true that more prominent men are lusted after by girls?

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