How many Scoville Units is Takis?

The uncertainty surrounding whether Takis are healthy or not doesn’t limit people’s favorite snack, no matter its intense flavors. Takis is a spiced rolled chip whose intensity in being hot varies depending on the amount of chili added. Takis Blue and Takis Flare are some types of Takis that do not have a high Scoville unit. Though not proven, Takis with a relatively low or mild Scoville unit does not raise the alarm in a person’s health when consumed once, but they certainly do when consistently taken.

The Scoville scale is the measurement system for spiciness or “heat” of chili peppers where Scoville heat units (SHU) represent the number of times capsaicin needs to be diluted by sugar-water and indicates the amount of the alkaloid capsaicin contained in hot peppers.

Let us see how hot are Takis on the Scoville scale:

How many Scoville units is Takis?

Takis rolled corn tortilla chip has between 8000 up to 9000 Scoville units. Takis has a salty, spicy, intense taste and is very acidic. Mexican snack-food maker Barcel distributes this brand of corn chips, and you can buy Takis Fuego, Takis Nitro, Takis Blue Heat, and Crunchy Fajitas.

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How many Scoville units are blue heat Takis?

The Takis Blue has between 8000 and 10000  Scoville units making them be moderate and in their level of hotness. The Takis Blue comprises hot chili pepper and tangy lime seasoning with a hot solid pepper and corn smell.

Takis Blue

A person who wants to feel the heat in Takis, though with an appealing taste, should consider consuming the Takis Flare. Chili pepper and lime flavor make up the Takis Flare. It is known to have a mild level of hotness where Takis Flare gas Scoville units from 2000 to 5000.

takis flare


Most people know that peppers make up the Takis but are not aware of the peppers with high intensity in hotness. Consequently, Takis vary in their hotness depending on the amount of pepper added. For instance, Habanero is among the spiciest peppers globally, with 150000 Scoville heat units. Although their production was discontinued, the habanero pepper was added to the Takis Habanero.

What makes Takis so addicting?

Most people regularly consume Takis as their snacks without knowing the amount of the Scoville units in them. For some people, the more the Takis are hot, the more they will want to consume them. This correlates to them having a high Scoville unit which makes them spicier. Spicy snacks are said to trigger feel-good brain chemicals making their consumption habitual.

Can consistently consuming Takis affect your health?

Generally, snacks do not add value in boosting your health, and Takis are not an exception. Since the Takis are ultra-processed, they are considered foods with a high chance of causing heart diseases and type 2 diabetes. Are you interested to know how Takis cause these diseases? First, Takis has too much sodium, and our bodies need only a tiny amount of it. High sodium consumption, mainly found in the Takis, could raise blood pressure, which is a risk factor for causing heart disease. I hope that helped!


Takis flare is among those Takis that easily lead you to catch a disease. They are tasty and crispy corn sticks. They can be spicy yet tantalizing, ones you would consume repeatedly. They are hot, but one cannot limit themselves from taking a snack. There is a need for caution when ingesting this snack.

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The yellow Takis have different flavors. The first is named the Crunchy Fajita, which has the chicken fajita taste in a yellowish appearance and is in green packaging. The second flavor of the yellow Takis is the Fuego with an addition of hot chili pepper and lime. It is one of the spiciest of all types of Takis. It is in purple packaging and the most popular flavor.

What is the rainbow Takis?

It has become monotonous for the Takis production industry, which has majored in producing those Takis with added spicing. Therefore, people have started to be creative and sought something unique to differentiate them from others. Chips that change color with every bite, “rainbow Takis” is one of the inventions brands have brought about. Some of these are the volcano queso Takis which are orange in color in the beginning, and then as you eat them, they turn green, leaving color in your tongue.

How many Scoville units are Takis Fuego?

Fuego Takis has around 10000 Scoville units, and it is one of the spiciest Takis, which is constituted of the flavor of the hot chili pepper and lime flavor. Most people have approved it and gone ahead to embrace it.


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